How to Change Currency on Fiverr

Welcome guys to this tutorial. Here, I will be talking about how you can
change the currency in Fiverr. So as you can see right now, all of the prices
are given in dollars. But you can change that and that happened
to me as well. Because I live in Europe, it automatically
change to euros. And it was inconvenient for me because I have
for the USD in my PayPal. So there was conversion. And if I would buy something on Fiverr using
euros then and that there would be an exchange rate applied to my PayPal balance, which would
mean that I would purchase the services at a slightly more expensive rate. So what you have to do is you have to go down
to the page and right here you can see the currency that you have checked or that Fiverr
thinks you should be paying. So sometimes there can be a banner at the
bottom to accept the terms of service but select here and change the currency. So here I would change it to, for example
to euros. And you can see that from five dollars, it
went down because euros have more value than the dollars at this point in time. But as I said when you buy and if you have,
for example as me, I have US dollars in my PayPal balance then there would be an exchange
rate applied when buying services. And similar way you can change it to British
Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Israeli Shekel, Brazilian Real. So I hope that this tutorial was useful for
you guys and see you guys in my next tutorial.


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