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though the first article we have is coin
based quietly introduces free PayPal
withdraws so the San francisco-based
crypto currency exchange coin base has
quietly introduced free PayPal
withdrawals for a number of fiat
currencies including the US dollar euros
the Great British Pound now they did not
announce this on social media as of yet
at least I don’t the by the time you
guys watch this video maybe they have
I’m not sure have announced on social
media that they did send it through an
email to ello to the eligible users and
for now the option is only available to
user in the US the UK and in the EU so
again more and more coming from coin
based happy to see this obviously for
those who are interested in it this is a
very nice feature to have moving on what
is cryptocurrency well cryptocurrency
was on Jeopardy in the TV show if you’re
in the US you probably know what this is
if you’re outside of the US I didn’t
learn about it until you know recently
when I moved to the US I it’s a show
where people basically it’s it’s a
right it’s proving how smart you are
show it kind of to sum it up at least
that’s how I that’s how I understood it
now cryptocurrency was featured on there
was one of the categories it was the
last category to be picked but every
question in it was answered correctly so
I’m not surprised at the last question
that was picked because first of all if
you think about it I’m pretty sure most
these people do not know enough about
cryptocurrency since it’s so new since
you know you have to actually try to
find information on it if you want to
find information on it if you want to
find correct information on it um I
think it doesn’t surprise me that a lot
of these people waited for them to
basically be forced to enter this
category because they you know that that
was the last category on the list but
again it’s a nice exposure for
cryptocurrency out there get the name
out there get more people talking about
it more bullish news
well fidelity it could launch with the
top 7 cryptocurrency so if we look at
this right now the top seven are Bitcoin
XRP if theory of stellar Bitcoin cash
gos and litecoin so those are top seven
right now apparently we could because
there is demand for more all coins I
think right now a lot of products want
to start off with a Bitcoin product
first and then move on to all coins but
at this stage of cryptocurrency so many
all coins have such a great community
such a big community you know just such
a dedicated community that they want
they’re all going to be featured on
there as well xrp is a huge community
they want products out there aetherium
have a community they want products out
there same with litecoin same with
stellar a lot of these all coins have
great communities and they you know they
want their all points to be represented
in terms of product so the demand for
more all coins are there maybe we’re
gonna see fidelity launch with the top 7
crypto currencies that’d be something
pretty cool to see now game-changing
news for cryptocurrency how the 5g
network will affect Bitcoin out there
saying according to this article that by
the year 2020 they expect to have
billions of devices already on the 5g
network filos you guys don’t know our
phones right now the mobile phone that
you have you know like this mobile phone
it uses the 4G and network and the 5g
network is said to be a lot faster so in
summary I’m gonna make this really short
make it easy for you guys to understand
what could happen you know that period
where you know you’re transferring maybe
from your exchange to your wallet you’re
transferring from your wallet to an
exchange you know you click send
you know you clicks in actually did this
today so you click sent and you wait
right there’s a period of time where you
have to wait and for new people who are
new to cryptocurrency I’m sure you guys
will know this with your first
transaction you’re sat there like
refreshing the screen satellite where’s
my money where am I’m going to go is
this is I still there is everything ok
well the files you know we’re being
lightning fast is going to pretty much
wipe out that period in time making
everything making everything overall
faster so I would highly recommend if
you guys want to check this out find out
more about how it could affect
cryptocurrency how things work I said
it’s coming in as soon as 2020 let’s
there to expect billions of devices in
2020 to be using the 5g network it’s
about a hundred times faster than the
current edition hugo by 2020 about 50
billion devices are expected to be
hooked up to the 5g network as part of
the integration of the Internet of
Things so personally I think this is
really really good for cryptocurrency it
definitely could be game-changing it is
still a little bit down the line it’s
not gonna happen this months not gonna
happen q1 2019 like if like a lot of
other products are gonna happen but
again in terms of a timeline of
continuous involvement continuous
improvement definitely something we’re
seeing happen and overall very very
bullish sign in terms of the long run
where things are coming out q1 2019
we’re gonna have you know this coming
out later and just continuing to grow
and grow and make it easier for people
to use crypto currencies you know taking
out some of the some of the parts that
people don’t necessarily like and just
make everything run faster and better
and apparently this is a lot more secure
as well it can’t be taken down stuff
like that
always always a positive thing so I do
think this is game-changing something
that’s gone under the radar so noticed a
few people talk about this but overall I
do think we’re inching closer and closer
you guys look at the author for this
this is written a while ago but we’re
inching closer and closer to that 2020
year which could make things very very
interesting now the SEC chairman said
that there’s no Bitcoin ETF before
important changes to BTC market well
first of all it’s a cryptocurrency
market right
BTC markets – cryptocurrency market I
think that’s would be the more cuts how
I would personally say it I wouldn’t say
