How India can become 5 Trillion Dollar Economy | India’s GDP Growth 2020 in Hindi

Friends, Today we will talk on such an issue Which will have a direct impact on your pocket No matter which sector do you belong, GDP growth rate will definitely affect your financial life Whether it is your salary, your household expenses, employment, job opportunities And there are so many field, which is directly affected by the GDP growth rate. The gross domestic product (GDP) represents the annual value of all goods and services produced in the country. Which has 4 major components – Consumption, Investment, Government Spending and Net Export. Let me first explain to you how GDP growth rate affects our financial life. By looking at this chart you can understand that When people do not have employment, it is natural for them to buy fewer products. And when there is a decrease in the consumption of people, the manufacturing and production sector starts to slow down Due to which the GDP falls, and because of this people have to face problems like job cuts and employment. India’s current GDP growth rate is 4.5% , which is much lower than India’s Financial Year 2018 – 2019 In today’s video, we will talk about all the important factors that increase the Indian GDP growth rate. Friends, for any economy of the country, having a good political vision is a must. If we talk about the political system of India , then here only vote bank politics goes on Here, the political parties keep bringing new schemes to woo the public. We know that Ram temple Ayodhya and CAA (candidate amendment act) and NRC bill in itself
Holds importance. But the time when the country was passing through the slowdown economy At that time, the central government should have focused on other big issues like unemployment, Education ,inflation & infrastructure. Demonetization and GST (Goods & service tax), implemented in 2016 and 2017
It also had a bad impact on the economy. It is the responsibility of the government to think about the impact on the economy before passing any plan or bill. Friends, in the economic growth of a country, the citizens of that country are equally responsible as much as the government here i will discuss 6 points , by which you can contribute to Indian GDP growth. Do you know that ..
India every year imports crude oil of 9800 billion from other countries. That means, whenever you use your private vehicle, such as a bike and a car, you are impacting the Indian economy. So friends, we should try to do as much of public transport as possible rather than your private vehicle, and if we use cycle for small distances, then it will fantastic : ) Friends, do you know .. 27% of Indian imports are only gold Every day in India .. Gold worth over 950 crores is imported from other countries. If Indians want, they can control their gold consumption, which will have a positive impact on our country’s economy. Friends, a big resource of the government fund is your tax Which they used for the salary of government employees includes police and firefighters, infrastructure, education and other essential services. For all these needs ,The government remains dependent on your tax ,So to support the government , It is necessary to pay your tax on time Friends, do you know that India imports 9.5 crore tons of coal every year from other countries This shows how much demand for electricity in India If we want, we can reduce this demand ,by saving electricity and by adopting solar power You would like to know that the solar power industry is developing fast in India. By December 2019, the country’s solar installed capacity has reached 33.73 units Even today 26% of the population in India is educated. I believe that the knowledge of English and computers is very important to the children of the country. And I request you, if you see a child near you, who is not able to study due to Financial problems So please try to support him/her in his study Because when every citizen of the country will educate, then only he/she will be able to give his contribution in the growth of the country. Friends, even today, in some parts of our country, there is a wrong mindset about the job of girls and women But times are changing fast, it is the responsibility of the Indian family to fully support girls in reaching a good career So that he/she can be self-dependent, and can play his role in strengthening the economy of the country. An investor always keeps these points in mind before investing in a country’s business i. Stability of government ii. Skills and costs of labuor iii. Flexibility in the government policies iv. Tax rates v. Country infrastructure & access to Raw materials vi. Exchange rate stability vii. Scope of the market Now, if you look at the current situation of our country, then there are Protests here every day. Political parties are in conflict with each other This kind of environment will not allow any investor to invest in your country This is the time when the government’s infrastructure and country citizens should focus on their skills development. Today, when Internet resolution has arrived in India, it is the responsibility of the youth to develop their skills by using the Internet properly. And if the government tries to bring investors into the country, by reduces its tax rates. Then tax collection can be affected. But it is also necessary for job creation in India Therefore, the GST council should increase the GST rate of the commodities with constant demand And reduce the GST rate on low demand commodities This will reduce the corruption in tax payment. At the same time, this will increase the demand of the consumer and thereby the business will also get promotion. Friends, even today our collage curriculum is a theoretical, rather than industrial and practical Even today, our education system is job oriented, where students are not educated for startups And in the society also, in the name of education, only doctors and engineers are known Now in a country as densely populated as India, creating jobs for a population of about 140 crore people is not practically possible Therefore, it is important to focus on skills development of students in schools & collage At the same time, Knowledge related to business studies and startups should also be given to students. For any infrastructural project, project are supported by bank loans But if only the situation of the country’s banks, if on the verge of bankruptcies, or if the banks are going through a recession So support for new infrastructure project will stop getting For this, providing strong base to Indian banks is the responsibility of the government. The 11,356-crore scam carried out by Nirav Modi in Punjab National Bank is a result of the weak banking system of Indian banks. Government should make efforts to prevent such scams from happening again in the future At the same time, banks should keep trying to better their loan scheme. So friends, in this video of today, I tried to cover all the major points, which are helpful in making the Indian economy better. If you like the video, then do like it, and share it with your family and friends. So that this information can reach as many people as possible jai hind


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