Heavenly Currency 💴 – Pastor Martin

welcome to hungry gen and don’t forget to
subscribe. the topic on my message today is gonna be the heavenly currency
somebody say heavenly currency. yes heaven does have a currency and it
is faith. somebody say faith is the heavenly currency. we have to understand
that with our faith we’re able to receive answers from God. Jesus says it
is only faith that pleases him so when we come to God we believe in what God
says through his word and by his Spirit amen.
so when we come to God we must come to God in faith believing he will do what
he said in his word. we have to understand that God’s thoughts
towards us is more than sand on the seashore. whatever he wants for our life
is more than what we want for our lives God says he knows the thoughts of the heart, he
knows the desires of our heart so he knows better than what we know for
ourselves. so when we come to God it’s not like God give me just a little bit
cuz it’s like I know what you want and I want you to have it
more than you want it yourself. did you guys ever want to help somebody to like
get help them to get out of a bad relationships or get out of debt and you
want to help them more than they wanted themselves? you guys never tried to do
that to somebody? at the end of the day they’re like man you’re trying to steal
my girl. I’m like I’m just trying to help you. that’s how God is. many times
we feel like when we come to God we’re like God you’re trying to take my fun,
you’re you’re boring. God’s like I want you to have fun. I want you to have joy. I
want you to be happy. I want to take your depression, I want to take your sickness
and you look at me as I’m the bad guy with faith that’s how it is. when we come
to God with faith God says I know what you want, I know your destiny, I know your
desires. when you come to me come to me by my word and through his Spirit amen
Church! and when I read through the scripture it says in Romans 12:2 it says
this. it is a famous scripture that says do not
be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
our life is a result of our mind. our life is a result of our faith, our belief,
what we believe in our lives that’s what we’re going to receive. why are neighbors
sometimes has more than we do is because they put a demand on God more than we
did. it is the same person, the same mind you know faith is the same faith,
could be a little bit bigger or it could be smaller but it’s the same request we
put on God to receive the answers that we have amen church. I’m going to give you an
example. there’s a there’s a $100 bill and there’s a dollar bill right so both
of these are in the same paper, they have somewhat of a similar ink but with one
you get much more than with the other correct?
same thing with faith. with your faith you can either request of God for a
hundred dollars or you can request from God for a dollar but the thing is up to
you how much you request. for some people a dollars is a lot which is it is a lot
you can get yourself a cheeseburger right? you can get yourself come on! and
get yourself a dollar drink whatever it may be and with a hundred dollars it’s
also to some people is a lot and you can just with the hundred buy so much. for my
wife is just one second and its gone. nevertheless it’s how much of that do
you put on God. Amazon is green pastures and still waters for some of the girls
come on somebody. it’s like God let give me the access and I’ll prove to you I’m
faithful. and that’s just what faith is. how much demand do you put on God to
receive what he wants for you. if his thoughts are much greater than us than
our thoughts towards our self, towards our life, towards our marriage, towards our
health, towards our future. doesn’t it just make sense to align our thinking
and our mind to his word. does it just makes more
sense for us to think like God thinks because when we think like God thinks
we’ll be able to receive the answers that God has for our lives. see we have
to understand many times what we want is we don’t know what we want. isn’t that true
sometimes? you’re like you want that thing you get in you’re like man this
thing sucks. why did I even get it but God knows the desires of our hearts so
when we get what God wants us to get for the reason that God wants us to get
it we will have peace, will have content it will be happy with it. so it just
makes so much more sense to be able to align our thinking, our mindset and our
faith to what God wants through his word and by his spirit and then we’ll be able
to live a life that God has destined for us to have in Jesus name Amen Church!
faith is the heavenly currency. faith is the visions and dreams that we give God
every day and we begin to inquire and we begin to walk with God and we get to ask
God I believe that you can use in my life to be an influence in my generation.
