How Did Kpop Become A Billion Dollar Industry

Kpop or Korean pop is a music genre from South Korea, but there is much more to it than a simple definition Kpop took Korea in the top 10 in the world when it comes to the music market. recent reports claim BTS the biggest group in the world brings in nearly 5 billion dollars for Korea’s economy Just one group Kpop hanks performance sort out stadiums across the world even with a language only a fraction of the world speaks Having the most loyal and dedicated fans I have ever seen K-pop continues to have their biggest year year after year with no end in sight. But how did we get here? How did kpop become a billion-dollar industry? Do you understand how we got here? We need to take a look into the past the beginning of kpop more specifically in the 1990s The 1990s Korean music scene wasn’t what it is today the most popular music at the time was trot music Which I can only explain it as the country music of Korea, that’ll change When a group later dubbed the grandfather’s of kpop was formed Seo Taiji and boys Seo Taiji and boys were formed from the breakup of a metal band called Sinawe.
While Sinawe was metal Seo Taiji and boys went in a totally different route and introduced Korea to hip-hop. While Seo Taiji and boys was heavily inspired by the American hip-hop scene They turned around and made it their own but Seo Taiji and boys debuted they weren’t met with praise Actually, they were met with criticism. This is 1990 Korea We’re talking about I would compare
Seo Taiji and boys beginning sadhana for rock music in America The older previous generation would see this music as deteriorating the minds of the youth Censored for lyrics, criticizing in Korea school systems, societal norms and the government. Yet Seo Taiji and boys were able to succeed by being the highest selling group of their generation with over 8 million albums sold and regarded as legends in Korean music history so the beginning is a k-pop weren’t all bright and cheerful as many know what today but in order to break the chains of Conservative Korea Seo Taiji had to be the first they would pave the way for the first k-pop idol group, which was H.O.T. H.O.T. was the first look at the real vision of a k-pop group Created by Lee Soo-man the founder of SM Entertainment One of the three biggest k-pop companies in Korea H.O.T. had a brighter image than their predecessors producing a more pop sound choreography and catchy songs unlike Seo Taiji and boys, H.O.T. was beloved by the public when they debuted they went on to be quite successful and led to the creation of more first generation k-pop idol groups like G.O.D and S.E.S fast forward to the 2000s and the second generation of k-pop. While the first generation was inspired by American pop the second generation had to create something new and that they did. This is where we see Big Bang, Girls Generation 2ne1, SHINee Wonder Girls, BoA when he asked k-pop fans today what caught them into kpop most will respond with one of these groups. The second generation of k-pop became the most influential and known by many as the the golden era of kpop but the innovation with style and sound of the genre in the first attempt to tackle more than just Korea. BoA would lead these take over in Japan. BoA was a solo artist who was known to do it all dancing singing the looks She was a top Idol even at a young age. Wonder Girls would be the first to break ground in America coming from JYP entertainment Another company from the big three. Wonder Girls would adapt and create an English version of their breakout hit “nobody” Even performing on US television and going on tour with the Jonas Brothers while they were making efforts physically others from making efforts from home the internet and YouTube are an undeniable reason kpop would even make it to people’s ears groups like BIGBANG, 2ne1 and girls generation would have music videos that surpassed millions of views in a day Steam was building up and on the verge of bursting in the form of one song -Oppa Gangnam style- everyone watching has caught wind of a viral video by PSY a solo artist in Korea His new song Gangnam style found overnight success For some reason, people were intrigued by a comedic odd yet catchy song. Most people didn’t know PSY was a singer in Korea for years before Gangnam style He was considered one of the top performers in the country, but no one knew who he was internationally Gangnam style was meant to just be a new song by PSY but it grew out of control becoming the most viewed video on YouTube at the time with 800 million views and out today with over 3 billion views, with this PSY was all over the world radio, TV even New Year’s Eve shows PSY without knowing it opened the first window for kpop with times dying down a A second wave was on the horizon in the form of groups NCT 127, Monsta X, black pink and of course BTS while PSY opened a window BTS kicked down the front door BTS origins were a humble one, coming from BIGHIT entertainment They were practically unknown at debut similarly debuting with a hip-hop style like Seo Taiji but the star BTS was able to explode in Korea with lyrics that spoke to the youth and music that spoke to everyone. BTS would make history as the first k-pop group to attend and be nominated at the Billboard Music Awards in 2019 and then made history the same night as they won social artists of the year BTS would repeat this two more times after this BTS couldn’t be stopped, breaking music video views, record number of streams and a lot more first for a kpop act including selling out