Exposing Crypto Currency Wannabes | How One Company Tried to Hide Their Failing Business

good morning Tim Sykes here with a little pre market trade and video lesson just happened so quickly I’m not even like fully awake yet I haven’t even opened the Prophet Li chat room I couldn’t alert it it was too quick but it was good that I was prepared and I made a little money and I’m making a video lesson this is ize a it’s up 23% I’m filming this at 8:10 a.m. just did this trade I don’t even know how long I was in it for like a minute you had to be quick and I covered too quickly but at the same time like I’m not even awake this is just kind of a cool video on how to be prepared you know so that it’s like I kind of want it to be second nature for you you know just like this trade was for me just just made you know 275 bucks like some people are gonna laugh at this because I have a million dollar account here we’ve interacted brokers and they’re like there I can imagine they’re gonna be like you know who cares if you make $275 but what they don’t understand is that this million dollar account was built off gains like $275 or $2,000 I only got a partial execution like I said I’m only half awake like this is kind of a funny trade I haven’t even written the blog posts I’m sorry I’m gonna do it either today or tomorrow it’s been kind of crazy I’m finishing several DVDs and teaching students in person later this week but the blog post is gonna talk about how I have two accounts this year one starting with 12,000 in my etrade account which is actually you know I started with twelve thousand four hundred they’re my roots and that account is already up to like sixteen thousand which is crazy in just like two weeks and then I’m gonna have a million dollar account just for shits and giggles I guess more just like when there’s a perfect trade I want to take advantage of it you know because I’m starting with 12,000 and the other account I’m under the PDT rule so I can only do 3 day trades per week um which is fine you know it’s it’s more than enough like as I’ve proven I’ve already grown it from you know twelve to sixteen thousand in two weeks and if I keep that up I won’t even be under the PDT rule in a few weeks but at the same time some students have a lot more money and they feel cheated they’re like why do you always cater to people with just small accounts so I’m like a fair point you know I have students with small accounts big accounts I want you guys all to learn so I’m gonna have two accounts I don’t trade in the million dollar account very much or I don’t intend to but you know this one literally I just logged in and I was already logged into Interactive Brokers and I wasn’t logged into a trade so that’s the reason why I just did this trade easily could have done this at each rate but it was just a question of you know just whatever was open and sometimes you know I’m gonna take a small trade with a big account I didn’t mean to you know I used roughly what like seven thousand five hundred dollars on this one so I could have easily used my small account to make the 275 I just it was just a rush because it all happened within a few seconds let me explain the trade just to give you a little background of what’s going on here I just shorted ize a at around eight dollars a share and covered at 770 you know right now it’s at 750 so again I could have I could have waited a little longer but at the same time when you’re half awake and like I didn’t even really want to do the trade I just did it just because I was like huh I can’t pass up free money you know like if you see like a hundred dollar bill on the ground like it’s tough in this case I saw $275 on the ground and probably could have been like you know five hundred if I was more awake why is this spiking why did I short it why did I short a breakout I know I’m gonna get a lot of questions about that this stock is a breakout or when I shorted it it was a breakout now now it’s looking like a possible double top going back to here in September you know this company can spike a lot more than you think sorry I just gotta wake up it’s gonna be a rough video lesson just FYI but it’s cool that I’ve been trading so much and I’ve trained myself so well that when I see an opportunity I just I just take it again this became second nature remember like I wouldn’t short this kind of a chart normally I wouldn’t short a breakout but ize a just spiked on this news that there well this is a briefing calm article that spiked it but the actual press release says they’re gonna do altcoin cryptocurrency mining operations which you know this is the hottest sector so blah blah blah you know anything that announces crypto the stock spikes and they talk about all how you know they’re they’re doing all this crypto stuff and it’s good right now crypto as I’m filming this let me just show you crypto is getting crushed bitcoins down 15% ethers down 14 ripples they’re all down 15 20 % so this is gonna be an ugly day it looks like for crypto also on Friday and really even last Thursday there were a few crypto announcements with companies and the stocks did not spike so the trend might be changing this you know this is a former runner the volume so far I mean in 15 minutes since they announced it roughly you know it was two hundred ninety five thousand which is which is a lot of volume for this stock but not a lot of you know volume total so this pre market spike could completely disappear by the market open so what I was thinking was that I actually tried to short this or I was when I open the when I opened my Interactive Brokers account you know interface it was actually around 8:30 and I was like this is ridiculous you know from 6:00 to 8:30 in like four minutes