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make money online alright hey listen in this video I’m sharing with you three
websites okay and I will strongly recommend you to finish this an entire
video because by the end of this video you are going to have three websites so
you can make money online alright so you definitely want to make sure you finish
this video so that you have three income sources does that make sense because if
you finish this video you are going to three different websites they can make
money with and you can triple your income instead of just making money from
one website okay now if y’all ready let’s begin so this website is usability
hub okay so you’re probably thinking I hate that this website word is this
legit can i really make money is this trustworthy now look you can see for
yourself that this company has partnered with Amazon Google Tasks
rabbit ear table box GoDaddy and asana okay so this is definitely a website
that has been around since they’re partnered with all of these amazing
world-class companies all right so that worry is no longer a problem all right
let’s find out more how you can make money as a tester okay but before that
let’s take a look at what type of test do you do okay don’t worry about it it’s
not that difficult okay there are different tests like
first click past and I design survey so I’m not going to click into all of that
but let’s just click into one to check it out okay so what are the type of
tests that you can do is design service okay for example if you see over here
they will show you a website and then they will ask you what is the most
prominent element on this page and you just give your survey there is no right
or wrong answer okay then again survey type of questions like
how likely would you be to send a sticker or an emoji to someone on a
dating application and then you just answer okay just answer
again this is not an exam this is not some kind of quiz okay there’s no right
or wrong and so you’re just putting in your opinion so this is just one type of
survey which is designed surveys let’s just check out once one more which is
like preference test so they would show you things that you’d be to show you
four different logos and then you pick one then you like pick the design that
you think is the best and tell them why and they are going to pay you because
they value your opinion does that make sense I understand why so example you’re
the prettiest logo they’ve asked you what did you like most about this design
and then just pick accordingly what is the reason okay maybe they will show you
two different options of t-shirts and they will ask you which ones do you
prefer okay is that awesome this is so easy right anybody can do this now so
now that you understand that these are the type of tests they can do you’ll
realize that yeah anybody can do this right so how do you actually do this
test and earn paper money and by the way all three websites that I’m sharing in
this video you can earn money in PayPal cash okay so from PayPal you can
actually withdraw it to your personal bank account isn’t it awesome so make
sure you keep watching because I’m going to show you another to websites so you
can triple your income okay now listen for you to actually get started over a
usability hub you can straight click on become a tester
all right clicking on become a tester here you will be brought to their our
testing website which will be called user crowd okay so you already know by
now this website is legit they’re panel is companies like Amazon Google and all
of that and yeah and you’re aware of the type of test that you have to do okay is
very doable so let’s find out a little bit more okay you earn money by giving
design feedback you participate in quit designs the rest which I showed you
earlier right you pick the type of logos that you like tell them why pick the
type of t-shirt that you prefer tell them why and you’re going to get
paid doing it for you start just click on become a tester now and you can sign
up okay it’s quick and easy you don’t need to be an expert okay
do you know why because most has creators actually prefer ordinary people
over professional designers and developers right because look these
websites are meant for the masses these websites are meant for public okay they
do they would definitely value ordinary people’s opinion over professional
designs okay so of course like I said at the
beginning of this video of the website is you’re going to make money through
PayPal so you can earn credits with every response meaning every story that
you do then when you accumulate at least
hundred credits you can request the payoff okay then this is how much you
can earn and then from there of course you’re going to do a lot of tests and
then from there you can accumulate a decent amount okay but look it’s not
like you accumulate like hundreds of people dollars before I can cash out
listen you can catch up I mean you can request the payout when you’re balanced
with just ten dollars okay so it’s not like you grind for like many many many
different many months before I can catch a bunch of heat panels you can actually
request to withdraw it into your PayPal account isn’t it awesome ten dollars
that’s a minimum okay now what’s really cool is they give you real-time
notifications they will give you email you send you real-time notifications but
inform you when tests are available so that you have the best chance of of
participating so start giving feedback and earn money now so this is user crap
