How AI helps PayPal improve customer experience

PayPal has 267 million customers, and we are present in over
200 markets around the world. Our mission is to democratize
financial services and provide seamless
way to pay and get paid. When a customer calls
in with the inner issue or struggles that they have experienced and it’s been reported
to our support center, we want to fix that as quickly as we can. Many a times, we tend to react to the most loudest customers,
and here, now we have the data. How many customers is this impacting? Yes, I know, couple of
customers complain about it, but was that specific to
the specific obscure browser they were using, or it
a more broader problem? We are feeding in the data analysis into our alerting systems,
into our monitoring systems to see if there is something going on in our customer experience KPIs that we need to react quickly to. So, the way we leverage AI within PayPal helps address our
customer experience issues to our end users, including
consumers and merchants, so when there is an issue that comes in, we can address them in a far more proactive way, and be able to address that
by working with our engineers. With AI, it’s saving them a lot of time in how they try to spend their energy, effort to learn about the issue. Now they’re putting that saved time towards fixing the issue,
towards improving the issue, and by reducing that number of users experiencing timeout issue,
we are able to improve the number of transactions per customer, and when the customer transact more they’re more likely to stay longer with us because they find the experience seamless, and all of that was a
multimillion dollar impact. As we get more and more
transactions per customer, our customer segments are gonna grow. The more we get out of
managing the data manually, the more we empower the
machine learning and AI to get more sophisticated, the bigger impact we’re
going to make through data. So, we are able to create
better data-informed decisions that can scale and that can address the biggest issues and get the most value for our effort.

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