and now it’s coming back so I’m actually glad that I played it safe but this whole spike on the news was just kind of ridiculous and you have to be careful shorting in this market I’m not saying just short anything but at the same time this volume was was not very big I want to say it was under like 80,000 so when a stock like this in a falling overall market for crypto and a market the past two days that hasn’t rewarded crypto news spike like this you know I thought that this thing had downside and sure enough it did it actually dropped a dollar dollar thirty a share in one two three four five minutes now it’s back up so I’m glad that I took profits and played it safe there’s something to be said about just going for singles as I showed you before I mean this this whole trade happened within a minute so my thought process was that I’m shorting a little bit because this is a ridiculous spike I think it can come down a dollar it did I took profits too soon but now as you see the stock is higher I used roughly seventy five hundred dollars to make 275 I don’t even know if you trade let’s see if you trade house shares too short I’m just curious yeah II traded shares the short tube so you could shorta a trade or Interactive Brokers I was just shorting the pop because the trend has changed a little bit the past few days compared to you know earlier last week and two weeks ago when any crypto stock any kind of crypto announcement would spike a stock you know 50 100 200 300 500 even but nearly a thousand percent I mean that’s how crazy it was so now I’m gonna be a little less aggressive on my crypto Long’s and I might even do a crypto short also hidden down in this press release just because this is such a bad company actually pretty amazing they announced crypto isiah crypto in the headline and deep down in the press release talk about their total bookings which you know Asya is a an influencer marketing network like where you can book like an influencer for stuff and trust me I’m a social-media influencer and their rates are and their business is so I kind of already know that in the background just it’s kind of cool and then their main business if you look at this press release says announce net bookings were 5.2 million compared to 8 million in the same year ago so they’re not growing they just lost like 30 percent of their revenue so they better start in crypto because they suck in in every other regard so it was actually pretty funny says like well we would have preferred some of our key renewals to have a 2017 signing day several of the larger renewal contracts were delayed in 2018 due to significant increase in annual commitment from those customers well people who believe this to be a timing issue and I’ve already closed blah blah blah and so they’re trying to make excuses like why our revenues just dropped you know 30 percent they say like the remaining commitments expect to come later in this quarter so you can always say that so basically they lost 30 percent of their business let me just cut through all the press release for a second oh look now it did a double top it’s actually a neat little double top potentially let me just cut through what this this press release is actually saying they their their business is down 30% year over year which is horrendous that’s that some of the worst business you know I trade a lot of bad stocks on a lot of bad companies this is one of the worst so obviously they’re not gonna put that in the title it just says announcing I see a crypto they needed to talk about something positive to kind of brunt the the sell-off from if they just announced that the revenues are down 30% your every year wait let me get you the exact percent just cuz it’s it’s so bad and you know this stock it’s actually kind of funny like I can imagine short sellers like pulling their hair right now that you missed out just reported revenues are down 30% of the stock is up I hate this market eight point one minus five point two 36% my bad so their business has dropped 36 percent year-over-year which is I mean that’s how you go bankrupt if you keep losing 36 percent or even 26 percent year-over-year no one really wants to work with you they hid this in the press release and they announced crypto because frankly they have to announce something positive otherwise people would see what a joke they are one other thing that I should know is that even if I wasn’t an influencer you know so I have some kind of I guess knowledge about how bad this company is doing when they spiked up big here they couldn’t even get a financing done you know we’ve seen a lot of penny stock spikes like this but usually they’re all excuse me usually they’re all in order to do a financing you pump up your stock price you raise money that’s how you stay in business that’s how you grow that’s how you enrich the executives and this stock spiked from the ones to the seventh and they didn’t even do a financing because frankly they couldn’t I’m guessing that they pitched their deck to institutional investors and hedge funds everywhere as all small caps – and no one bit so even though this stock actually held its gains pretty well and now is like holding near its highs their overall business is dropping 36 percent year-over-year they’re hiding it in the press release which just makes it even worse you know like some companies okay you have like a bad industry you adapt but they’re pretty upfront about it and you know the executives are not ashamed about it and so they’re actually have a better chance of being successful the way that this company just hid a 35 36 percent drop in business by trying to hide it under you know BS crypto news should enrage every single shareholder here but again we’re in a time