God I believe that through my hands even though nobody in the past in my family
ever healed the sick, that believe that through your word you said through my
hands I will lay on the sick and they will recover. that’s the demand you put on God.
your hand could be used to steal, to lie, to kill, to hurt somebody or it can use
to heal the sick. its just how much faith do you have in God to use your hands. how
much faith in you having God to use your mouth, to spread the gospel or to spread
lies, to spread gossip, to spread rumors you put the demand on God on what you
have and sometimes we see people in the world being used by God so much and we
say oh that guy is lucky no it is not luck it is not skill it is not talent it
is just they came to God and said God you said it in your word and I’m standing on
your word. my circumstances change, my thoughts changed,
everything around me changes but you said in your word that heaven and earth
passes away but your word stays the same and your word never changes come on
somebody. I want you to get out of this this message is that your circumstances
are not as important as the state of your mind. the faith that you have inside
of you is more important than what you’re facing around you on a daily
basis and God wants us before he does anything in our lives God first wants to
change us and our mind before he changes our circumstances. God does not want to
change your circumstances before he changes your mind and your faith because
he changes your circumstances and you’re not changed you’ll go back right into
what you had. it is it is proven. you give a poor you give a poor person a lot of
money he’ll sooner or later you go back to being poor. you take a drug addict out
of his out of his society, out of his friends and all these things but he’s
not delivered, sooner or later he’ll go back into that thing. if his mind is not
changed, if his habits are not changed sooner or later he’ll end up exactly into
that and God knows that he needs to affect our mind needs to affect our
faith on our daily basis because if he changes that it’s just a matter of time.
your circumstances will catch up to the level of your mind, to the level of your
faith. ask your neighbor how much demand do you put on God? ask your other
neighbor what is your heavenly currency? is that
a dollar bill or is it a hundred? God on purpose create circumstances to shape
our mind and to shape our faith. on purpose. we have to understand that some
of us we face unfortunate situations and and you know I don’t have the answer why,
how and why this person do it or why that or that but God on purpose shapes
circumstances to build your faith and to prepare you into the blessing that God
wants to give you the blessing that God has many times
comes with responsibilities and it comes with weights, just like any
structure the higher you go the bigger the foundation has to be. God has so many
great futures, so much great destinies inside of us that is that is locked
within us but God says I want to prepare your mind, I want to prepare your faith
in order for you to go there. I want your character to be built so you can handle
the blessing and that blessing does not turn into a curse. you know I’ve seen
so many times where people receive a blessing in their life and they get so
stressed out because they can’t pay bills. they get so stressed out with
business because there’s so much weight on them and then turns out that God
had a blessing for them but for them that blessing became a curse because
their mind and their faith weren’t ready to receive it. how many times we’ve
seen a relationship break, marriage fall apart why? because marriage in itself
it’s a beautiful thing, it’s a blessing from God but if you’re not prepared for
it it can’t break you under the pressure of temptation, under the pressure of I
need to say sorry, under the pressure I need to leave my friends to spend time
with her or him, under the pressure of oh you’re always asking this oh it’s always
about you it could break if you are not ready. if your faith is not built up to a
place where God says now you’re ready to receive a blessing that blessing can
hinder us in our walk with God amen church! many times I see people you know
going from church to church, you know going from relationship to relationship
going from place to place and they begin to escape the circumstance that is preparing them for
the next level. we have to understand just like Joseph he could have not
skipped the dry pit because dry pit was a necessary lesson for him to encounter
the throne. many times we just want the throne. we’re like God you have a great
destiny, I’m gonna heal the sick, I’m gonna do this, this and God’s like chill. I
got a dry pit waiting for you you know you do the talking there you know.
God’s like you know I got I got that mean boss in your life that you need to
learn how to submit, the pastor the parents that you think are so bad. I need
you to learn to submit to them why? because the place where you are going to
is a slippery place, it’s a high place where you cannot afford to make a
mistake come on! we have to understand that the trials
are the soil in which man’s faith flourishes. it’s at the soil it’s
something that God wants for you. it’s not that God hates you. God just wants to
prepare you for it you know I have a son and he loves to
drive a car. every time I come home he wants to get in behind the wheel and
just once he like yeah where’s the pedal. he can’t reach the
pedal so he looks up over the thing and then he just slips down and just slams
on the brake and we’re going like five miles an hour but I can’t give him a car
why? I love him, I love him so much I can’t give him a car. same thing with God
we’re like God I want it right now. God’s like I wait for the time I want to
prepare you that once you get the car you’ll be able to handle the car the
insurance, the gas. every time you hit the curb you’re gonna have to buy
yourself a tire because that’s how it works in real life. daddy can’t pay all
the bills and and that’s what it is certain blessings we’re like man I just
want to be there, I wanna I want to preach you know I want to heal the sick,
I want to have a great business, I want to just be married already. you know why
is God taking me through all these relationships, give me marriage already.