don’t go anywhere keep watching because I’m going to show
you three websites in total in this video so I can help you create multiple
sources of income by simply earning PayPal cash doing simple tasks that
anybody can do at home okay so this is the first one which is use a crowd now
let’s not waste any time let’s go straight into the second websites for
you to earn money second answer is very day leave don’t go anywhere because I
still have one more amazing website I wanna share with you and I always like
to save the best for the last okay so this is very beanie again it’s
kind of similar right now again you are probably probably thinking at ha is this
legit can you trust these websites can you really make money instead of
actually asking this question why not let’s find out a bit more about this
website okay here you can see for yourself there very baby some of their
customers are very famous companies again like Google ok Google Amazon well
calm in for Allstate Microsoft Twilio we can even view more
customers key some of you are really skeptical you’re always thinking right
so let’s find out more okay what are the customers that they have Ferguson BCG
you probably think okay and of course they’re like all these miss all right
stop hah buy tickets Harvard University cement act Weebly uber all right is that
enough I think that’s not waste any time let’s
find out how you can make money okay so again this is a user research website ok
these are websites the way they will give you the test for ordinary people to
do so that it can actually find out a bit more okay about how people react to
their websites or their apps okay so for you to actually make money
you are going to click on get Pete to the pest okay click on get Pete to test
and we can find out a little bit more okay so like I said just now you’re
going to test websites from there you’ll make money and it’s that simple click on
this button before you get started and how does it work well you already know
by now you make money for every test you take all right so it could be a website
it could be an app so you’re gonna speak your thoughts out loud like what I’m
doing right now I’m just speaking right and you answer questions which they
would give you okay so it’s pretty common-sense stuff isn’t it anybody can
do this now first you’re gonna have to sign up
putting your basic demographic information blah blah blah step 2
you’re gonna start receiving emails then it will offer you money for feedback on
websites and apps and of course you’re gonna get paid okay of course some
frequently asked questions they are gonna ask you things like I mean the
only you need things like a microphone okay if you are using a laptop then of
course your laptop would probably already have a microphone if you are on
a laptop if you don’t have a laptop then if you are on a computer you can just go
to your Amazon you can go to your local store you can pick up a microphone for
ten to twenty dollars k you can easily get a microphone now with this alright
but if you’re gonna pass on your phone then of course your phone is good enough
either an Apple or Android phone okay and by the way if you’re interested
in making money of your phone check out my free playlist in my description down
below I have a free youtube playlist where I demonstrate a lot of different
methods for you to make money online including a lot of methods for you to
make money with just your phone so you can make money anytime anywhere even if
you are not at your computer even if you did not bring your laptop not moving on
you need to use Google Chrome which is fine I believe most of you are using
Google Chrome even if you are not then just being install it okay obviously you
have an internet connection you have to be 18 years old you must be able to
communicate in English by the fact that you are watching this video if you’re
understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth right now then of course
you can do it right because I’m speaking English if you can understand what I’m
saying now then you can make money okay of course you have a PayPal account for
it to actually receive money question how often are new tests available tests
are available daily of course not every test that will match the criteria so of
course this kind of depends which is why which is exactly why I’m showing you
three different websites imagine if you just rely on one okay you
might not have that many tests every single day now what if you triple it
what if you do test from three different websites Kay from there you can triple
your results does that make sense now how much money will you make how
much will you be paid now again common sense to tell you that the payments will
depend on the test but over here you can see that many of their studies they will
pay in the hundred dollars range for a live remote research session that’s
pretty awesome isn’t it and if you pretty fast scan all payments are
processed through PayPal within seven business days of completing your test
they have more questions if you are serious about this come over here and
check out their faq before you get started just click on start making money
and then you can put in your personal information and you can get started
testing websites and you can make one you can click create account put in I
just answer these questions or accordingly right if you have an iPhone
click it even and drag click it alright so just like that if you have a PC click
it if you have a Mac click it alright you can select multiple by the
way ok what Windows do you use answer accordingly what agenda what year were
