Fraud and Cryptocurrency

a lives are you to a one and are actually lives and we are live alive from
somewhere and see if it’s actually working
no so on a nine to spend just as
always, spend a couple minutes
here , going through and make sure
that the technicals are are
solid done before we really kick
this off and looks like we’re
streami and so are those of you that are
joining in on the up on the
replay the rebroadcast, are to
take a little bit of time here a
few and we deftly have a great,
evening of a conversation plant,
to go through and talk about are on and were to get into the various
aspects of it because it’s
deftly very relevant, and it’s
been it’s something that has
come up an ally in my opinion and a dozen
have any place up and serious
discourse so, it’s hour to
start, and if you minutes we got
another will belong global studio, Steve eddy their TV there with us all some Thai king area to stun it’s like everything nine
innings working here , pull up the box and it looks like unfrozen and looks like over here its
streaming well over their own
prose, I’d I’d die ignore what
goes on on the tube Ashford and
unreli , China see what’s going on here
on the a and the two chat knit
still long time to kick and so
announced , phone looks pretty solid I can
actually see you , and you notice the stream
looks pretty good and and a
couple people bouncing and so
effective that solid that’s all
that matte to five people bouncing and some
a word has gotten out a word has
spread and senior a right and a right to Tsai think we should,
see we got bouncing in here
first, while actually got a
notification and notifications
are out , as good a rapid M up and bit of a delay on the Aiu
to bop that box is always , are people will array of a tough guy: looks: EM a screwed , some awesome it up so stay on as before
bouncing and I think you know
what it one of the things that
the it be like to talk about on
Tuesdays and are actually some of really
interesting things that took
place over the past couple days
and it wasn’t an interesting
articl a relevant for many people to
listen to so, does this article
had to do with up cool up,
watching you know what’s going
on with te Hiatt said stop tailgating to
a to a a a Towson is so this article and EC
and a scroll down a little bit
or a host of the late for this
article, and those interesting,
c , I thought it was, interesting
and up to see exactly what Tom and all the fact that the
google, is looking for a way in
ought to be a black chain space , we think about the Araya to array of EO that’s right be a Div for
that and for developers the head of its it’s interesting
that is interesting I think
there’s read the there’s so much
that’s getting ready to happen
in , starting to think about it,
you know that you know the
memento Ms. Is really up is
really there, his ears up, the
teenage a hi and I think we’re to see a lot
of of all that conversation,
come July 16 when they go in
front of the U.S. senate
committee are a cop in a deposit video for any
reason you can be the toe awesome, I’m glad the you
while you may with us up as far , and so we’re getting a few
more people popping in the
strain, as as we have been
implementing, and you’re really
identifying t , I should one offline there,
and a video of this team that
big blue box to the side to it
comes back on, so, as we’ve been
doin , up in the of open the comments
section, Washoe some free
excerpt he be of the excerpt the
tip of if you don’t use the
excerpt it wanna get it now throwing
your of its winter into one into
the chat box and will and will
set that up here in a minute,
par s , and there’s enough deftly of a deftly somethings on some
things happening and others testing and I’d talked a little
bit about five and windows,
crazy yesterday with a stream us
time to pull another
conversation s and just was not working nine as
we wanted finally about a leaven
o’clock I went on and of an idea
of final test and it worked o calm about some of the flood,
that’s been going on in the
space so calm and and with with
the movement all lot over 11,000 and it was I was at 9500 earlier
this morning at some nice
movement that is deftly nice
movement a lot of that meal has
to do wi it once want to see a downward
to run turning your to get more
people following a trend, said
the fund and the foam all
whicheve , but see a neon type in your of a twitter here went up and a second as come
your way while we talk to win
pop 14 , it’s awesome various tear he
is our right and let’s get this
done and there you go first on the stream
get some free excerpt you there
you go it’s on your way, its way
up why is it that every time t tango, nowhere what are they
doing to be still with us and we lose
you , a K we may have lost am not
sure , if we lose a mall getting back
on the stream, so we can talk
little bit about, the fraud that
the odd that we wanted to talk a , use up who was the acting up, let me
open up when M. Ickes, the real,
any of anything specific that
you guys wanna talk about a