full of speculative the stock is still humped 36 percent right where I shorted it so you know my own short selling bias might not you know be accurate here but I still like exposing this stuff and that was my thinking you know when I quickly read this and I mean again I’m half awake didn’t even open the properly chat room didn’t have time to alert anything no one even knew that I took a position it was such a small position anyways but as you can see here you know it’s facing a little resistance and I can just imagine some short sellers out there where they’re just licking their chops being like oh my god this company just announced a nearly 40% drop in business and yet the stock is out 40 percent what a stupid stupid market we’re in because of crypto so we’ll see what this does today but I would definitely 1,000% not be long biased on this it might spike more you know they might catch early short sellers off-guard with their BS but I do want you to know that it’s BS and sooner or later there will come a reckoning for this and all bit coin and crypto stocks you cannot just spiked on hype in BS forever so enjoy it while you can hype stirs enjoy it while you can Iza management you know I’m gonna expose your your kind of unethical press release and to everybody else if I’ve made my point leave a comment underneath this saying thanks Tim I understand this is BS and let’s see let’s see how many of you guys actually understand it because a lot of you guys just judge stocks based on how well they do how how much they go up like even if they go up 500% well if it goes up 500% it’s not BS but what I want you to learn to do even if you are going along this and I don’t mind people going long like if you if you caught it on the dip I mean there was a dollar to be made on the downside and a dollar to be made on the on the dip by two so don’t feel bad if you go long but whether you go long or short this kind of stock I want you to understand the BS I don’t want you to be uninformed I don’t want you to be like naive like all like way too many crypto investors and traders are where I want you to say okay I’ll trade the volatility long or short and in this case for me it was short just cause of the reasons that I listed but at the same time no matter how you’re trading it be aware of the BS be aware of that kind of sneakiness when a company loses nearly 40% of its business and of course they’re gonna make excuses I can just imagine some of the messages I’m gonna get from Iza supporters they’re like but they said that the bookings are coming later this quarter that’s very easy because I can guarantee you that Iza you know employees are now calling those companies being like please please please we’ll give you 20 30 40 50 percent off the cost of our business and just just rebook so now they have until the end of the quarter which is March so they have a few extra you know weeks to try to get that business back but they had to pre-announce that they lost nearly 40% of their business that is an SEC requirement you know when when the quarter ends and frankly you don’t have the the money that you thought that you did or that you announce that you would you have to announce it and you know today is January 16 2018 as I’m saying this so this is roughly two weeks after the quarter ended I guarantee you I ca was not looking forward to issuing this press release but they are legally bound to talk about you know how they’re doing whether it’s good or bad in this case they are doing very very very bad and so they had to try very very very hard to mask that and there’s there’s two different stories here one the chart is up trending and this is a potential breakout so technical traders will say Tim you’re trying to fight crypto you’re trying to fight it you know you’re trying to fight strong volume you’re on the wrong side here and then the shorts will say you know it might be a rising market it might be an uptrend it might be spiking but the business itself the underlying business itself is collapsing and the way that they tried to hide it in that press release you know makes me think that this stock should drop more so there’s a case that can be made for both sides that’s the market you know this is this is not a clear-cut case like this is definitely a scammer this is definitely gonna drop I don’t know what its gonna do at the market open in about an hour what I do know is that it was up way way way too much I’m way way way too little volume so I shorted it it actually has a nice double top right now here at 8:40 so if you shorted it anywhere in the eights that’s cool just be sure to lock in profits you know I’ll make $275 half-awake you know every day if if the opportunity arises I didn’t have to trade I wasn’t looking to trade but I saw an opportunity and frankly it’s it’s nice to be on the short side again when I see so much BS you have to be extra careful shorting in 2018 but you know some short sellers are doing well and when you see total absolute like this even if you don’t short it you know just just at least be aware of it I think that’s important so that when if and when this sector and there’s boom does collapse you’re not surprised because you you see these kinds of BS tactics that these companies use and that’s it today’s lesson again if I made my point leave a comment underneath this video saying thanks Tim I now see the BS and that’s my goal you know just to educate you so that you’re not naive so that year you’re not you know conned by these companies and they’re kind of nastiness I made 275 I’ll post a trade in a little bit it doesn’t matter it’s just a good lesson thank you I’ll see you guys in the Trevor let me get some coffee


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