I put America’s wishes and desires on a scale. Making a basket isn’t just cryptocurrencies. Its one level to the top. Do you know what results are coming out? Bitcoin capital greed itself of the order,
the power itself. Bitcoin’s done? Should we withdraw our investment? Do you know why I ask these questions? Because we will talk about an event, some
circles to finish Bitcoin, Bitcoin emerged in order to damage, Bitcoin is said to be
a project to finish. Is American President Trump involved in this? Because someone around him had a terrific
confession in recent weeks. And in general, if there is any primer, if
such a thing is approaching, as small investors, what should we do urgently. What measures should we take? What should we follow and stop everything? Let’s talk all of them step by step without
giving investment advice. To participate in the Ledger draw, which is
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end of the month, you’re moving on to this topic. There is a claim that Wall Street is the heart
of finance in America. The plan of the companies there, using Bakkt
to finish Bitcoin, garbage. If they do, they can slow down underhand by
making them look like they have not done them without fear. Which is already very new news that Bakkt’s
domain, the task is expanding. With CME, they become rivals in a direct subject. Bakkt is launching Bitcoin futures in cash
from next year. While this is not certain, it may also bring
an outsourced party to physical futures contracts. So for Bitcoin futures it is necessary to
trade with Bitcoin before, but there is no detail, but after that, it seems that it can
be done with cash. President Trump may be involved. Because, you know, when America wants to show
their teeth to one side, all companies can be one body. They support the government hand prisoners. Because if they don’t support, they know that
finance will erode their doors and leave them alone. Here’s the last time we saw Huawei. In Venezuela, Adobe paid off all accounts
for free or something you know you can not use the money you pay for such an event. Anyway, do you know why I think Trump might
be particularly involved? Because, as I said at the beginning, a few
weeks ago, the head of the United States Commodity Futures Commission CFTC made a confession,
and in 2017 Trump personally approved the fall for Trump Bitcoin. Trump, who was involved in futures in 2017,
may well have asked Bakkt to come to life today. By the way, we keep saying Bakkt and if you
want to join us, we can talk about Bakkt very quickly. Bakkt platform is a futures product of the
New York Stock Exchange. It is a derivative market. Subcontracting is a kind of transaction, folks. In other words, in Bakkt’s futures, you sign
a contract for the rise and fall of Bitcoin in the future. If we simplify the work in a way that everyone
can understand, Bitcoin will make a bet and open a transaction with Bakkt saying that
it will be 10 thousand dollars after 1 month and you will earn 10 thousand dollars as you
say a month later. Logic is simple. Here’s the trouble, 10 months after a month
when you say it will be 10 thousand dollars a month after 10 thousand dollars to make
all your manipulation and try to upgrade your hand. The same scenario goes for the fall. This makes Bitcoin, which cannot be left alone
in its price, running from manipulation to manipulation, thoroughly open to external
intervention. There is a fine detail here. The only thing that sounds good in this whole
thing is that Bakkt is physically moving Bitcoins, really using Bitcoin. Because CME futures are completely subcontracted. Anyway, Bakkt came out like this, and Microsoft,
Starbuck behind it had taken the big companies that predicted to have a lot of Bitcoin’i
famous Bitcoin investor Tim Draper is very pleased with this development, and soon Bakkt
said Starbucks could sell coffee with Bitcoin. Folks, there are two things that don’t change,
bro. Two things maybe won’t change in 300 years. Started in the past, continues now, will continue
in the future. 1- The safe always works for itself. While working, he makes fancy sentences to
cover it up. 2. Technology never goes backwards. I always say that. Therefore, since the safe will always work
for itself, it was Bakkt, CME, that’s it. All story. All story. The only real value is that they try to dampen. That’s Bitcoin right now. Another real part of it is those friends. I’il tell you that. Bakkt’s Physical Bitcoin iBringing an extra
volume to Bitcoin with its transactions. Volume comes. These volumes, which are likely to come from
Bakkt, have reduced Bitcon 2 times and upgraded 1 times as far as we have analyzed. Now if we have summarized the events, my friends,
I will give you four questions that we should answer, follow and perhaps shape our investments
in case Bakkt claims that this new project of Bitcoin will be completed. If you like these 4 questions, make a note
or go back and follow it again. If the answer to these questions breaks, sharp
turns, this may probably indicate a break, a sharp turn in Bitcoin. Question 1- Is there any hot money entry to
