HoC Presents: Welcome To Crypto – Episode 1 feat. The Crypto Analyst

Alright, what’s up guys?
It’s sparks your hyped on crypto bring you another great video and today we have Brandon here over with the crypto analyst
Brand over on YouTube
And we’re going to go through some some questions today talking about how we got into crypto currency
and all the exciting things new with doing a crypto so tell us a little bit about
About the crypto analyst Channel Brandon. What do you do over there and worse than the things you have focus on
two months ago
And I just try to cover pretty much all ends of the community aspect as well as just kind of teaching inform people
And that they can really come to the channel and knew that they’re going to get quality content
That’s not pumped or thud or you know
I’m not gonna make sure that these guys don’t know and you know by themselves into something that they don’t believe in and I
Really, just want to educate them so that they are when they buy into crypto currency that they know why?
necessarily what they’re buying into besides just blindly blaming so
It sounds like a lot of things you focus on the order over at the crypto analyst is like keeping your crypto
Crypto currency integral and avoiding some of the things and you know other channels may may promote them
I have a negative connotation with crypto currencies so
Yeah, absolutely so what we’re going to do today is we’re gonna go over some some things that got you into cryptocurrency
What gets you hyped on cryptocurrency and kind of share your side of?
Being inside this incredible niche and some of the awesome things as taught you some of the things you’ve taken away from it
as well as
Giving giving the viewers an insight to the crypto analysts, and you know some of the personal
Takes and spin something so I got a couple questions for you, and if you’re ready. Let’s get started man
What was the first a speculative coin you got into and you know an altcoin if you will?
Yeah, the first all coin. I got into was actually XRP
I remember seeing a lot about it or reading about it and someone showed it to me
Because for a while all I really did all I really worked with was Bitcoin
But I’m a business major myself so hearing about how they could change
transaction times
From three or five business days to a matter of seconds kind of interests me as some as a man of business and so
That’s what kind of got me intrigued and I decided to throw some money
Yeah, ripple ripple was definitely intriguing to me. It was probably in the top talked to you. I purchased next question
I have here when did you get into crypto and why?
Yes, it’s actually kind of a crazy story it goes all the way back to 2002 the end of 2011
when I was still in high school and I
Was in a class called contemporary issues and basically what we had to do is we were tasked with finding new upcoming
Events that were going to be potentially huge and doing reports on them and then making a PowerPoint and presenting
You know the presentation in front of a group of people and so on today in the later part of 2011 I stumbled across
something called a Bitcoin, and it was just under $2 I think and
You know I was like man. This is crazy
This is a you know a center a decentralized currency that can be used anywhere at the same price
You know you don’t have to go and translate
You know your US dollar to you know whatever you know again?
Or a grivna or a euro or any of these other things that it really intrigued me and so
after reading about it, and how it worked I decided to do a presentation on it in 2011 and
Everyone laughed at me now. This is one of these things are presented. I presented it from this entire group and
everyone including the teacher
Treated it as a joke and you know as it wasn’t really like this real presentation
they’re like alright someone who is like a news story going up there next and
It was you know it was pretty discouraging and you know someone in high school at the time
I saw personally being under 18 I could not buy into cryptocurrencies, and he really diminished my drive for cryptocurrency
And to really get in at that time again
I saw this thing is over one day you over one US dollar already and so
I thought that was insane
And you know seeing that it has already risen to nearly double the price of a US dollar
I was like man this thing’s crazy it had a great run good for the people who invested in something like this
You know it’s already worth so much. It’s already worth twice the USD and so I ended up doing a report on it later
That same school year in 2012 and seeing it break $2. I was like man. This thing is just incredible
it’s huge right now and
Again everyone made fun of me and so that kind of like you know people beat the idea
In my head that this would ever be a thing and they’re like this is
As far as it’ll ever go and these peers and these teachers that I looked up to you know they
You know saw it as a joke because many people did in 2012 and you know
That’s really how I?
got myself into cryptocurrency use all the Bitcoin starting 2011 2012 doing to the two different reports on them and
Kind of getting the entire idea of ever even having the opportunity beaten out of my head
And mocked the entire time so I kind of leaned back from the crypto space for a couple years
Um you know kept my eye on it
But it did really didn’t get brought to my attention or at least not heavily again until around 2016 and then heavily in
2017 where my brother said he was wanting to start investing in it and by this time I kind of joined the bandwagon up you
Know come on this thing’s a joke now, and he’s like man
No, but it’s going up so far, and it’s it’s incredible and it’s growing at all and I was like you know well
What do you mean and so?