stadiums BTS would perform for over 1 million fans on the latest tour as people are, more importantly, companies saw the numbers and support BTS had They wanted too. Which led them finding interest in finding the next group. BLACKPINK would be the talk of Coachella in 2019 when they perform there NCT 127 would hold a US tour and Monsta X signed with a US label and have plans to come over as well. Now that we caught up to today, why is k-pop a billion-dollar industry? Well, there are a number of factors one is Tourism kpop is so beloved by fans that many dream of the day to make the pilgrimage to Korea It isn’t just to see if they can find their favorite idol on the streets, many fall in love with the music first Then the culture Korea has a beautiful history and a culture alongside it which can be a mired no matter where you’re from Crazy fact here one in every 13 tourists recent travel to Korea is BTS Like I said before BTS is responsible for 5 billion dollars of Korea’s economy Imagine all of the other groups combined as well. A catalyst that ties into this reason is Korea’s government Korea has a unique Ministry of Culture where they have a budget of 500 million dollars to spend on just culture culture ministry has unveiled its mid and long term plans to strengthen the nation’s arts and culture education in line with the president’s strong emphasis on boosting culture in our expecting a ten billion dollar cultural export by 2018. BTS they’re halfway there and probably surpassing it by now. The second reason behind kpop success is how different it is. Now with the music drama that got its start from America music How differ can it be? Well a lot actually, kpop is made of idols that run through a rigorous training system Where young people auditioned to be the next big thing but some as young as ten years old and being a kpop idol was one of the most popular career choices among young adults the trainee system is meant to polish a diamond in the rough Until it’s shining the system focuses on singing, rapping, Writing, composing, producing, dancing, public speaking, English, Japanese, Chinese and acting huh All of this on top of their normal school, this system proves itself for the amount of talent You see out there in kpop really earning their name of an idol Another thing is if you sit a person down and have them watch a music video The first thing they’ll say is “wow” This music video is amazing The color, dancing, outfits, the effects one thing that many people admire is attention to detail. All kpop is so meticulous and everything is planned It is something people are missing in other music likewise physical album sales are in a decline across the world Except Korea. why? when you can just listen to it in a second on your phone Well in kpop an album is much more than just a CD, a k-pop album will come with a CD, of course, But also random photo cars of a member from that group and a poster, kpop is able to market and advertise Everything to a max, they will sell anything from shirts, hats, cups, bag, stickers, pants, figures and even trash cans shout out the chou, sales on products like these are insane but one product that sticks out to me that no other music has is lightsticks Lightsticks are these devices that light up and sync to others at a concert and flashed with the rhythm of the music It is designed with the group’s colors and is another way a fan can be more involved. It’s truly an amazing device Symbolic, but also great functionality fan chants are something that catches non kpop fans off-guard fans chant proudly along with their favorite groups showing support creating an electric atmosphere -KIM NAMJOON- -KIM SEOKJIN -MIN YONGI- -JUNG HOSEOK- -PARK JIMIN- -KIM TAEHYUNG- -JUNG JUNGKOOK- BTS Fans are what make k-pop, k-pop. Really k-pop fans are unmatched when it comes to voting fan covers, reaction videos, dancing covers, Everything fan culture and kpop is vital and kpop as a music success There is just something special about kpop that I can’t even explain to put it simply kpop was able to utilize each and every technology and Opportunity to grow with maybe a couple breaks here and there but this doesn’t happen by accident Kpop is able to be more than a music It’s a niche community where people looking for something different can learn a whole new culture a music where so much time effort and dedication are invested it’s plain to see. It is more available to connect the fans than ever before even with the language barrier from homegrown beginnings of Censorship and suppression to a culture which is the pride of the country That’s why kpop is a billion-dollar industry and will continue to expand literally the sky is the limit I know that this can be a like 15 part documentary exclusive series That is like an hour and 59 minutes each. Okay. I know I just tried to fit everything I possibly could within this video Hope you guys enjoy and I hope to see the comments from like new people like people that aren’t necessarily into kpop as much as me or you know, my subscribers I Want to hear your guys’s opinion down in the comments of how like, what do you think about kpop? Why? Why do you think it became so popular and I’m asking everybody at this point? Why do you think kpop became such a billion-dollar industry with Korea’s government involvement and investing into it? I want to see what you guys think about the video any of the points that I talked about Let me know what you think down in the comments as well If you enjoyed this video give this video
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