Hacking wallet :) Bitcoin Deaf

This is a BITOMAT. I want to deposit [buy BTC] for 20 PLN. Value bought above 0.0005113 BTC. Bitomat asks me to provide its wallet address. Wallet is [BLOCKCHAIN] I clicked [Request] it means withdraw to my wallet. QRCode downloaded my wallet address and displayed my wallet on the screen. I clicked [send to this address]. I set the fee to be PLN 0.24 or a penny. Because I have up to 5 hours to pick up. If I want 15 minutes faster, the fee is 5 PLN. Thank you for your attention. Enter the BLOCKCHAIN application. Log in and click at the bottom “I cannot access my camera”. Enter the wallet ID number. Just copy from email. Then enter the secret password that was previously registered. You must confirm via email to be logged in. Don’t turn off the app. Open application. You can see $ 5 on the account. The BTC value is 0.00053114 You can see the green bar, which I deposited in BITOMAT for 20 PLN. So worth $ 5. Description: Hacking. I would like you to hack me (rob me :)) Then you see “Send” that means send BTC. [Request] it means withdraw to my wallet. Copy address for example. Paste any address. The BTC value is 0.0003, not enough. Should be 0.0005 is $ 4.6. The transaction fee is $ 0.06 is like pennies or PLN 0.20. Continue and send. “Back up” Write 1 to 12 words on a piece of paper. You will then have to repeat the key words to remind you to sync. Repetition of the fourth word [curve]. Repeat second word [member]. Repetition of the ninth word [lazy]. If you enter it correctly, please “Verify” Backup created. Exit the “X” page and that’s it. Write on the card is IMPORTANT for the future !!! Log out applications. “Forget the wallet” Wallet has been lost 🙁 At the bottom is the description “RECOVER MEASURES”. Enter any E-mail address. Invent your password. Enter 12 words from the key in each separate space. There was a double space that I took back one unnecessary space. Click “Done” Create your PIN. Lol you can see that I regained my market value BTC. I have a value of $ 5, so that was it. It’s easy. It’s not that hard. Try hacking my backup key: D See what it looks like. Remember Futurenet [FAP], how popular was the deaf. It was a pleasure clicking ads and money was rising. It is known that the company has already gone bankrupt and insolvent. It was a scam !! Then “OMEGABEST” deaf little promotes (small group), but no matter. You can see that it falls. Does not pay BTC. Look at opinions from people through the forum what they write. Check what they write about and it’s worth knowing and talking to people. Compare: fraud or real? Similar another promoting deaf “SELFMAKER” Earlier deaf people bought at a lower price [pre-sale] and now they sell over $ 200 or more. It is very possible that the matchstick will only get BITCOIN from people !!! Because BITCOIN has become a popular world market. I DON’T TRUST IT !!!! Symbol Bitcoin: ₿

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