I eventually you know I was like well. How much could it be worth now. You know what is it like a dollar fifty?
He goes why he goes it’s worth. It’s a couple thousand dollars and I kinda
I just I don’t even know what to say um I
was blown away by it and
You know that really I think sparks my interest in treating them. You know now I come back and there’s over a thousand altcoins and
The entire space is you know growing you know we’re taking a little bit more seriously, now aren’t we?
Yeah, oh, yeah, absolutely. You know I go back to these people who laughed at me and myself personally you know
I’m you know. It’s a whole lot more serious of a matter now
And you know seeing that this thing that I should have invested in but I let peer pressure get to me
You know is that’s now worth a couple thousand dollars
You know it’s something that you know I beat myself over the head for you know yeah
I beat up on myself for you know listening peer pressure, and I think that’s you know a horrible
Reason is you know listening to that stuff, but you know it’s something you know
I should have you know believed in myself for believing in this product. You know that I that I worked multiple reports on
And you know I’m feeling the repercussions of that
So the next question is what has you most hyped on crypto?
Yeah, I’d say the thing that has me most height is looking at how new I would say how the current is still in its
Infancy here, and how a lot of these all coins are as well
You know look at Bitcoin. I think it’s almost 10 years old now and
You know a lot of these alt coins are only three four around that area
Maybe even less for for others
And so I’m excited to see where these all coins are gonna go within the next kid ten years
And so we see the Bitcoin you know me saying you know I was astounded from it going from one dollar to you know
All the way up to almost
$20,000 I’m excited to see what some of these all coins are gonna do in ten years
And I’m sure I’m gonna be looking at them
Some of them were started three years ago and looking at them seven years in the future
and I’m just gonna be blown away by how much they are and they’re gonna look a
Whole lot more expensive than they are right now
And so I’m just you know I’m excited to see the progress that these that all the coins bring to the table to help blockchain
Just as you know really just the whole bundle
I don’t mean. I’m really excited to see just how much how much this can just change the world and just
Revolutionize, you know the Internet as we see it and know it
Yeah for sure man
You’re right there that you know we’re very very much still in the infancy for a cryptocurrency yeah
Okay so kind of in the same vein of that question it is
Cryptocurrency projects you’re excited for so either upcoming ones or existing ones that have like
expanded on their use case
Yeah, I think
for the most part
I don’t dive too much into I see use but correct
Current cryptocurrencies that I’m really looking forward to see where they’re gonna go and what they’re gonna do with them
You know this year in the next couple years me. I have six main ones. I’m just really excited for
Because you know XR ki is one of those I’m really excited to see how they’re gonna handle the future
and especially because
It’s been a unique because since this bear market started. They have just been pumping out news about
collaborations and partnerships and
You know everything of that nature
They’ve been pumping them out nearly every single week
and so it’s I’m interested to see where they’re gonna go into the future here, and so I’m
Super excited for XRP. I’m also really excited about iOS Pradhan. Oh
You know the binding it’s coin
And how that relates to finance because I think clients gonna be a huge part of the future of cryptocurrency
In just how the exchange works and how much it brings to the table
Especially if they’re going to be adding fiat which is another possibility
happening here within the next year so so a
Couple of these coins that you know I think they’re gonna be great come you know come to testify
next question
Long-term holds and why
Little bit
I think for me long-term holes are going to be how many years in the future are we talking like 10 15?
