Free Stuff 2020

Will a candidate win the White House
by offering us the most “free stuff”?
Collect up to $500 a month.
Never before have so many promised to
spend so much.
We need to go tenfold.
We took care of the military like its
never been taken care of before.
We have got to pass a Medicare for all
single-payer system.
How can you even keep track of their
proposed spending?
$400 million in new science and technology
No one I know has even tried to track their promises.
So, we did.
Here’s the tally
We added up each candidate’s proposed spending.
We limit our count to the top five in the election betting.
We break it down issue by issue
starting with education.
Triple the amount of money we spend
for Title I schools
Joe Biden’s off to a fast start.
Universal pre-K

Free community college.

Plus he’d double the number of psychologists,
counselors, and social workers in schools.
$78 billion total.
But that’s much less than what
Kamala Harris would spend.
Giving the American family all that they need
Harris would also make community college free
but she’d add on four-year public college
and increase government’s investment
in child care dramatically
and give the average public-school teacher
a 13 thousand dollar raise.

Her total more than doubles Biden’s.
Free college for low and middle-income students
Mayor Buttigieg rarely says what his plans would cost,
but he at least proposes less than Harris.
Gotta to be able to refinance your student debt.
He also wants the feds to give teachers more money.
Assuming his plan is like Harris’s,
that’s a total of $87 billion.
We can make it work for everyone
Elizabeth Warren would spend much more.
You’ll be debt free!
Some students will be, that is,
but you’ll be deeper in debt if Warren gets her way.
She would forgive most existing student debt.
Make public colleges tuition free.
And she wants a
Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act
She’s in first place so far!
Eliminate student debt.
But Bernie Sanders would spend even more.
He’d forgive all student debt.
We must make public colleges
and universities tuition-free.
We’re up to $220 billion per year.
But Sanders also wants universal daycare
and pre kindergarten.
So, Sanders “wins” in education spending.
As the only self-described socialist in the race…
I assumed he’d win most categories.
But I was wrong. He’s got plenty of competition.
Let’s look at Health Care.
You cannot let people who are sick,
no matter where they come from,
no matter what their status
go uncovered.
Joe Biden would spend $49 billion to have
the government provide a public option
like Medicare.
Buttigieg has the same plan.
I would call it Medicare for all who want it.
All the democrats also want to give Medicare
to people who came here illegally.
We have got to pass a Medicare for all
single-payer system
Bernie’s plan would cost even more.
Under our plan people go to any doctor they want,
any hospital they want.
Sanders says it will cost 30 to 40 trillion
over the next ten years.
3 trillion per year.
I’m with Bernie on Medicare for all.
Medicare for all.
So, these 3 lead in health care spending
but something isn’t clear.
Who here would abolish their private health insurance
in favorite of a government-run plan?
All right.
The 3 biggest spenders also support banning
private insurance.
Unless they don’t.
Harris co-sponsored Sanders’ bill which bans it.
But then on The View she said she would
not ban private insurance.
And private insurance also because that’s what I have?
Supplemental private insurance.
Then in the debates she raised her hand
to say she would.
after the debate, she again said she would not.
I support the Green New Deal
And how much will they spend on climate change?
I support a Green New Deal.
All the candidate except Biden say
they support AOC’s Green New Deal.
So they can pretend to be doing something
about climate change.
Republicans say a Green New Deal would cost
$93 trillion.
But we’ll go with the lowest estimate we could find.
An economist who likes the idea claims it’ll cost
$500 billion a year.
New science and technology
Biden would spend less but still a lot.
I would immediately insist that
we in fact build 500,000 recharging stations
Some candidates would spend almost as much
increasing welfare benefits.
For every family that is making less than
$100,000 a year,
they will receive a tax credit that they can collect
up to $500 a month.
In addition to a tax credit, Harris also would have
the government to pay your rent
if it’s more than 30% of your income.
And she’d increase food stamps for kids.
Warren would do that too
and make an historic investment in housing.
Buttigieg wants affordable housing
but gave no specifics.
I’ll assume his plan’s like Warren’s.
Senator Sanders wants to Increase food stamps.
Expand Social Security benefits.
And guarantee everyone a government job.
So far, Joe Biden has not proposed
new welfare spending.
So, senator Harris wins this round easily.
Working families need support
and need to be lifted up
I’ve been counting up the Democrats’ plans
but the incumbent hasn’t been very responsible, either.
A $21 billion increase in defense spending.
Since Trump became President,
spending rose about $500 billion.
Trump did send congress budgets that included cuts
but congress sent increases back
and Trump signed them.
And Trump would spend even more.
$200B for infrastructure
$8 billion for wall construction.
And more NASA funding.
How can we can afford this?
America’s already $22 trillion in debt.
$150,000 for every taxpayer.
But at least Trump proposes less spending
than the Democrats do.
Finally, we added a grab bag category because
3 of our candidates have even more proposals.
Harris wants to give $100 billion
to red-lined communities.
Buttigieg wants $2 billion to expand national service.
But Warren has the most plans.
She’d require the government to buy
American made products.
They have to manufactured right here in the
United Sates of America.
She’d also expand the destructive Export-Import Bank.
Give debt relief to Puerto Rico.
Spend more on the Opioid problem.
And give $2 billion a year to apprenticeship programs
In total we counted 50 spending proposals.
We tried to include all of them
and figure out the costs but
please in the comments section below
tell us what we got wrong.
Until then
President Trump has the lowest spending proposals
Biden’s not that much worse
Buttigieg would double Biden’s spending increases.
And Elizabeth Warren would spend 5 times more.
Sanders is even worse
But even the socialist was edged out by
Kamala Harris.
I guess that means she’s the winner of Free Stuff 2020
No matter who wins,
since all the candidates want to spend more,
you taxpayers are the losers


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