throat and discuss another good
discussion you’re one of the
other of annoyance that I did
one to bring up though and II
thought this i , let me see if I remember what
was called nine and were to
write it down pot gas, tell how
I built this and I started
listening , parts of a new tack, have to
do with and plea lock and it was and one
other things that you mention
and the spot gas when they had
yelled was the underestimated a
fa are fun and as one of things he
said in a, struggled over
whether not there been at the
review part of it and personal
comment R and that’s, what’s blown up you
can’t swear it is today a but
what’s really interesting know
and you see the history of where
pe tech stock com was what we would
almost term today as a thin tech
is a thin tech bank startup and
that would I thought I was rea an annual a mosque in 28 years
old and then to this interesting
or they went from there and I
look back and ceo of a note tack
a and on I think that you know if
we look at that and you know
that trend tell it’s only really now that
people are able to capture this
payment space and moving
seriously move away, from from
them from and I’m not a silly to the point
again you know we talk about
this but cops were banks will
become irrelevant and to where
you c , and create of this online
space of banking and and
payments on to wear and you
again you’re you’re not relying
on on the banki to founder Gilpin said that you
line must was was really
promoting at that time as that
their goal was to kill visa and
MasterCa and that’s what that you the
idea being able to easily move,
funds, between accounts and one
and one of things that stood out
as , or tell of the Eckstein, opera
was a phone at the time as
wooden a software link to
download on your computer, and
that point to tie was the first time I wanted
I didn’t really take a moment to
look it up that does listen to
the earlier, but I thought I was , but there are so relying on
old tacking only was the analog
way of doing things, they had
been braced of the full digital
a wa tell and got some more people
bouncing in your there’s wild
start and 63 , got excerpt he the great excerpt the panic sense city a
bunch of people that bounced on
while you’re driving it is 139 years old are that we as a as seven paid attention enough
I guess a Los Angeles is already
a moved away another and main
languages Spanish or their to a tease copy birthday and Adnan now but in October and just a cases does when of a
chance to speak again and happy birthday of an advance
as beef as eeprom twitter th lee Seung Heights nearly 2:00
AM, and it’s of its early so that the one who really
brought about the of the
conversation of tonight, along
with up to excerpt the believer,
really of ro calm that you really a te do not
to have all it can to get out as
a as a froth ad was, so I’m I’m
really glad for that and reall towing through and analyzing
every last thing that this guy
said and as mystified anno that
of that people you know where
we’re and you know none of it matched
in a specially an Atty. that
would be working in government
so were to talk a little bit of
more of Ji 139 is is a badge number these excerpt the security at sir pay security and she
actually time is bamboo actually a bats
of the hot or four that’s the and when it comes on you just in
case when a sadistic Des act up
and security here to a a an anti-it’s also appreciated and of a depreciating far shot on his way
home from work just listening in
and the BB nice all right, funny
my phone is popping up a lot , if bees, misery on my phone to OK the real and take number and Tice
appreciate the portion of its
awesome and a meal and , just a L and a anno and look in the Ji it said
in this owes spot on is what I
can tell in chip over and over
again isn’t as guy doesn’t sound
l and even in regular discourse if
something comes up that as any
legalese in it all this and you
can sense the Atty. in them and a guy’s not providing anything
of substance and it became more
and more concerning denies you
dug in and such a Ide you know
tha that you could sense the Atty.
you know what in which coming
out and the writing and in touch
if I know you’re been on work
and and ring true anyone to a to be a tall this news is great a lot of
what everybody saying and for
those of you if you haven’t been
on, the report or on the excerpt and also we throw in this up a
little bit early tonight the
idea nine is normally in the
9:00 on time time spot is traveling,
so I can be on tonight on all we
are looking at that do in an
earlier of eyestrain, Nana looks
l anno some of the reasons why
anno FB oh really wanted to keep
you know the union, and not in
been relentless a note on cover
tha , it is just this super super
disconcerting and Amy brought
something up here and all that
tell that it’s that it’s a it’s
a cri , to so many people within this
community that our series that are
professionals and the number one
thing that stood out for me that
and I kept saying there’s no way
a pr as that is named a crypto Atty.
