Get Free $10 Paypal from Quiz and Trivia Games!

scratch it and as you can see we earn 19
cents and 10 coins hey guys welcome back to my channel and
today I will show you how to make PayPal money just by doing quiz and trivia games
so all you gotta do is go to your play store and just type quizdom so you
click on it and you will see quizdom on play trivia to win real money just
download the app and click open once you open the app you can get a free
diamond membership if you want but we can do without it so let’s just
wait for an ad I can just skip that so as you can see we got our daily
reward so just click claim and exit out of this and the ways you make money you
just go here to and click lucky card and just click on a Buffett card but you
have to watch a video to scratch it so once you watch the video you just
scratch it and maybe you can earn something and we just earn 30 coins but
we still didn’t made any money so let’s click let’s do one more and just scratch
it as you can see we earn 19 cents and 10 coins so it’s so easy to make money
now you can just go back and of course again the ad you just closed the ad and go back and
you can play any quiz here you want and you are able to make money so let’s just
click on logo quiz let’s just go to our level 9
and you just play and try to guess so you see it’s a wrong answer
click Next and again you will get an ad skip it
and it’s me so you wrote up click Next that’s inter sport next always click
next next and this one is apart I think yeah now you just watch to click it and
watch the video ohh failed to watch video and here you can earn
by opening chests and you get paypal money so as you can see I already earned
5 dollars and 76 cents and it’s easy as that you also have free wheel spins
and you have five attempts so you can earn $10 PayPal card coins some passes
and bombs and that’s pretty much it so if you enjoyed my video be sure to
like it and leave a subscribe and see you in the next video

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