How to Buy BitShares [BTS] On CryptoBridge

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so today we’re gonna talk about getting
BTS and you’re like why do I need BTS
well if you trade on the crypto bridge
decentralized exchange you need BTS a
lot of times to pay for fees in order to
make trades the problem is you run out
of BTS and then you’re unable to
complete any more transactions buy sell
withdraw because you don’t have any BTS
the problem is you can’t just trade BTC
for BTS so what I’m gonna show you is a
quick little trick to get some BTS and
then you’ll be trading again so if you
look on your tab the trick to getting
more BTS is actually to use a different
coin to get the BTS and in this case I’m
just gonna use some Raven to get BTS so
the first thing you need to do is get
some Raven so if you’re watching this
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get a
little Raven so I know that one BTS was
around 17 cents so what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to buy 50 Raven and that’s my
starting point now the thing is when you
buy Raven the market fee is Raven so you
actually pay the fee in what you’re
buying so this kind of gets around the
BTS so what you’ll notice is that
certain things don’t cost BTS to buy and
other things do so by your Raven and
just pay the fee and I was going from
BTC to buy my Raven so I went ahead and
did that first so now I’ve got Ravens so
now that I have my Raven I’m gonna click
on the Raven tab up in the corner from
here I’m actually going to trade my
Raven for BTS so now I’ve clicked on the
Raven tab
and I am buying BTS with Raven and this
is the little trick around not being
able to buy the BTS so basically you
can’t buy the BTS with BTC you have to
buy it with Raven or one of the other
coins there’s like two or three coins
that’ll allow you to buy the BTS so my
orders confirmed
I now have BTS and let’s look at my
account now I have BTS and I can start
training again on a crypto bridge so
it’s really not that hard you just know
that you can’t buy your BTS with BTC you
have to buy it with Raven or something
else that’s all there is to it hope you
enjoyed this video
this is crypto slow if you’re not
talking gains then we’re not talking

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