How I Overcame My Divorce and Grew A Million Dollar Business

It’s a wig, Vivian, right? Well, it wasn’t
easy, that’s for sure. Um, but how I got through it
was thinking of it as manure. So as you all know,
shit turns into manure. So I used his leaving as A place where I could plant myself
and really figure out what exactly, what, what exactly
that I wanted to do. Um, I realized that I had a son
that needed me and I was the only person that was
going to support him. So I needed to do whatever it was
it took to give him the best life I could possibly do. So whether that meant, uh, you
know, working all day, uh, you know, and taking care of him
all day and then working on the business at night. That’s what I did. I did what I had to do
in order to support him. Um, and during that
time I was depressed. I cried all the time. Um, it was a really, it was a
really, really tough time, but tough times make tough people. So it’s made me more
resilient or stronger. It’s made my light
bright, shine brighter. Um, but it wasn’t easy and I
don’t ever want to give anyone the impression that what I
went through was easy. I wouldn’t wish it
on my worst enemy. Um, but I, I did what I had to
do in order to support my son. Mommy’s doing her best. I want to only give you, I want to
give you the world and I want to show you that you can’t
use excuses or adversity to not do the things that you
were put on this earth to do. I’m an immigrant, I’m a college
dropout, and now I’m a single mother and I’m a black woman. I wanted to defy those stats
and become the woman that I was destined to be, despite all, all
the adversity that was coming my way. So you just need to do it. Just pull up your big boy
pants and get it done.


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