America thanks to Bitcoin? Whatever happens, or if it happens in the
future, America might look at Bitcoin at some point. This can be canceled with the project of finishing
Bitcoin if Bakkt is saying that it causes money to enter the country. Question 2- America says, Facebook’s founder
Mark Zuckerber says China is our number one competitor. What’s he doing with crypto coins with Bitcoin? When we act in our forbidden mindset and try
to finish it in various ways, is China polishing it and turning it into a phenomenon? If this happens, America may have to accept
Bitcoin, crypto coins, but now America’s salt, for example, is dry. American dollar is the reference currency
all over the world. Why would America bother you all the time? At most in its reserve, it prints the crypto
currency of the dollar which is under its control. But China is not so. China is trying to be first, so it can embrace
many new technologies, including Bitcoin. Question 3- Does Bitcoin harm the business
of major investors in the United States, such as Jp Morgan, and companies in the peaks of
capitalism? If it is damaging, products like Bakkt may
become more and more dominant over Bitcoin and may want Bitcoin’s price to reach a strength
that only Bakkt can determine. When we look at the CME’s Bitcoin contract
volume, which offers sub-contracted other futures though, Bakkt is still a baby, but
even if the baby is in the stage, the odds are very bad. That’s an important question. Question 4- Write aside. It’s a bit linked to the second question,
but can Bitcoin hurt the dollar? Both good and bad if he can. Well, because it means that Bitcoin is approaching
the point of being targeted money at first, but it’s also bad because it doesn’t work
for America, it can do its best to finish it. At least it doesn’t want the dollar to end,
but if it’s going to be money, it should be in circulation, right? Friends, I put America’s wishes and desires
on a scale, and as a result there is a dollar brand that has been investing for more than
a hundred years. It’s not that easy, I think the dollar will
end in three days. On the other side, I set the goals of Bitcoin,
the targets of Bitcoin investors and maximalists. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing. Do you know what results are coming out? If Bitcoin will continue on its way before
the storms break, Bitcoin may become a digital gold in the future. Bitcoin capital may be able to draw its own
path by separating from the ambition and power of capital order. The gold we know does not claim to be the
most used money on the world stage. The supply is limited and always valuable. He is strong in his hand. As a result, friends, yes Bakkt today, tomorrow
something else happens. So far, Bitcoin has always won these fights. That doesn’t mean that it will be like that,
but follow the four questions I shared with you above. Remember what I said in this video if there
were improvements. I think you should try to determine your direction. There is not
a situation that is over right now, but of course we have to move with new information
in the changing market. In fact, there’s something I always say. We will have a long-term strategy. We will remain faithful to him, but we will
not be stubborn with the market while remaining faithful. We will know how to update ourselves and adapt
to new market conditions. We’il break our risk. I tell you very clearly. Even if we talk about Bitcoin, subcoins or
something on this channel, distributing the risk doesn’t mean throwing other crypto coins
with Bitcoin. Making a basket isn’t just crypto coins. You can climb up one level and think of something
other than crypto coins in your basket. I don’t know, gold, silver, stock. Of course you know what to buy or not. I’m just trying to tell you that distributing
risk and making baskets is not limited to crypto money. This can be anything on the market. Believe me, if one day Bakkt’dan Bitcoin fall
intact, I’m glad you’ve broken the risk. It could be the other way around. Nobody can guarantee that, even though I never
say anything to anyone as investment advice, you know I’m very hopeful at long-term Bitcoin. In the meantime, I would like to mention a
few sentences about a cryptic currency called Sologenic, not sponsored. See what you say This coin, which will come
in re 2021, will be a bridge between crypto money and traditional finance, and will be
able to buy and sell ETFs and 30,000 stocks from the top 25 global exchanges through the
XRP book. You can have a look at Sologenic.com, the link is
in the description. Now, fellas, let’s move on. Let’s move on to the bonus info corner. You know, at the end of each video, I
try to give brief but brief information as much as possible. In today’s episode, I would like
to tell you about a one-in-a-million eye disease called pupula duplex. Those who have this disease have two pupils. I wrote the pupula duplex on the internet,
it sounds a little creepy, but you know if you want to look. Now, let’s move on to the questions and comments
from you in the previous section.


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