[ HD ] Generic Silver Round Morgan Dollar Design – VS – Dime

* * To turn off my comments, disable the Captions (CC) * * Hello everyone. We’re going to examine another generic round today. It’s struck proof-like, even the centrepiece has frosted appearance. The rim is imperfect. I think the cheek portion is raised too high,
leaving no room to sculp better 3D depth effect for the hair .. The field isn’t perfect. But, only few and minor .. Let’s see the obverse .. The centrepiece has better depth definition .. The lettering could be a tiny bit smaller.
But, no big deal .. This side fares better .. Overall, this is a decent copy of the original .. I give the copy job and the design 6/10 score and the round’s condition a 6.5/10 score. Cya in the next video.


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