God’s like you don’t know what you’re asking yet, certain answers are being
delayed, certain answers are not you know coming for us right now because God says
there’s a dry pit, there’s a slavery there’s Potiphar’s house, there’s a jail
that’s still waiting. when you do get to your palace
and your throne you’re ready to handle it and you don’t lose it Amen church! we
have to see God as a good father. you know having children right now you know
you realize there’s certain things you just can’t give to your kids because you
love him so much after he stuffed down the fifth candy
he says dad more chocolate. I’m like no more chocolate. your tummies gonna hurt
I’m gonna have to wipe your diapers out two in the morning because your diarrhea.
there’s certain things that you can’t have because as a good father you’ve
learned to love them, you learn to understand that there’s a timing for
everything. we do not understand certain times that the timing that we’re in is
just a preparation but we already wanted to be our destination.
don’t mix those two up. destination and preparation are two different things.
there’s certain things that take time have you ever seen videos where guys like
I’m gonna life these two pounds two forty five to two plates and they get on
thing everything crushes their chests.
they didn’t prepare properly lets just say you know that’s how it is. many times we
take down that weight and we’ll like I’m gonna do this and God’s like
you gonna hurt yourself. but i’m like god you’re mean. you know supposed to give me
an answer already and then and then crushes us and it hurts us and God says
you know I’m still here, I’ll still accept you, I’m still gonna help you. I’m
just gonna still gonna go forward. don’t misinterpret whatever is your
preparation with your destination amen Church!
number two is that renewing your mind is a process. it takes time. it takes time
it’s it’s never a quick a mindset is not built in a day, it’s not built
in two. it takes time to be able to build that faith
mindset to receive from God. many people feel like man all these years I’m
running around with doubts, with fear, with anxiety and all sudden I come to
church, I have faith and bam God God give it to me and God’s gonna give it you.
No it’s it’s a mindset, it’s a faith of you to daily walk with God that it takes
time for you to get to that place and we have to understand that there’s also
positive faith and there’s negative faith and there’s a difference between
those two because positive faith it stands in the Word of God, negative faith
is the doubts. negative faith is that fear, that anxiety, that gossip, that lying
that cheating, that cutting corners that’s the negative faith. we can do all we
want to build a positive faith but we if we don’t get rid of the negative faith
will begin to drain our life of the things that God has for us. if where’s
Evan? or my bad. I just want to demonstrate demonstrate few things that
demonstrate few things when it comes to positive faith and to negative faith. we
when we have positive faith it’s like this water, smart water come on holy
water. so we can put that down hold this when we build our life we have we’re
building with the positive faith and we fill it up and God wants to take us to a
place where our faith is overflowing and we begin to get answers but the
negative faith is like you know somebody said something against you’re like oh
you know how come they’re saying this and you go around you start gossiping and
negative faith is like this drill. it makes holes. this is a stubborn and it
begins to drain your life of your positive faith. negative faith is like
fear. God said in your word that everything your hand touches will be
blessed but negative faith, can you hold it is that another drill will start draining
your life of the faith that God has for you. it’s that lying. somebody said
something you know how could he said it’s that gossip, it’s those rumors, its the
fear and anxiety God said in his word you’re like well what if God’s not
gonna do well what does this say? you begin to drain your faith from God with
a negative faith. sometimes we’re like why can’t I receive an answer from God?
because you filled your mind with so much negative faith that you don’t have
any faith left. with all the doubt you come to church, you pray O God is good he
is risen. you go home and everything is dead and you’re like well that’s for
just Church. no, God is with you all the time. he goes with you wherever you go.
are you standing with God and you proclaiming or are you just saying that
God I have all these things and there’s this holes in your life that you can’t
get rid of, the bad friends, the bad music the bad movies, the bad influence on your
life, those chimosas you know for I’m saying you know they drain you I don’t even know how I know that word
okay. we’ll have an altar call for them it’s those things that drain your faith
and we each one of us we have that, could be social media where you get filled
get charged with the Word of God. you come home and you start watching all
these things and then all of a sudden your faith that you had believed in God
it begins to be drained and you’re like you begin to question God for everything.
oh if God would have said it he would have done in my life wasn’t not taking
place begin to drain your faith. if we had a powerful message, people get healed.