a number one as soon as you put
that out there it just implies that anything that you say this
point forward means that you’re
providing some form of advice
and it’s already too late you
can’ And yet you know he’s not a
crypto Atty. and also is always
really really bad you from penny
levels and impersonating Atty.
are and I look at everything that we
all do here there’s a little
bitter responsibility and in
presenting an even if are just
you an up the many people come to solicit other people’s
opinions and they wanna see you
take their background and
experience and how they apply it to
everything that we’re all
talking about a dig into the
digital asset space and of this
guy deftly overs towing any kind of research but
you don’t even have to do that
just listening to the guy and
see what did I was saying to be
eno , that’s an odd angle of a up 10 hits that stop this a
yummy and and I think he got
stopped it in their early stages
and think the damage that he
could c it cause but even just the
potential damage on to the
community because of packets
outed you in the in the general
sense tidy up some guy you run around
masquerading Jilin giving out
information or or advice from
so-called insiders that knows if
any , but in that immediately go in
grainy himself into a space of
serious people and on were not
always see no serious because know there’s deftly allowing a
lot of you all fun and banter
you know whether it’s on the
live streams because we’ve done
long l and your you purposely giving
information you purposely hiding
behind a fictitious title of it
you really disrupts a lot and and I believe just add alone
meal was damaging of the others there’s the law to
speculation thing people and all
you’re going to naturally
speculate when you want as iron
out, an in order to, you assume that
young year to connect dots that
might not even be there a note
to prove a case that you know
again and is is definitely try to
prove the desired outcome or do
really really wanted to happen
and you’re going to ignore you
know c , but Todd that the person and
work for rebel and is now
working for by nance USA, and
there’s an article that they did
mention a note to you rebel now being
involved somehow at some level
you know with with up to it by
Nancy and again I do much to
video s , just thinking along those
lines it been up someone’s
trying to lead to some
conclusion tell because and
someone as high up for a know some assumption of love
and overwork in together to
designed some you know you need
prototype vehicle as a result
now II sets funny alike of like that in
else’s of it and that it and
that’s the case be up for stocks
or me know what united and their and no other drink companies
beyond it and you’re limiting in
your it doesn’t make any sense
the upper people the consulate
Toby , like the alike the yeti that is a great
idea and the yediot been at a game
changer I think an event that
death was going straight to the
Moon of its back by unity that
said type of of of of of it to it that up a hit that of up to
the up and took it to it and a and it to the yeti: and you had a: it’s
awesome and I like it and like it if it’ll be out on Monday the yeti: wait to fit that shift: a study in a
casino you could die die brought
some chips , that’s true , it a less is big foot towers series
on update foot over yeti we talk
about that the creatures we talk
about the monster trucks as their yeti monster truck,
journalism fateful monster truck
attributing its one tie up for you teach huge bottle that’s up a hit not have it today of it and it are a portion of a rape and you , saint in all was a going to
know are a line of and the it as had the means and
a small and that of a to a to and it it it must RTD dir the one
that’s pretty funny one star and been easy way for some it
sells wife of the fine crypto
currency got some chips and I
kind of a and hit it and nowhere is just
another chips to more chips to a ticker phones and right , straight for the yeti: a life
the yeti: ADM and we get out by the moral , taking a unique one of a bill the hide behind it to the sweet Oman to the
commercial when you get the yeti
holding any one time that the mythical unique
one it will forgot about that it be just as the yeti of Eddie really cool to assisted this is the magic
able not just the NEA Paul it is
the magic able rewrite seen a
task and we will answer any question to cold storage company that it’s a great idea of the
many beginning once thought of
that when you’re right of a hit. Told George and crypto you guys
are you guys are yet in cold
storage and a food product and
are a product know were cold
storage to a TV suite of to that of a to a a black black panther of car and
allow to know where we are in
the stream once my street is
like soap for behind to a and a Thomas T.J. defiant and said to miss up a hit me of product a good
point there also there’s no such
thing as a Federal turning array that did a colony that that to
deploy notes not so unusual that
an Atty. whenever you to channel