the BTC
markets but he’s saying that there is
there needs to be important changes
before we get a Bitcoin ETF now we also
know as I talked about yesterday that
we’ve had several people go up and talk
to them about the product about the
Bitcoin ETF and how all that would work
so I do think there is still some work
that needs some things I need to be
figured out that’s why I’m aiming for q1
2019 for this to happen because that way
there is the period of time of teeth you
know kind of just making sure
everything’s iron down making sure all
the informations there making sure
everyone understands and one’s on the
same page I still believe we are going
to see a big point ETF I think you know
I don’t want to say this is manipulation
– by any chance cuz I talked about the
other day about the tons of manipulation
that’s actually going on this hasn’t
affected the price too much from what
I’ve seen but again I do think they are
not on the same page yet otherwise we’d
already have netf they do need to talk
and kind of figure things out and then
by the time you know Q 1 2019 comes
around by the time that decision needs
to be made we can go ahead and get an
approval and continue moving forward
that’s how I’m looking at things at
least now guys November has been the
worst month for a Bitcoin for seven
good news though it’s already December
and 11 months have gone by in the bear
market so for starters congratulations
to everyone here who is still a part of
cryptocurrency maybe you got in in
December maybe you got in recently
whatever it may be
congratulations for being at least
congratulations from me you know
definitely might have different things
congratulations from me first holding on
for believing in what you invested in
and not having weak hands knots not
panic selling not especially at this
time right if you bought in hi and
you’ve learned and your portfolio’s down
that much already at this point I think
it’s a pretty dumb move to sell now I’m
not a financial advisor this is not
financial this is not financial advice I
just wanted to say congratulations to
all you guys who managed to hold on it’s
been a wild ride 2018 has been a wild
ride and I hope we can all look back
eventually at it and say wow like I I
went through that you know like before I
made the money I made with
cryptocurrency I had to go through this
year where I lost 95% of my portfolio
valuation hopefully that’s something we
can all look back and say sometime it’ll
make for
very very nice story but a more of a
day-to-day aspect Bitcoin has we added 7
billion dollars to the cryptocurrency
market Bitcoin and aetherium rebound by
5% so if we look at the overall market
it does look like we are having a little
bit of a green day to day the market cap
is at 138 billion with a 53.9%
Bitcoin dominance now Bitcoin is up 6%
aetherium is up just a little over a
little under 5% in the in the last 24
hours x RP is up as well majority of
crypto currencies are up accepting
Bitcoin SV struggling a little bit again
majority of crypto currencies are in the
green though definitely definitely
agreed a in the market factum is up over
18% waves is up steam is up heart rates
up wan chains up alphas up a lot of good
crypto currencies are up with very very
few again dex is down Metaverse EGP is
down inside changes down very few are in
the overall read now theta token I
believe it had a new listing and that’s
what caused it to pump so much yesterday
and now it is bouncing off a little bit
down 0.3 at 4% so not anything crazy but
again it’s not seeing the run that
everyone else is possibly because it
already had its run so there wasn’t that
much more money coming in now talking
about Tron this is another piece of news
that I think has gone under the radar
guys Tron wants to adopt some privacy
features that are found in Z cash so
apparently the cryptocurrency could join
the list of privacy coins such as e cash
Manero and Virg like I said they want to
pick some of the features or at least a
majority I think that’s well that’s what
that’s what was sent by Justin son they
want to pick a majority of privacy
features from Z cash and incorporate
that into truant as he thinks it’s going
to be beneficial moving forward that’s
going to be an important part so this is
what he said first of all I think the
transparency is very important and also
the governance this is how people have
trust in this network
I think privacy is also important for
the network that’s why he said he wants
to add part of the Z cash some of the Z
cash privacy features this is how we can
improve the privacy of the whole network
so in the future if you want to have
these private transactions and a private
address you can also make sure if you
use the address that nobody can see you
the transaction can be
traceable so I think this is a pretty
cool thing I think it’s definitely a
feature that a lot of people are going
to like I think Tron continuing to step
up its game definitely had a period in
time where there wasn’t as much going on
but this is a piece of news that would
that would be very very interesting now
again the article says it could do this
it could adopt this we’re gonna have to
wait and see how it happens it could be
by q1 2019 again we need to make we need
to wait for a more official announcement
that this is going to happen right now
it is seems to be some rumors that have
been announced by Justin’s son I think
this would be a great a great addition
like I said I think a lot of people
would really really like this I think
privacy is a big selling point in terms
of cryptocurrency I think moving forward
privacy coins are going to be very very
successful now XRP also had some
interesting news today of the mighty
Hong Kong exchange I like how this
article called it the mighty Hong Kong
exchange bit Z welcomes ripples XRP
paired to US dollars so again nothing
crazy but a new listing of and a new
pairing to US dollar for Brit Bulls xrp
which is definitely something that
doesn’t hurt to have make it more
accessible to more people but guys
that’s gonna be it for this video
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