today today I want to talk about the
unbanked what are the unbanked why am I
talking about the unbanked why should I
even listen to this video talking about
the unbanked you know what’s in it for
well the unbanked as defined by the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
the FDIC are adults that don’t have
access or an account at a formal
financial institution such as a bank now
why why should we care you know there
are a lot of people that don’t have
access to banking yet they do have a
phone and what is a lot of people a lot
of people is according to recent reports
two billion adults that’s more than a
third of the total world world
population don’t have access to formal
financial services so they have to rely
on friends and family to to get access
to any you know we kind of met money
transfer or you know deposit accounts
credit or whatever they have to rely on
friends and family I even read a book I
read books I read a book it’s called the
age of cryptocurrency and it talked
about I think it was his Manning in or
this family in Kenya and the God that
the man the provider of the house he was
working abroad and he just wanted to
provide for his family he wanted to work
there because he could get in another
country right he worked
I forgot the country he worked in
another country and he wanted to send
that money back home now there were no
remittance companies like Western Union
at the time or you know they were too
expensive because left Western Union on
average they charge nine percent on the
whole transactions which is ridiculous
stealing from the poorest people in the
talk about Scone anyways so what they
did what this person did was and a lot
of people do this actually
he went to the airports he found someone
that he thought he could trust and he
just gave him a bunch of cash and said
here’s the address please give it to my
family and then they have they just have
to trust that this money arrives at the
place that they want to you know send it
to and that’s crazy and you know
watching this video you probably have a
phone or a computer or else you wouldn’t
be able to watch this video and so you
can become your own benek and I know I
talked a lot about this stuff but you
can become your own bank and other
people can be can become their own banks
shocking shocking fact by the way there
are people that don’t have access to
clean drinking water yet they do have a
phone some some even have two phones
because there are billions and billions
of phone I think there are like 14
billion phones in this world and that’s
crazy if you think about that’s that’s
like double the the world’s population
right now that’s crazy right so there
are a lot of components and we can use
that we can create backs out of those
phones and I can send you know everybody
can send money across the globe for very
cheap because the fee is the fee it’s
not a percentage with Bitcoin it is a
flat rate sometimes it goes up a little
bit sometimes it goes down a little bit
but if you send $1,000 and I sent
$10,000 the feed stays the same so
that’s just basically what I wanted to
share in this video talking about the
unbanked and the huge huge huge
opportunity for you to buy Bitcoin right
now or you know other cryptocurrencies
as well because we are just getting into
mass adoption for Bitcoin you know these
people in these countries unbanked they
are learning about this right now
they’re probably watching this video
right now and they’re learning about
this and once they pump all their cash
in it you know small
small amounts add up then the market gap
is gonna go to the moon so anyways that
that was it guys for today if you’re new
here to this channel or to my Facebook
share it subscribe do whatever you got
to do I’ll see you in the next one


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