you come home you have a headache you’re like well you know if God would have
done it he would have done it here you know it’s just you know it’s not for me. you
drain your faith. you come home you see your kids misbehave you see your kids
not coming home you’re like well you know means me and my house we serve the Lord
that’s that’s for that family that’s not my family. you begin to drain your faith
God says this there’s got to be a place where you get rid of those holes. you
close those holes but you only have the positive faith that when you come home
you see a dead situation and you begin to speak to the dry bones to come to
life, become to live you see your marriage and you begin to speak to that
marriage, you see that sickness you begin to you speak to that sickness. there’s
nothing left but positive pain come on somebody! those holes those holes maybe
experiences those holes may be time. what if God doesn’t do it.
it’s already been a year but it’s not happening. you know last time I pray for
a sickness even got worse. those are the holes. the man of faith has nothing else
but God’s Word. what God’s Word said is true and I believe in nothing otherwise.
some people like why are you so positive all time why do you still believe it why? because
negative faith doesn’t do me any good negative faith only robs me, doubt only
steals my joy, it steals my comfort, it steals my peace. it takes a cup half full
and makes it says it’s half empty. I don’t want that kind of faith.
I want the faith that says with God all things are possible that if you believe
it with Jesus name it will take place in your life don’t base your faith on the results of
your prayer. your faith cannot be based on if I pray today and it doesn’t happen
tomorrow that means that my faith is useless. you
have to base your faith and he is my healer whether he heals me or not
he is my deliverer whether he delivers me or not he is my blessing provider
whether I see the blessing now or later this is what God says and it’s true
someone! as we talked about that it takes time, it’s consistency and perseverance
that really makes, you can take your seats sorry man
consistency and perseverance is the key when it comes to building a mindset
and building your faith. it’s not just there’s some times where we come to
God and we ask for something and we get it right away and it’s awesome.
I love those stories. the people come to God, they ask for healing and it
takes place right away. for some other people it takes days. other people it
takes weeks, some people it takes months there’s some people who’ve been praying
for their marriage for years but it’s it’s that faith that says that’s
consistent and that perseverance all the time. you know God God is
consistency himself. God says you know I was faithful to Abraham, I was faithful
to Joseph, I was a faithful to Abraham to Isaac. I’ll be the faithful for you. I
never changed. I was always the saying if I said it I will do it. I’m not gonna
change with you. if you pray it today I’m not gonna go back on my word. I said it
and I will do it. and it’s that consistency, that coming every time to
home group, coming to life group, coming to Sunday service to Wednesday service
and just being consistent with God and saying God you said in your word I believe it that
you said in your word and I’m putting the demand on your anointing for my life.
don’t give up on God when things don’t seem right. don’t begin to lose your
faith when when you pray for a job but you lost you know that promotion that
you were supposed to promote you and you actually lost the job. don’t give up on God.
keep your faith that he is my provider you know when you feel like you know
that you’re sick in your body and there’s evidence of pain
begin to look at God as God you’re my healer because sooner or later your
circumstances will line up to the level of your faith and your thoughts amen
Church! you can’t go with your feet where your mind and your faith hasn’t been or
else that place will crush you. you have to have your faith go to that place it
has to be there. many times people are like oh how did you get to that place? I
was in this place already a year ago with my faith and with my mind. I was
ready you know as the church we were in this place years and years and years
back were proclaiming that this place was gonna be filled so you are a result
today of the faith and the mindset that we had years in the past. you have to
have a mind that is not in your current it’s not where you’re at. it has to be
years ahead of saying God I know the place that you’re taking me. I know the
destiny that you have for me and it’s not here and it’s not now but there’s a
place where Jesus will shine through me. there’s a place where his power will
work through my hands, where His anointing will come out of my mouth and heal the
sick. my marriage is gonna be restored, my kids will serve God, there’s gonna be a
place there. don’t settle your faith in your circumstances and your surroundings.
let your faith, let your feet and your mind and your faith go to a place where God
has promised for you. that is a place that God has for each one of us, for each
one of us is different. maybe a career, maybe a business, maybe it would be a
relationship that you know that you never seen take place in your family.
maybe it could be a have a healthy body because everybody in your family dies
prematurely out of a sickness. maybe it would be just to graduate college.
whatever it may be God has a destiny. he says you need me in order for you to get to
that destiny. you can’t do it by yourself and God cannot do it by himself. he needs
you and we need him as much as we work with God we also need to pray with God.
we have to say God I believe that you’re gonna take me there, without you I am
nothing you hold the breath in your hands God
you are my everything, I cannot do it without you and God says I’ll take you
there. you might be in your dry pit but remember there’s a balance coming. you
might be in that in that jail where you’re falsely accused and you feel
like everything is just wrong. if God would whisper with me where are you now?