Wow those are some serious long-term holds, I would say anything over
Eight months would probably warrant a long hold just based on how volatile cryptocurrency is so anything you’re planning on holding for
for a larger than 8 months I
Think for me there’s long term holds are probably gonna come down to
Probably XRP probably XRP Cardno
EOS and that’s probably am buying a coin. I can’t forget about those those are gonna
be my 4 if I had to pick for long-term holds to hold to be able to keep my portfolio diversify I
would keep it between those four I
Think again all those have great potential coming into the new year
And I think come next December January these coins are going to be
wildly wildly
Successful and not only is our price going to be changed because you know price fluctuates all the time
But I think their progress that they’re gonna establish, then these next eight months are gonna. Just be huge
All right, so we have a few more questions here, Brandon
You need a swing or long-term trade
Um for the part, I try to avoid day trading. It’s nothing gets it personally, but I
Find myself I guess better at long-term holding or swing trading
Again, I wish I knew more about day trading because you know I’d love to be able to utilize it
but I try to stick to my strengths which is more so on the side of swing trading and
Long-term holding
Next question tools that you use to trade so tradingview energy
Are you an Excel?
guru or do you you look utilize any tools that help you trade or make you more efficient at your at your trading
I like to know what’s happening in their community right now
So I think you know news obviously placed a pretty big part in almost every single cryptocurrency out there
So I like the state you know partek
You know every single day one of the things I do is check you know typing cryptic currency and go through the entire
Newsfeed at least a couple pages worth and for the coin specifically that I’m invested in look what’s happening with them
You know is something good going to be coming towards the future
You know is anything bad could anything bad happen
And so I like to make sure that you know I’m looking at both the charts and the news and you know and I think
It’s important to follow some of these you know
Some of these people on Twitter like the CEOs at the point that you truly do believe in especially those long-term holds
And yeah, I mean there’s that’s probably my prime area. You know I’m not Excel guru, and my no means in my a professional technical
Analyst, but you know again. I think you know charts at least the fundamentals of technical analysis are super important and
All right last couple questions here
What does crypto mean to you I
Think for your I think crypto
I feel like I cover this a little bit earlier
but crypto currency for me is just this you step towards the future in revolutionizing the
Internet as we know it and I think it’s gonna be way more relevant
Come these these actual working products that we have coming out and so you know
Some of these coins already have active working products like you know like XR key or steam
You know finance what they’re exchange
and I think that’s so cool and to see how much that they’re already going in and having this impact I
Can’t even imagine when you know come ten years right now when almost all of these coins have their active working products out
And they’re all up and running how much we’re gonna see the world change because basically are off right now
We see the couple ones that are out, and you know affecting the world um
It’s just gonna. It’s gonna be revolutionary. You know. It’s not gonna be like anything. We’ve ever seen anymore
It’s gonna be like two Internet 2.0
And it’s gonna be changing people’s lives and Tinian changes in the way people you know no currency
And you know I don’t believe that you know cryptocurrencies gonna be completely taken over. You know every fiat within ten years
But I think you know it’s going to be this gradual process that people are gonna slowly start
becoming more of a reality
And it’s gonna be less of a thing that you walk into a restaurant or you walk into a shop
You know you asked vain crypto
And I don’t think you’re gonna be getting laughed at you know call me ten years from now in fact
You know I think it might not be global adoption, but it’s good not gonna be one of those things
That’s a laughing matter anymore. I think people are gonna
You know slowly start taking it more seriously
And we already see that in you know the past ten years with Bitcoin
So I think the next ten years are going to be even bigger than the ten so far
Yeah, man, it’s it’s exciting. I think that
Markets as a whole are undergoing a change like we’re seeing a shift
Like look at the the products coming out like uber had completely changed how the transportation industry operates
Airbnb has completely changed how?
You know renting you know space and real estate
Operates, Alibaba has completely changed the way that ecommerce
And commerce market commerce as a whole operates, so we’re seeing all these different
Platforms come out that are changing very fundamental way. We think and operate when it comes to
you know
finances purchasing products and
offering goods and services, and I think the idea that you know we continue to utilize a
Store value or utilize a a a hard currency
when all of us know vast majority of us you like you know debit cards
online checking accounts and everything else the mail goes with you know e
Banking the idea that we’re going to continue to utilize this you know outdated form of a wealth storage
I think that’s that’s outlandish. I think that that’s that’s not you know not going to show the progress. We’re making as a society
It’s it’s it’s really exciting. I think cryptocurrency
Is going to to revolutionize the way we do a lot of things but but you know?
being able to interact with you know from vendors to
Consumers. I think is it’s going to going to change so what does crypto mean to you?
