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Let’s suppose that X represents where you
are. That represents you where you are in your
life right. Now, you have the ability to take a very honest
look at your life and see how you’ve got there. Everything that’s happened is recorded in
your mind, and you can look back, and you can see how one thing led to another, which
led to another, which led to another. You met this person, you met that person you,
moved here, you live there, you went to work here, and you’ll see in your mind how you
got to where you are because you can look back at it. Now, when you go to look ahead, you say that’s
where I want to go. This is the dream that comes into your mind,
and you quickly get rid of it because you don’t know how to get there. When we think of something, when it comes
to our mind, let’s understand nothing is created or destroyed. We’ve tuned into something that already is! And rather than let it go, what we want to
understand is that “there” is a place. It’s a frequency that we’re tuned in on, way
beyond where we’re at in our own consciousness. If we can see it in our mind, we can hold
it in our hand. We don’t want to just let it go. Let’s realize if we can see it in our mind
we can hold it in our hand. “There” is where I want to go. “There” is a place! This is real. This isn’t just some fancy idea. That’s why Von Braun told Kennedy, President
Kennedy, it would take the will to do it; the ability to focus on that idea, to stick
to your knitting, as I say. Focus on that idea to the exclusion of all
the other nonsense that’s coming at you. Don’t pay any attention to the people who
tell you why you can’t. You’ve got to stay focused. The moment your belief matches with any state
you fuse with it, that’s a state there. Now you see, if you don’t believe it you let
it go. However, the moment your belief matches with
any state, you fuse with it, this union results in the activation and protection of plots,
plans, conditions and circumstance. All kinds of things start to happen in our
life when we fuse with that idea. Do you remember when you made the decision
to do the Dagi Academy? All the crazy things that started to happen
for you when you made the decision? That didn’t happen before that. Some of you, to get here, when you made a
decision to get here, all kinds of things started to happen – and you’re here. We’ve got to start to understand this. The moment your belief matches with any state
— Well, how do we start to believe in it? Well we’ve got to understand that when we
see something it’s not just something. It’s a place! “There” is a place. It’s a frequency. When we get on that frequency, all kinds of
things start to happen. This new state of conscious awareness becomes
our home from which we view the world. Act like the person you want to become. William James called it the actor’s technique. “Act like you’re already there”. It’s your workshop and if you’re observant
you’ll see outer reality shaping itself upon the model of your imagination. This is so powerful. You’re a creative being. How did he create that illusion? In his mind. When you move onto a higher frequency, you’re
going to be communicating with a world that’s totally foreign to and beyond the reach of
your five senses. Now until we start studying this, we go by
what we hear, see, smell, taste and touch. We’ve got to get away from that. We really have to start to understand. When you move onto a higher frequency, that’s
when you start using your higher faculties. You don’t go by what you hear, see, smell,
taste and touch. You go by what you can see in your mind and
nobody else can see. Now “there” is a place. Steve Jobs made it very clear. He said “You cannot connect the dots looking
forward. You can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust the dots will somehow
connect in the future.” You have got to know that you can go there
– and when you start, everything will start to happen for you and one thing after another
will start to happen and pretty soon you find yourself there. It’s done. And when you get there, you’re going to start
to become aware that you could have gone “there”. Isn’t that a bitch? It’s interesting, isn’t it? When you get there, you’ll realize you could
have gone “there”. You’ve got to control the flow of the thought
energy. You’ve got to let it flow freely. You can’t entertain a lot of doubt and worry. It won’t work. Okay? To move to a considerably higher frequency
of thought, you must first consent. It’s got to be your decision. Then you’ve got to adapt to the ideas and
feelings this new frequency represents. So you see, it’s not good enough just to read
it in the book or listen to me talk about it. This is where you’ve got to do it. “The future must become the present in the
imagination of the one who would wisely and consciously create circumstance. We must translate vision into being, thinking
of into thinking from. Imagination must center itself upon some state
and then view the world from that state”. That’s what we’re talking about here. To move to a higher frequency, you’ve got
to consent. In other words, your decision. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take you there. Only you can go there. Then you have to adapt to the ideas and feelings
the new frequency represents. Then you’re operating from intuition. You’re not operating from what you can see
with your eyes because it’s not manifested yet. At the suggestion of a move though, your paradigm
is instantly going to put up a royal battle. All hell is going to break loose inside and
will continually fight you. You must take conscious control over the paradigm,
remove and replace it. You see, when this crazy feeling takes over
inside you’ve got to understand what is taking over. You’ve got to understand what’s causing you
the problem and you have to take control. You cannot let the paradigm control you. That’s where that feeling inside; it starts
to create doubt. It starts to create fear and all kinds of
nonsense. You’ve got to understand. It’s like a person inside that’s against you. That’s really what it’s like. It’s like a person that’s inside talking to
you and it’s against you. It’s a program, it’s a paradigm and it talks
to your consciousness when you’re alone, when you’re lying in bed or getting up in the morning
or maybe when you’re standing in the shower – and it’s telling you why you can’t do it. You don’t have the money. You don’t know how. You’re never going to get somebody to believe
in this! All of those ideas are going to flow into
your mind! That’s what the paradigm does to you. You’re going to ask yourself – what do you
really want to do? When you go ahead
and you look at that space or look at what it is you want, we refer to that as a C-type
goal. It’s a goal that you don’t know how to get
there. Now, what you do — This is what I want you
to talk about for the next 10-15 minutes. I want you to share with the group what do
you do to attempt to keep that C-type goal in your mind as if in present tense with all
the nonsense going on around you, with the problems that you’re facing. It may be the lack of money or the loved ones
telling you you’re crazy, you’re wasting your time, “Get a job!” What do you do? That’s what I want you talk about. I want you to talk about strategies that you
can follow that will help you maintain the strength and the will to keep going towards
that one thing. Now I have been doing this for a long enough
period of time to know that every one of us gets doubts and we start to question whether
we can ever do this or not, because you’re going to run into real tough times. If your goal is big enough, the problems are
going to be big and so you’ve got to keep going. When you make the commitment, when it’s not
just something you hope can happen, something you wish could happen… when you make a commitment,
you don’t do it if it’s convenient. You do it regardless.

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