Get Paid Up To $20 Per Test – Make Paypal Money Online

get paid up to $20 per test? what’s going
on everyone Attan here and that’s exactly what we are going to have a look
at in today’s video how you can make PayPal money online and actually make up
the $20 per test to find out all the details all you have to do is stay with
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alright this is going to be a quick one so make sure you watch the whole video
here so you don’t miss out on any important information and you’re
probably not going to get rich with this kind of opportunity here so if you are
interested in making a full time passive income online you definitely need to
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course but for now let’s get started to make some extra money online by making
some tests sir and actually to be more specific up to
$20.00 in PayPal money let’s get started alright so the site that we are going to
today is a beta testing dot-com and this is how it looks when we arrive it says
beta testing salt so beta tests with real people in real environments you get
real-world engagement data and feedback to help scale your product for Android
iOS websites desktop and tech products powered by a global community of hundred
and fifty thousand real world testers so you can see here that they have helped
over fifteen hundred companies launching better products of course like Xerox the
New York Times musical a cliff droop and so on and how it works is that companies
like this they come to the site here they want
it can be an app it can be the website or they want to see if there is a bug or
something like that and that is where you can come in here so what we are
interested in is going actually to the top right section here where it says
join as a beta tester so when we click that you will see here early adopters
join the beta testing beta tester community test exciting news products
and get paid to give feedback for new apps websites and products so how it
works is that you can see they say they actually have 200,000 plus early
adopters here across all demographics and interest groups so it works really
easy first you test a new app the website the hardware you complete a task
you give your feedback your bug reports and you can anywhere from 10 up to $20
for most tests or more so you can actually make more depending if it is a
hard task or you discover some bug there or something like that you will
definitely get paid more now there is a frequently asked questions here you can
see here you must be at least 18 years old you must be able to speak and write
fluently in English it doesn’t say that it is available only in some countries
but you definitely need to speak and write fluently in English here and you
must own a PC or a Mac or any device required for a specific test so how much
money can you make beta testing is a fun way to make few dollars on the side and
help impact product development for exciting new products but it isn’t meant
to replace a job the number of tests you receive depends on how many clients
match your interest and demographics and your quality feedback history you may
receive anywhere from zero to five opportunities each month so once again
it goes with what I said in the beginning you’re not going to get rich
with it so you definitely need to check out my
one recommendation right here below at the end of the video here of course now
how our payments made payments are made via PayPal so you make PayPal money here
seven days after the end of a project so this allows the product owners each time
to review rate and approve your feedback so make sure you go to beta testing cone
you can check out the rest of the details that were actually some hero
some use cases but you can have a look at the details for yourself here they
were actually even somewhere I can’t but you can actually do a test also so you
can see how it is and if it is something for you to apply for and get started
with so as I said in the beginning you are not going to get rich with this
opportunity and so therefore you definitely need to check out my number
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