you born answer you’re calling me and then from there you can sign up and then
from there you just wait for them to sign your test ok I don’t waste any time
this is like very common-sense stuff I’m even a child can register on the website
ok I’m not going to go through this very basic stuff so let’s go over to the 3rd
website ok this is n roll now this is kind of similar like I said it’s kind of
like testing websites and you’re going to get paid okay so help me go a better
place ok so it is this way of making money has
some kind of meaning right you are getting paid to do tests so that you can
improve websites and apps because you are giving your valuable feedback so
it’s a win-win situation you’re helping companies improve they are user
interface but you’re also making money at the same time all right so this is
one of those rare win-win situations so help make the web a better place and
we’ll give you quick tests to help me the web a better place for everyone you
help companies decide which logo is better right
and then you clarify content or complete simple tasks to ensure that their
website is user-friendly ok again anyone can do it any fact they like ordinary
people to actually test again for you to get started putting your email and
password this is common-sense stuff I’m not going to cover that let’s check out
the remaining on this website ok again you can be the first because you are
going to be the one testing the doing the beta test right for the our websites
or apps now what’s really cool about this is that you can take a test
anywhere ok other than just your computer or your laptop you can also
take pass on your phones or tablets ok so whichever you prefer now again like I
said all three websites you can make money with PayPal all right so you quite
bad just show up blah blah blah then you’re going to get compensated for each
test conveniently via PayPal okay so that’s
basically it here you can see four hundred forty three thousand people
450,000 paths have been taken so far so again to Android it’s very simple put in
our email and past we can get started but let’s check out a sample test in
less fun a little bit more so I can show you how it’s kind of like so this is the
sample test let’s begin okay let’s see what they have to say okay so in
beginners crash-land they will show you an image so click on where you might get
some inspiration for upcoming trips okay so where will you get some inspiration
well it’s probably here right this is are the top destinations now again let
me stress to you that there is no right or wrong answer they are actually
wanting you to get your feedback don’t worry about getting a wrong answer
because there is no such thing there is no right or wrong answer so for me
personally where I would get inspiration I would definitely say here this is the
top destination okay so I’ve clicked it okay this is where get inspiration and
where else maybe here okay I’ll click continue so what does this page make you
feel huh so what do you think well the semi give you anticipation yes right
because they show you all the different accommodation things to do mix me and
TCP joy yes it’s trust what do you think well I
don’t really feel that fear do feel fear I don’t think so surprise not ready okay
none of these these are negative emotions so probably not let’s click
continue and then you asked me like oh why do I feel this way about our say
like oh because they show me images of the destination right because they show
me all these destinies images and things to do and things to do alright so this
actually inspire me you make you in anticipate the trip and make you happy
so whatever just click continue and boom you put in your gender put in your age
put in your education put in your income completed past and this is how a sample
test is kind of like and then again as you know by now after you complete each
test they will pay you in PayPal money alright so here’s the super recap for
those of you who are still watching right now I’m gonna show you the URL so
check it out website number one is usability hot calm so once you’re here
click on become a tester it would redirect you to user chrome so this is a
first website where you can earn PayPal cash by giving your feedback about the
design all that that’s the first one user crowd calm second website is there
come here you can see for yourself this is the website validator come over here
click on get paper pests and then you can just register click click on start
making money alright so this is the second website so this is the third
website which is enroll app comm and by the way if you want to make a full time
income online check out the link in the description down below for my number one
recommendation so you can make money online okay it’s free no credit card is
required alright is totally risk-free now listen
if you want to make money online so you can quit your job and skip the
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also you can check out my other videos for free if you want to find out even
more methods to make money online okay so simply scroll down check out my
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earn money tons and tons of different video ideas methods on how you can make
money on YouTube without making videos methods on how you can make money by
typing names by actually writing hate hands or different methods for it make
money online go check it out right now I have over 31 methods for you to make
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