Farmhouse Spring Bike Wall Decor DIY | Dollar Tree DIY

Hey guys and welcome to The Harts!
For today’s DIY, I am so excited to share with you how I made this very cute
farmhouse bike wall decor using Dollar Tree items So if you like this project
keep on watching I grab these two flying discs and jumping rope
at Dollar Tree and I have several sizes of dowel but I will only use some of them. I used the ruler to find the center of the disc and then I mark two inches from the center
and then I draw a straight line from there. Let’s do the same thing on the
other disc. At first I used the scissors to cut the edges,
but the edges splinter so I just plug in my soldering gun and it works! Here I use my scissors and the disc did
not break, so I continue using the scissors on that part. Then I make sure that our two discs are lined up equally Again, I use my soldering iron on this
part, but it’s optional you can use your scissors Don’t throw away the part that
you cut because you’re gonna use it for later Then I use a sandpaper to smooth it up I applied the E6000 using a paintbrush
since the disc is so thin and we also want a cleaner look. Then I added some hot glue and I did the
same thing, I used the paint brush to spread the glue. This is the part of the disc that we cut
earlier and I only need the half of the circle. So I just mark and cut Then I used the big dowel that I’ve got
from Walmart, it’s 97 cents. I used the basket as a guide to help me
know where I will cut the dowel I did not show it, but I use loppers to
cut the dowel Then set aside the other half of the dowel
because we will use it later When it’s time to attach the dowel, I used E6000
and I will also use some hot glue. Let’s attach the center of the disc
using E6000 and hot glue. Then I lay out all the dowels. These are
from Dollar Tree. It came in one pack, 12 pieces Then I just use hot glue to
attach them Then I glue the other half of the disc. You can ignore this part because I ended
up removing it later. But if you want to add some detail like this,
I just used a cookie sheet Then I used the other half of the dowel
from earlier and the jump rope. Then I cut the handles off of the jump rope. The whole of the jump rope handle is a bit small It doesn’t fit the dowel,
so I just cut it and sand it. Then I used hot glue to attach our
handle. Then I hammer a nail into the dowel. Once the nail is halfway through, I apply hot glue to the edge of the dowel. Then I attach the dowel
and finish hammering the nail. Then I secure it with hot glue. It looks like a bike now, yeah! Then I use the white gloss Rust-Oleum spray paint
from Home Depot to paint the bike! Now that it is dry, I attach the basket
using zip ties. Then I use this jet black acrylic paint to give it
a distressed look using a dry brush technique. Then I used the key west
acrylic paint on the basket. This is optional, you can use any color that you like. One way to do this, you can paint the basket first
before you will attach it to the bike. Then I also distress our basket using the
jet black that we use earlier. I got a small circle from a foam board
to cover the handle and I also distress it. I just glued some twine
so that I can hang the bike. And voilà we’re done! I hope you enjoyed the video,
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