Feels Wet But It’s Not! | 9 Strange Dollar Store Items

Ready Hello and welcome to strange things found at the dollar store. WHAT? What? What about it? what is it I don’t know, we’re gonna find out. Today we’re looking at TEN weird and wacky items found at the dollar store. Some of them make sense. Some of them REALLY don’t Some of them are toys. Some of them I don’t know what they are. If you enjoy this series thus far, make sure you subscribe for more. (topaz says to like) First item! Novelty glasses. Mhmmm (Nods in approval) These are called *Joking Around JOKING AROUND Don’t worry I’m just joking around.* oh you can only wear these if you are over 4 years old so kids don’t wear them Novelty Warning Warning Novelty glasses are not to be worn outside the sunglasses to protect your eyes against sunlight. who would be that dumb why couldn’t have made these the appropriate size to look out of these holes or even these holes I’m looking straight into the plastic pieces i know not everyone’s faces the same but everything is seriously green right now I don’t know about you guys but these are going to make some gray sunglasses is so stupid i heard it don’t buy these you’re gonna get crash if you drive goes in the dark brilliant I don’t know so brilliant about something that goes in the dark but it’s like watery it’s like what I’m like afraid to open this up is it toxic there’s just that one little label off back here just said it’s me and says it’s made in China this is so disconcerting is a radioactive is a toxic we don’t know i think it would be safe to assume yes drive oh whoa what is this glow-in-the-dark call what in the morning this is so weird feeling oh it feels like it’s fluid in my hands but it’s not it’s blunt oh don’t drop on my clothes oh my word this is the weirdest stuff like lover rubber yeah you like this one what I just what is it one does it rip this you there’s no way to attach back together it’s straight-up one go up now all I did was set on top i approve this is worth buying I don’t know why I don’t know what my fascination is with it all it was so wet on my wegs wait wait it’s glow-in-the-dark we didn’t even test this time to test well that was disappointing next item snap cover rollers you expect me to do this i don’t think so i don’t think i have enough hair guys I don’t know even know how to do this so i assume you just kind of roll this up and then I don’t have that much here that’s literally all my hair but that’s my hair no yes one roller i’ll try a second one you have to do with your hairs wet I’ve seen my sister do it I have a sister next item is ninja stuff and Brian for me beforehand that there are a couple more ninja items so there’s going to be a quote on quote ninja theme it’s a playset three-piece set I don’t understand it was even what what is this is this like going your wrist or ankle because that’s not a belt as my finger on my waist is too tiny there’s no directions on the back it’s just white my wrist is too big for my ankles definitely gonna be too big this is a kid’s toy hey calm down oh that didn’t hurt shut up it really i’m bleeding what is this called it’s AI si si I your you really know that positive what’s this is a throwing star what’s this is a secret knife let’s see okay well that that didn’t work too well but I start to left accuracy time it’s hard i don’t know that’s what she said ready set up gonna take it like a man that hurt a level of one to ten what kind of pain was that 33 up next item rocket balloons watch them fly away hear him scream I’m a little worried about this screening part with blow-tubes all good flow tubes are included in sir blow tube into nozzle balloon trip nozzle tightly around to prevent air from escaping and light blue with your mouth the sounds obscene I’ve got one we have to make sure we insert the blow-tube accordingly there we go slow to concerted ok are you ready to watch them fly and watch them scream I’m gonna follow the balloon around the brain so that was just one long ready the pic gone oh that’s nice get those apple cinnamon crystal beads refill sure sense you thought it was candy no you didn’t buy the candy section was it really that good trick somebody oh definitely smells like apple cinnamon I don’t know what the apple cinnamon scent is offensive to me really yes it’s just I oh this is weird they’re like Bob you all are bouncing oh yeah but why would they bounce know that I’m touching them to my feet were bouncing there straight up bouncing around in here oh my gosh that is so potent oh my community smell it would put your nose up close and smell it oh that’s strong oh wait for you guys hi burning my nostrils why Brian should we mix them i just wanted to let you know before i mix these two things together this could be catastrophic I just want to let you know I appreciate you and I appreciate your love and generosity when you watch my videos all i do with one make you smile and lab to my life is flashing before my eyes Wow contact has been made contact my gosh they’re absorbing them they’re straight up absorbing them this is weird picked them all up just feel like a witch making a brew I even got curlers in my hair that wow I do not like this girl you no likey oh my gosh what on earth is this silly shots fun fling watch it fly fling it directions on back insert arms into fling as shown so the arms act as its own little slingshot and then when you swing it the arms like this is teaching kids torture pull back and aim in a safe direction say well there’s only one thing to do with this let’s go watch it fly alright see this little dude you put the arms and that when you stretch it out and the chuck it like it’s a but what is this a slingshot gutter where you going dude what up where you going dude you know you knew you know what I have in store for you don’t you ready ah this thing isn’t working Gunnar Gunnar that doesn’t work does it will try i’m gonna try to one arm ready it went limp that’s also what she says make sure you subscribe together for being my target hehe got something out of it back something next item ninja none jakku have never heard it called and uncheck maybe that’s correct that a trademark nunchuck know obviously inside my office isn’t going to be the smartest plate to do this nunchucks first off we have to test have my agility with these things look not hitting myself just wait and Trust again did you want you want you want to hit you with these know gosh oh let’s see some ninja moves dude ok here we go here we go huh I can’t stop it I can’t stop it that’s not the final blow dart shooter this looks like a nerf blow-dart shooter that’s kind of cool I’m excited about this one I assume this is what you blow into but that doesn’t go in there maybe put this in the inside oh I sucked it all the way to the back it’s like right here next that’s what I’m supposed to put in come on that didn’t hurt showing 0 had a little bit of a sting to it maybe we should do some human target practice harbor and so here’s what we’re gonna do I have the blow-dart the knockoff nerve blow-dart we have a test subject right here I noticed that I’m i was going to use Brian but I’m not he’s more fun alright going you little worried this it’s okay it’s just I’m not gonna I’m not gonna step past this line so we’re going to see if this has what it takes to render gunner useless ready what there’s two in there and it hurt to sit out it’s a reaction ready reaction or that I got I got to expend mice my supplier dang fool i want aiming for a space ready Oh clothes food clothes that bad alright guys so it’s finally time to see if these hair curlers work i’m just gonna maybe just pull it pull okay I’m just gonna take it off then you know rip out your hair who kind of those curls I think I owe it actually kind of did curl it i think i curled up the wrong way though wait did I have my hair synthetic oh we just undo it with one swoop it’s a little bit wavy this one here’s got some pictures yeah this one’s got a little extra pizzazz there huh guys make sure you click the little bell icon on desktop and mobile to get informed of when i upload a video that way you’ll never miss the next video also make sure you click this video right here because it is the last dollar store video and it was just as body also pick up there to subscribe because we make videos three to four times a week and they’re just as funny all right high five


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