Crypto means change to me
That’s what that’s that’s what I hold near and dear to my heart and that that’s what that’s why I interact with every day
Yeah, I completely agree with that a lot of people see change as a bad thing people are scared of change
And in reality you know
This isn’t going to be a bad kind of change at all in the end although
You know change brings us outside of our comfort zone usually you know change is a good thing. You know change happens
And again, it’s just like we’re seeing in the market right now
There’s ups there’s downs, but you know in the end result. You know we’re taking one step at a time towards the future
Yeah, man, it’s exciting so all right Brendan
I just got some wrap-up questions for you, but that that’s all we have so far. Hopefully
Everyone watching found this is entertaining to two to watch as it wants to participate in Brandon last follow-up questions
I have for you are were your favorite aspects of the cryptocurrency community
Yeah, I figured aspects of the cryptic Rosi do you need I?
Love how we’re able to
It’s kind of a funny answer. I guess. I love how we’re able to both stick together, so strongly
And I guess necessarily have each other’s backs
Especially just seeing people fellow trip the holders in the real world and just seeing how hard and how would we stick together?
But at the same time there’s almost these little cliques within so you cryptocurrencies
So you know if you’re a Tron holder versus say
In a theory I’m holder and how those clicks work especially you know some of these altcoins of how?
tight their community gets I think it’s awesome to see how tight their community gets and how
United they they just really form and you just make the bee and you know sometimes you can get hostile sometimes
It’s friendly, but in the end of the day. We’re all crypto holders, and we all have each other’s backs
You know when this stuff comes around. I think and we go through hardship like this
This isn’t cryptocurrency community gets weeded out
And you know the people that are left over or are these people who are ready to band together
And just keep on pushing towards the future and letting people know that this is not something. That’s just going to be another
Another fad. You know it’s not something. This is going to die by the end of the year. You know
This is something to stay and so I think that’s what’s so awesome is that you know people like you and me we are
More persistent because we believe in this and this isn’t something that you
Know while there are people who are in here, and they don’t care. They don’t give a crap about the technology or anything
That’s happening
You know there are a lot of people like me and you that are here, and we believe in the technology
You know and as the price goes up
you know we are able to make money, but we’re here because you know we believe in the change and
In the technology and everything that comes with all that yeah that hands are branded. Yeah
the community is what drives us so – crypto was founded on the principles that it would be by the community for the community because
community is is
Inherent in the very design of cryptocurrency we look at how the entire operation works between miners
investors and just an entire ecosystem cryptocurrency its inherent on this trust platform like if there were no miners cryptocurrency what exist
If there was not a market. It wasn’t a market value for cryptocurrency miners one mining could one has a value so
cryptocurrency and by its very nature is community driven the people who are involved in the people that continue move that passion so
I I just I’d love the ability that how communities can interact with each other
Things are very much
an open platform of information whenever a new coin comes out people are hyped to be able to talk about or if
in a nooner a new miners software comes out or if there’s a new fork on the
Horizon um the idea is to share this information amongst each other
And and I think that’s exciting especially in today’s day and age, where people are so glued to
Less interactivity I think that we’ve become kind of numb to the way like social media platforms work
We post about our lives, but we don’t engage in our lives
But when it comes to cryptocurrency like you’re you’re engaging with people you know we’re here on this call here today because the cryptocurrency
I’m and I connect with you know hundreds of people in the – crypto community on a day to day basis
You know excited about this this niche, but you know just excited to be able to share information
I think that’s the most exciting part about cryptocurrency
the ability for to bring people together so
Well we appreciate the feedback
We’re constantly striving to deliver
The best that we can to the community and you know we’re not without faults ourselves so anytime we get feedback
Especially critical feedback we value the input can that’s just an opportunity for us to be better, so if you guys are interested
And being a part of this this project
we really want one feedback from you guys we want you guys to be able to come on –
Onto the channel and you’ll do an interview with you everyone has different backgrounds different
things that got them hyped hyped on crypto and in general so
We really want to connect with you guys didn’t hear something you guys’s feedback, but
Brandon, thank you so much for your time they I think it was awesome be able to meet with you
I’m excited for you know both the the future of cryptocurrency and some of the future collaborations. We’re going to work on together
Yeah, thank you so much for having me. No it’s been a blast. Hi. I’m Anne well guys. Thank you for joining us today
I hope you
Had as much fun walked in this that we did make it and make sure to stay hyped on crypto


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