How To Deal With Paypal Disputes As A Streamer!

So you’re a live streamer and your set
up to accept donations on your streams and even more so you got your first
donation and then all of a sudden it’s gone you’re like what happened why am I
getting emails from PayPal saying that the charges were reversed well in this
video I’m gonna show you how to deal with charge backs and disputes from
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so you know my videos go live for you so if you’re live streamer or a content
creator anyway have a section where people can donate you money and whatever
term you want to call it donations tips sending of funds they’re all
transactions they’re all treated the same but you’ve probably at some point
heard the horrors of chargebacks or disputes and if you’re not familiar
with these sometimes what will happen is people will send you money or trolls
will send you money and after they send it they’ll actually log on to PayPal and
do a dispute or do a charge back saying that wasn’t them or is falsely sent or
any other reason that they’ll come up with and this can results in a few
things for you all of them negative to some extent one will be though just
cancel the transaction and the funds will be taken out of your account
sometimes the funds will be taken out of your account days or weeks after it was
first sent so you may have already spent the money which means your account can
go into a negative which means you’ll be on the hook for the money that was spent
or even worse if you try to fight it and loose you could be liable for payment
processing fees back and forth but we’re not gonna worry about that at this
moment because that’s another video we’re gonna worry about how you actually
deal with disputes and chargebacks as a streamer now I’ve worked in the
e-commerce world for 15 plus years and I use PayPal day in and down
domestically and internationally so I’ve had to deal with a few charge backs and
disputes at a time or two and the reason I’m making this
video now is because I actually got to chargebacks on my account as a twitch
streamer and I want to show you how you deal with it so it doesn’t affect you or
better yet how you can be prepared for it if it does happen but just a side
note there’s all these horror stories about chargebacks online for like twitch
streamers mixer streamers youtube facebook gaming all those things but you
know what they’re actually a very small piece of the pie and it really scares
people so I’m here to let you know chargeback some disputes don’t happen
that often and if they usually do good news is you have this video so I’m going
to show you how you can be prepared for it if you accept any type of donations
or tips and they’re going through the payment processor that is PayPal if
there’s ever a chargeback or a dispute that will happen they will always
contact you whichever email account we have sociated to your PayPal so make
sure you always keep looking at that and it behoves you to always log in to your
PayPal too at the end of your streams to see if there’s anything that’s notified
in the top of the bell because that will call to attention if there’s anything
going on with a certain transaction this is a good tip because if you accept
international payments you actually have to accept them because they go through a
currency conversion which you have to give manual approval to so this is a
good tip so moving on if you receive one of these PayPal messages or emails
that’s about a charge or dispute generally what will happen is PayPal
will look into the matter within a certain amount of time generally it’s
about a week to two weeks or anything like that
but what happens is 90% of the time PayPal will always side with the buyer
or in our case as a live streamer they will always side with the sender that’s
because it’s a payment protection plan for when you sign up with PayPal just
like a credit card and if somebody stole your information the credit card company
will be the median man for you just like PayPal will be so this means it’s very
hard to fight PayPal disputes in chargebacks because they will always
side with the buyer because they can always use one key term that will always
go with the buyer or the sender son they can always use the word fraud you see
fraud is one of those big words that signals off to a corporation and the
reason it’s so important is because companies have fraud protection which is
what we all want because it helps protect you and I out there so they do
their best help people that are on this fraud
aspect but unfortunately it’s a negative for us as content creators and streamers
because that person can always just say hey it was a fraudulent transaction or
hey that wasn’t me or hey somebody logged into my account and sent the
funds it wasn’t me it was a fraud boom you’re never gonna get that money
because they will always side with the sender so the best thing that you can do
is just log in to your PayPal account go to that transaction and from that screen
when you click on the actual transaction ID you can just refund that amount back
to the sender and then the PayPal dispute or charge back will be closed
now if the person who sent the funds it is very active and they contact PayPal
first PayPal may expedite the process and actually they may close the case
within just a tear – and take the funds back out of your account which recently
just happened to mine but I didn’t care because it was for a few bucks
now you’re probably wanting to ask me Wow how do I fight and win these PayPal
chargebacks and disputes and there are ways in fact I can show you the correct