that any right now there are ot it as soon as you bring your
cell, with that you know one
professional title, with that
you know comes a little bit of
all , you a guess it you know yet get the holder sell
a little bit more to a steam to
the advice that they’re
providing at that point whether
it’s in that that person is now speaking
with some form of authority on
the topic and odyssey you know
income on state like I’m not
givi , but at the same time you were
looking at, an individual that
came out with a label, and then
said things that were so off
base it would touch is what we’re
talking earlier, not a notice to
reiterate a guest for some of
the new people the popped in,
but ju a new tenant anyone to the point
of actually providing, were a
attempting to provide advice and
information based on a fact that I if a sources and, there’s too
many inconsistencies , in what he was saying, to the
point that I’m just glad that
it’s now want a noticed out now
the open now you know the night
an and your videos I went through
months of your videos, I do a
ton and in the medical space , so you know why I see a lot of
videos with doctors, speaking
about different topics and I
think that that’s also important
if an island and one of things that
you know point that I wanted to
bring up you know many of us on
the space not everybody is of y and at some point you know maybe
people know you are, but at the
same time though when you’re in
a in a professional law environ and on and I think ego that
individual and there’s others
out there and I think do
anything but you know continue
to pour from p and that professional way and
also it’s what we have to be
aware of and that’s why you know
it’s perfect timing that and we
got if it’s awesome, some Tal L of art that pros say should award use
the word a litigation more card
and for a fight and your array to those awesome and it’s it’s a
kiss Omak, I can say that I was
shocked and that all all of this
happen always shocked if the s and a weak as as soon as you say
Susie sent back to me like a
check this out gone to that is
just wiped out going to a of that was the pants and a debate that to a a a , all that and it messed up deal
BSE, global BS and yeses SS
software Ron Bennett and said it’s one its logs away all EST and an acronym to
Slavs and now all I know are a timid, his followers eat a real
it boy says the act and the zoo
is a troll excerpt the zoo and ego condom to a think that’s bob it clear that spawn and are rumors a rumor is a
swirl of often to a to a a Spanish fly a Aidid on light a
senior and on that making a
mistake and looking at the a
chat on my screen and so far
behind to as head of a of cots it’s awesome, and are glad
you’ve led to shut up now we can
start to a are easy all moneybags areas areas as an away and a love of its also them
really glad to see everybody
popping on the stream you know
as always every night or every
time more if it’s just it’s also when
you’re saying earlier you know
the community feel and you start
seeing more and more people
young an and I was sad faces was eating
faces a comedy and mill your
names popping up people popping
up in contributing to the space and
it just it’s really awesome, for
all those people were new to the
channel you haven’t been on y , I would say that though this
is normally on a day that the
chip restraining on his own
channel, excerpt the minute, but
I’m no , 151 talk about it not talk
about it and think that
something else that’s a little
bit frustrating or a Vietnam that’s a lot more
fun guy I liked the units more
detaining in Owen and it allows
you to regroup as well and set
of constantly been on and I think
it’s it’s fun for II enjoyed my
mom you know listening and it’s
great to listen one person but I , yeah you know me and I am down without that , Bernie auburn are rained reign
as deftly download to see a state is to write , no I know if anyone else
recommended that up to this
point it to a up and take a hit of a
of it along it to to a and it soon everyone will see
OTC of a of the , back in the day and as the
best it go , try a tribe called quest of
William and touch with them 8¢ and as of now that the great and 80 get to 1000 and get you to 1000 and just put
that in the tube says the real
tension anyone down to the four era was there and was there to take a it’s a good that’s a good one and and for and foreign for anyone that they
came in a little bit after we’re
talking about it, should the
shelling a new: call the yeti: a summer get that out there and
and me might be able to see it
on nine on some of or in exchange of coming up tomorrow to a and it is true it is Greg can read
by Tarpley to read my phone
while we’re talking and see only
thing that’s working right now
to se others in its , some of those awesome are equal it a note gets me about what
he’s doing the woodworking it’s
like an ice carving with the
woodwork and I like the right
you know its when he gets the drill mike
and what were the the drill come
from when you do with the drill
noise and light odyssey there’s these two pieces together, and