God says you’re just one step closer to your palace, into your throne amen someone!
and the last one is the Holy Spirit will build with what you give him.
he’ll only build with what you give him. he cannot build with nothing. he has to
build with your faith and Pablo can you come? you can either give God a teaspoon
and just looks like a more of a teaspoon or you can give him a shovel. can you
pick that up? this looks like a serious spoon. it’s the choice is yours
as what you give the Holy Spirit. he will still build with something. you can
either build with doubt and you will get doubt in your life. you can either build
with faith saying God I believe that you can do it and God says all right let’s
build that. you know building is not a quick process. building takes time and you can
either come to God which is fine if you if you start off with the spoon it’s
just no problem. each one of us we start with that but don’t end it there. my
point to you is it’s how much demand do you want to put on God because God says
all of heaven and all my power is available to you. how much can you
believe that I will do for you? some of us we’re not satisfied with the
shovel, we want a truckload and God said it’s fine because I already died for
that, I already pay the price for that what I’m trying to say is your God is a
good God, he’s a good father. there’s never a time that you can come to a good
father and God compares our earthly father the best earthly father you can
possibly think of. he says he’s an evil father in comparison to your heavenly
father. he’s an evil person and when you come to him you can’t just ask God
just give me a little. I just want to survive. God’s like I don’t want you to
survive I want you to thrive. I want you to reach your destiny. I want you to
reach your full potential in your life you can put that down
thank you God will not give you what your neighbor has. he only give you the
things what you give the Holy Spirit to build with. you can’t compare yourself
with your neighbor just you know just cuz your neighbor has
a Toyota and you got a Prius you know it’s fine. your faith might be
different I don’t know just cuz your neighbor has a green grass and yours is
just rocky don’t compare your chapter one with somebody’s chapter 20. don’t
compare chapter ten with somebody’s chapter five. God has different destinies
for every single person and you just have to understand you’ve run your own
race and you have to say God this is between you and I. you know that God is
using someone else to preach and I you’re like oh I was here for five years
and I didn’t get it. no run your own race. ask God God what is it that you
want me to do because what you want me to do that’s what exactly I want to do. I
just don’t know it yet. might not be the thing right now but that thing right now
will lead you to the place where God wants it to be. Joseph was in his dry
pit maybe he was at Potiphar’s house and he’s like man I already
reached it and God’s like not yet. so don’t don’t compare
what you have right now and say so God is this all because God says until I see you
face-to-face I’m not done with you yet I’m not done with you yet. I have so much
more for you in store that you can ever imagine.
what we give Holy Spirit he uses that to build and bring forth in our lives.
there are answers that God gives for a teaspoon which is fine. sometimes we come
to God and we ask him for small things and there’s nothing wrong with that. there’s
answers also for a shovel. God when we come to God with a shovel we put and God
says I believe I believe I believe and God says I will do for you. it just
depends on how much of that you give to God. what I want to challenge every
single person is this morning is that God is a good God. you can’t see God in
the bad light that man he always wants to take my Sunday two hours and you know
if the time goes over a little bit man they robbed me. guys like I want to
prepare you, I want to set you up, I want to put you in a place where your
faith is at a place where you receive blessings from God and Jesus shines
forth through you what do you put demand on God
this morning? what are you believing God He can do
for you? are you just settling for God to be your you know 9:00 to 11:00 on
Sunday morning or you believe actually that God will give you power to do what
you do because it’s only through Holy Spirit that he’ll make you do better
than your best. you think you’re good but with Holy Spirit you’re super
good. you think that you’re arrived but until you experience the power that will
flow through you through the Holy Spirit you haven’t reached anything yet. with
the Holy Spirit you will live the best life, with God you’ll have the best
marriage, the best family, the best business whatever it may be, only with God
your able to do that, Amen church! thank you for watching this
content I hope this was a blessing to you. if you’re like me and you like to
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