Heights Platform How-To on AppSumo

Have you *dreamed* of monetizing your hard-earned
knowledge through teaching others, but know that throwing a few videos on a WordPress
site just isn’t valuable or professional enough to sell? Well, get ready to dust off your metaphorical
chalkboard and prepare to receive lots of apples from suck-up students, because we have
an online course game-changer comin’ at you in today’s product showcase. What is up, Professor Sumo-ling? It’s your girl Chrystie from AppSumo, and
today I want to *teach* you about Heights Platform, an all-in-one online course creation
software that helps you build and sell courses and digital products in your own branded learning
program, without the help of developers or instructional designers. Let’s get into how it works. When a course creator logs in, you’ll be
taken to your dashboard, which breaks down all the numbers regarding your program into
helpful graphs and charts. But before all that happens—you have to
build your program! You can customize the branding and appearance
of your program in the Account Settings. Here you’ll give your program a name, select
the color theme, and enable which parts of Heights Platform you wish to use. Heights Platform is geared toward your success
AND the success of your customers, so they’ve included a community discussion forum and
projects for students to complete after finishing their course. These options can be toggled on and off, so
your program can grow as you do! Alright, let’s build your first course. First up: lesson planning! We’ll start with a Climb Outline, where
you can sketch out an outline for your program. Easily drag and drop the courses, and visualize
the customer’s journey from registration to completion. Once you have an outline, you’re ready to
create the content for your lessons. Head over to the Lesson Editor, where you
can add text, files to download, videos, assignments, and even images using the Unsplash integration. You won’t need a developer or coding knowledge
to do this! Here’s what a course looks like once it’s
finished. Super legit, right? Heights Platform helps you keep your customers
engaged throughout the learning process, so soon they can put their knowledge to real-world
use. Plus! Heights Platform includes gamification, so
you can award badges and points to your students when they complete assignments and courses. Head over to your Badge List for a variety
of badges, and the capability to create your own! Alright, ready to start charging for your
smarts? Head over to your payment settings, where
you can connect Stripe, select a currency, and set up your installment and subscription
plans. You can also sell digital downloads as add-ons! The possibilities are endless! Start sharing your knowledge today by clicking
the link below, and help your customers soar with Heights Platform.

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