How to avoid Payment problems – Paypal Problems – How to Avoid scam on UPWORK FIVERR 2017 TAGALOG

you might not be able to see it yourself too and might have problem with your payment Is it your first tme to be here and wants extra income online Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads I made this video to avoid mistakes that are just basic that you missed to avoid problems with payments registration and other things online for questions about online job comment it down Tip number one Finish my video this is not for me but for you It takes long for me to edit to compress data so there’ll be no unnecessary info someone won a high prize it’s not just $10 or $20 a large amount but encountered problem with Paypal The mistake is just very simple Disclaimer I am not saying that she’s wrong or anything She was just not able to watch my Paypal video and just made a Paypal on her own and thought it’s all okay Our videos are step-by-step In How to register in Paypal it has ste-by-step the only mistake of the Baymack winner is she’s not able to confirm her email address Baymack sent the money already to her Paypal but her Paypal didn’t accept it so the payment is in floating status I cannot blame her since she didn’t watch my video in our video there’s a step to confirm email address you should confirm and that’s just a very simple step almost all our videos have that step but she missed the step and when she created the account, she thought it’s all good Paypal can’t receive it Baymack sent it already but se still can’t claim it because her email wasn’t confirmed that’s a very basic step you’ll see on our Paypal video it’s around 4th minute if you skip some part you might miss some step and you mght not be able to see it and you might encounter problems with your payment too She’ll now need to wait 30 days then Paypal will return the money she won from Baymack and Baymack will resend it to her The money is already there it will need to go through long processes and we don’t know what might happen in the future those are what we want to avoid but it’s still better being able to get and use the money right away tip number one is very basic Finish the video My videos are not more than 10 to 15 minutes you might just missed a step one more example our latest survey site in this video I told you to create new address to create your Paypal address it’s just okay to have the same email and paypal address but mine is different what if yours is different too you might encounter problems when redeeming too that’s what we’re trying to avoid in this video around 5:55 if you skip this part you might encounter problems and we’re avoiding that another example most of the viewers who encounter this sometimes when skipping video parts you’ll see in around 2:38 I showed the step-by-step registration and this small picture if you click that subscribe sometimes they tend to forget or skpped this part so they’re not able to subscribe they already made 10 sample post and after that the posts were not counted just because they were not able to subscribe all my guides are step-by-step these are all for you If you missed one you might lose time and money Tip number 2 about Paypal I might just lack information about Paypal since it’s from my first videos In Paypal, it should be all real details and not fake details are all correct and true like for name, address, telephone number country it should all be true info only and why is that? When they’re sending payment to Paypal they’re checking if the details of your paypay and your online job are the same so it shoud be the same avoid creating fake details I know that you’re protecting your personal details we can’t do anything about it that’s it already that’s all I can say your details in legit online jobs and paypal should be the same one more thing your paypal details your name, your address should be the same with your debit card and your bank accounts too the address, name, should be the same It should have the same details because if you withdraw with a different name your bank account will not receive it it will go back to your paypal and there’s a chareg of 250 pesos That’s for your own protection so others will not be able to withdraw money from your Paypal last but not the least tip number 3 this is about our freelance platform Upwork and Fiverr I only shared 2 freelance platforms let’s start with Upwork and Fiverr you’ll encounter almost the same problem here and you need to avoid that in messages you can also close a deal here in Filipino thinking if the deal is private and direct the more we can earn since there will be no third party this is a very important tip when dealing outside the platform for example, in Skype you didn’t talk through Upwork if says payment verified then that means the job is paid already if you made the deal in Skype if they didn’t pay you in Paypal you can’t run after that anymore not unlike when dealing in Upwork they are already payment verified once you sent the file you’ll surely get paid but if it’s in hte outside platform once you send the file, they cna just block you that’s our tip number 3 for our online freelance jobs or anything deal inside the platform like Upwork I am not saying to not make a deal outside platforms sometimes it’s rewarding because there’s no third party If it’s your first time it’s risky because they can block you if it’s your first time working with them that’s risky it’s your choice if you want to risk for more earnings than the security of jobs there really are scammers when dealing outside platforms that are legit like Upwork or Fiverr Here n Fiverr a client ask me to create videos we made a deal inside but I did not accept the job that’s just an example that you can talk in messages and they can lure you out in Fiverr to talk via email then send via Paypal more income might be rewarding but the loses the job safety when dealing outside platforms that’s it for this video your mistakes are just simple but the consequences have huge impact like cash or hassle always remember those 3 tips Tips number 1, watch the whole video all my videos are mostly step-by-step I made my videos short I cut it so everything you’ll see will be useful and tip number 2, the details of yor legit online job you paypal, debit bank account, or Gcash should all be the same so you won’t encounter problems when receiving payment last tip when dealing in platforms or making freelance jobs it’s safer to make a deal inside the platform if you’re doing it outside the platform it can be more rewarding but it’s risky especially if you don’t know and trust the employer you’re talking too If you liked the video Please click the Like button if you want to see more videos like this extra income online please subscribe to my channel click the notification bell to get notified for new uplod Thank you for watching

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