lingo and ways to go about this but it’s very difficult you see as a streamer you
don’t really provide a hardcore tangible product just like a marketplace will if
you bought something you get an invoice or receipt and you also get a tracking
number so there’s proof from party a to party B so that way PayPal knows how to
deal with the transaction accordingly because there’s proof with twitch live
streaming content creations on youtubes and everything like that it’s a digital
product and there is no proof of purchase there are certain ways that you
can prove some things but there are no such thing as final transactions or all
donations are final you send this knowing you’re sending it and good faith
those don’t work it’s all digital and those things aren’t concrete that will
prove to paypal to side with you so the best you can do is be prepared on how to deal with chargebacks in disputes like we said before if you log into the
account and you go to the transaction that’s in question you can simply just
refund the money which I always recommend doing that money was within
there within just a couple hours or a couple days it’s not going to change
your life so just give it back and move on and don’t worry about it I would also
probably recommend blocking that person from your chat so this doesn’t
happen again so that way you’re good to keep moving forward what you really need
to be aware of is if you’re gonna be a streamer or content creator and you’re
accepting donations donations and transactions of funds through PayPal
have a statue of limitations in fact I think of the time in this video they can
only do a chargeback or dispute within 60 days so what I recommend for you is
don’t touch any money that was sent within 60 days as soon as it lapses over
to 61 you can do it every one with that money you can spend it you can pull it
out of PayPal you can transfer it to another account you can do whatever you
want but on day 59 or 60 they can still do a dispute which is what a lot of
trolls do which is why you don’t want to touch that money at all now live
streaming content creation is a worldwide phenomenon and depending on
where you stream from or which market you stream to you may be accepting
donations from a wide variety of countries and currencies and these fall
a little bit different under an umbrella because there will be different
processes that international donations go through because they go through
currency exchange to you but generally if there’s any kind of error or dispute or
some kind of charge back that’s accurate occurring with international payments
generally the best thing is to just cancel it and that way the fund will drop
off and go back into the account so that way there’s no negative about your
account now I know it sucks that you have to take these precautions but it’s
worth it trust me I’ve gone through about four to five charge backs and
disputes as being a twitch streamer but if you follow these rules about being
prepared for it not touching out of the money it won’t affect you and I’ve had
to give back big donations before I’ve had to give back donations over $100
which really sucks because you feel special at that time and trust me you
would love that money but it’s not worth it because you could face penalties or
your PayPal account can be put into like a flag situation which you don’t want
which means PayPal may hold on to even future funds or current funds that you
have into the account and I don’t want that for you okay
now one tip that I highly recommend is if you use an alert service a lot of
alert services actually have a blacklist out there so if you get a charge back or
you get a dispute you can take the email chain that they used to send within
their PayPal account and you can add it to this blacklist which means they will
no longer be able to send you funds which means you want occur
any more red flags from PayPal or chargebacks or any disputes that will
negatively affect your account and I always like to do this just in case
because you never know who’s gonna try to fool you in the future
bonus tip time if you’re one of the people out there that has looked into
getting like fraud protection from one of these third-party services don’t do
it because they really can’t guarantee anything companies can try to go at-bat
for you and fight for you against chargebacks and disputes but like I said
that word fraud Trump’s off so it’s not worth wasting your money on a platform
like that but double bonus time coming at you if you’re the type of person
that’s worried about adding donations to their twitch channel or mixer stream or
YouTube content creations don’t let this video scare you please don’t let
chargebacks are very rare and you only hear about it because the squeaky wheel
gets the grease but if you are worried about it this is why it’s really
important trying to reach things like twitch partner or affiliation because
it’s really hard to dispute or charge back a subscriber or very hard to
dispute or charge back when they buy bits because like the reasons we stated
forward there is gonna be an actual transaction and there’s gonna be receipt
of a proof of purchase they’re actually receiving no good which is why having
subscribers and getting bits is so important to a streamer like me because
I know that can actually be money in the bank that I can calculate out whereas
donations may come and go now if you need help on how to easily set up PayPal
donations for your live streams don’t worry I got you covered take a
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