to always gets me you know, it’s right to four excerpt the
volume to Liu had a Teddy Getty
on the OTC to a and a chimney then we needed any
of DS meter and UV light fourth of the a and
up to a tape of a a a a , and it’s funny and yet we’re already getting
people on Borland that we got to
go yet it’s a tear ago as keeps a tip that two
of yeti followers the yeti followed the yeti:
Getty community and then Olsson boom that the
day of the bigger than the doge: and Aviv yeti Max was one of the
Getty Max was a battle be cool to the yeti Maxey and to write to a a a minute opened yet Ian
of the tolls of the eighties are
talking about here to to that of
an it’s all get in gear , phone at home I guarantee you
a comedy and it until the egg any copper is a
yeti tumbler of those towers are coffee cups,
that the aim of the Eddie mod
now that can be pretty it should be run that a real tough to a tough and a shot off road to say that a end of it , she is a holiday that nice tie to the archives, you
Gotta love it and ice array to to a its great and I was quick to
like the events and that’s what
this community is all about from
a navy to crypto any arena
altoget now we find out who this guy is
a via whole different story to it hit of the tightness as was
the scrolling up and said the
wild star said what is the yeti
mentioned by the international
mone they mention the yeti on the net
the IMF meeting and go , data was real there’s talk
stitches in a B of a new Ceo
Gary to a head as talks this rumor of
the yeti: she’s fully embrace
and about source can talk about
digital assets and therefore you
can column now all can now make
sense and know that now it’s all
coming into clarity to that of up to its it a to a ICS one other news , away that , and she becomes the new head
of the European central bank
that the the shutter upon
digital assets and a lateral to step up and nominates the city, and he may be me knows a new one
nominates from a whiz and was easy B and just a
is that the other presidents of
the central banks are and sits
on the on the committee to a team of an AC that this is a now it’s
fully embraced and encrypt us
sat house sitting this week
train most of their beer are
ready and t and make sense at Smallwood do and of getting caught is perfect
for leaving behind when you
drink someone’s fear I love it and a town and open nine to know all next
time of on the next live
streaming issue juice and free
Getty: are pretty putting your
martinis i of debt to it and as a town and country arraigned you should brought
food with you and I’ll get and has clearly offended to that of a of it , what time is it , and it’s 10:00 fully killed 10
of the were to be done like a
930 a rate card have to have a a a a a a it as act of Da, Da mayo and that
stock down to a a a a hit to a a a a hit and a four we sign of that to be
registered and an RN be clamoring to get yeti
everything the yeti: are it around that sit and been
nominated it’s a and city and the calm of we came up with
the yeti: you think there’d be
potential litigation , from odd you need a, to a a munis and Ahmet if the forever
litigated by a buy you need a
comment, call the crypto Atty. Of an talk and will it take you to a lot like digital
turning to stay tuned for the
eye yeti IC oh that will be
taking place at some point , you know we’ll want that
because the ideal it or issues and a net to
give on the back and it’ll be a
security and a disaster , some are we started with one
person on the stream I say we
keep going to win one person on
the street of a to array and
develo , for NT 04, was laid all you
got eight like, you have to redo
a quick streamer to be on all 92 o’clock real bit of a , some it’s righty up and nine tomorrow
night and one nights and other
night as to Tuesday manipulate
its Thursday to today’s Tuesday
A might to another early stream
tomorrow and maybe if I can hunt
was chips or meant to be on
again L a we’ll see what we got
going all its writer leave and all:
that’s right, of which alone on
vacation, is it that sorry just bring make
sure you have your excerpt you
to buy me like you’re gonna give
you some excerpt the to it that’s right, paper, sliced
it is beyond our idea , it’s always a bad thing, fun
and games until someone was the
firecracker will be two the MN bad story when my of my
cousin and was younger , and his friend are playing
with fireworks and their
shooting them up over a
overrated you know the house and
one landing on hi to is a bad lesson to learn I
think it up tents were too happy to its rip it to its own good fun until IE bring
the house to it should kids and ship those of routed to leave the IE: R.I.
or odier or are out here tomorrow night
to a try to stream early
Wednesday night ships can be on
an airplane, audie year in and
it’s a sa , I’ll be on twitter a look for
TCI’s then on the way out of the
oven tons or ready at the thumbs
up subscribe to the channel be Anna look for teacher can you
all to more night arrive we are a tear to


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