How to Export All RavenCoin QT Wallet Private Keys

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gains tonight’s video is a pretty simple
but straightforward one we’ll be talking
about how do you export all of your
private keys from your Raven cutie
wallet now you know a lot of people say
backup your data file which is a great
thing to do so like but it’s always good
to have your private keys I did find
some documentation on Bitcoin core but
those small little syntactical
differences are what make the difference
on whether or not this works or not so
let’s get started first thing you need
to do is obviously have your Raven
wallet running then you are going to go
to the help screen debug and open up the
debug window alright so now we have the
debug window open there’s different tabs
you’re gonna click on console and the
very first thing you need to do is on
the lock your wallet and this is
accomplished by putting in your wallet
passphrase and the word wallet
passphrase now here is the important
part you actually have to put your
wallet pass phrase in quotes or it will
not work it’ll give you it’ll say that
it’s the wrong wallet password when
actually it’s probably the right
password right key you just you know
that has to be quotes and then your
passphrase and then a time which is in
seconds now if you click on the line
down here and you start typing you’ll
notice wallet lower case gets the
autocomplete see how it says wallet
wallet passphrase space quotation mark
your passphrase space and then a time so
we’ll just go 60 seconds okay and I’ll
actually hit return in this case to show
you what it does with the wrong pass
phrase error wallet pass phrase was
okay now I’ll go ahead and copy paste
the correct one in and you should
receive a null back and you know that
you’re correct so the next step I’m
sorry it’s actually the dump wallet
command okay
space and quotation marks this is
important now if you try to do C colon
backslash and type keys dot txt
quotation marks it’s gonna give you an
error okay
and also there’s another important thing
if you don’t specify text file it’s just
gonna dump a file with no extension and
then you you now if you did that by
mistake you can right-click on it open
with notepad and you’ll still get the
human correlated set of keys but it’s
just easier to you can call this file
whatever you want you can call it my
Raven keys or you may want to name it
something ambiguous so that it’s more
hidden and then dot txt enter all right
now I’m gonna show you what happens when
I try to dump the wallet with the dump
wallet and this like I said C : I’ve
slashed my keys dot txt and then closed
the quotation marks this will actually
give you an error cannot open wallet
don’t file now with the Windows machine
that’s because you have permissions
the application doesn’t have admin
access or whatever to write to that
location so the easiest way that I found
to do this is just to open an explorer
window okay and go to your C Drive go to
your user name and I’ll just pick one of
slow BOTS and click up here and copy
that okay and then backslash and we’ll
call it keys dot txt and enter that’s it
so if you noticed it dumped my all my
private keys for my wallet into the keys
location and if you look under slow BOTS
you’ll see there are all my private keys
now with that being said always use
proper security you’re gonna want to
encrypt that file put it on a thumb
drive and get it off your computer put
it in your safe you know practice good
things and protect those private keys
but now that will actually have all the
keys for your entire wallet in that file
so I hope you enjoyed tonight’s video
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