How To Earn Tons Of Crypto Rewards On Bounty0x | EP#185

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be
talking about bounty0X which is a very
very cool platform that offers all these
different bounties that you can go and
participate in in order to earn free
and I think it is very very useful and
very cool because it’s like a hub where
all these different companies can come
in and list their bounty and you can
easily participate in a very streamlined
way most places where you’ll see
bounties they’re done very poorly or
it’s just one company doing it here you
can see everything that is available and
you can participate with ease submit see
if it was approve or rejected it’s very
streamlined very very useful and and I
highly recommend checking you know and
especially for the people who are like
trying Fawcett’s earn drops just looking
for bounties all these different things
people who really want to earn
cryptocurrency without having to invest
this is exactly where you guys need to
go and check out because I’ve done about
forty and fourteen are still pending
because they go until the end of the
campaign it could be like a year it
could be two weeks whatever it happens
to be it typically goes up until the end
and then they approve or reject and I’ve
only had two rejected because I screwed
it up but 24 have been approved and as
you can see just from the first one
eight dollars worth of their token so
there’s a lot of rewards to be had here
and there’s a bunch of different people
participating a bunch of different
companies some good ones that I enjoy D
like is a cool steam alternative I mean
I’m not a super huge fan of it but the
token has value Helios protocols great
hunt is really cool Luzi core is an
awesome music platform for crypto for
blockchain story and veracity which I’ve
previously talked about a bit they have
a great bounty program for you to earn
our a which I’m pretty keen on because
I’ve invested a bunch in VRA because I
think any kind of attention token is
very very relevant because veracity and
brave are doing an amazing job of
monetizing attention and I think that is
very very important anyways though these
are the current bounty hosts that are on
here and it changes all the time because
their campaigns and new ones come on so
it’s always good to come through and
check you know what’s available and if
you don’t want to be just randomly
posting about different projects then
just post about the projects that you
know and like I have no problem
supporting veracity supporting musik or
because I like their projects and if I’m
going to earn for it then that’s awesome
so if you go to explore you can see all
the different like these are some of the
recent bounties that have been uploaded
these are the actual categories so say
you just want to do Twitter bounties
there might only be seven but you know
regardless usually it’s just like like
for example with what D like it’s just a
retweet you go in you retweet them you
need at least a thousand followers you
can’t delete it and you have to be
following them so just to show you guys
how simple this is you can go on here
give it a retweet make sure you’re
following them I do have 3,000 followers
so oh I exited my bad
but yeah I do have the requirements to
meet it so then all I have to do now is
go and submit and I will just have to
share what my actual Twitter is and then
they can double-check on their side so
as you can see I have meat and I have
met the requirements for some reason you
can’t do this in the US which is really
on ideal so it’s definitely important to
check the excluded countries
and yeah so you can see they got my
submission it’s good to go it ends in
two days so ideally in two days I will
find out if this went through I’ve
usually never really had any issue with
with doing these and getting my
submissions as you can see I’ve had 24
approved pretty awesome it’s it’s free
cryptocurrency not a lot of effort you
are going to be like supporting them on
your social media so do keep that in
I do think D like is kind of cool I like
all steam platforms I mean I don’t think
it’s the best steam platform but it’s
worth a retweet and um yeah I mean if
you guys want to earn some free
you know why not come check this out the
reason that I originally learned about
bounty o X was a while back when I
started using publish o X they were
giving out bounty o X 2 to the users as
rewards and then I eventually did an
interview with Pascal who was originally
the the CEO he is not anymore but I
still think this is a really really cool
project and anyone who wants to earn
some free crypto should definitely go
and check out bounty o X I’ve also
written up a little blog talking about
you know me actually going through and
doing this and getting my KYC and
actually submitting and setting up my
account because obviously you want to
connect this to your meta mask for
example so right here you can see I
connected it to my meta mask account so
this way when I get my payouts
they’ll just go to my meta mask 99% of
these RERC 20 tokens so that kind of
solves that issue but um yeah let me
know what you guys think about this I do
think that bounty o X super super
relevant and it’s like hey if you want
to earn some free crypto this is the
easiest place to do it I think it’s
really important that we have a hub for
different things like this you know
rather than trying to find bounties and
them being on like really poorly set up
forums and just really really terrible
processes for actually getting it
validated and verified
everything this is the most streamlined
version of that that I could possibly
find and I highly recommend checking it
out if that’s something you’re into let
me know if there’s any other bounty like
hub or directories that you know of
where people can find a bunch of
different bounties all in one place and
participate because obviously the more
the merrier
I haven’t seen any other ones like this
but again if you do know of any
definitely comment below and I will
check those out as well and review them
for everyone because I’m sure everyone
would love to see more than less so yeah
thanks for watching and if you stick
around this long make sure to comment
hashtag number one ham in the comments
below so I know that you did stick
around to the very end and don’t forget
to comment like and subscribe I’m Scott
Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness
signing off


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