How To Get Your $1,200 Stimulus Check | The $2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package

So now Congress passed the two trillion
dollar stimulus package so what’s in it for you and when should you expect your
check so let’s break it down guys it’s $1,200 per individuals and $2,400 for
married couple married couple filing jointly and $500 per child under 17 so
now let me bring down the income brackets to see how much you getting if
any at all for any single individuals making $75,000 unless you will receive a
check for $1,200 from 75,000 to 80,000 a year you will receive a check of 950
dollars from 85,000 to 90,000 dollars a year your check will be $700 from ninety
thousand to ninety five thousand your check will be four hundred and fifty
dollars from 95 to 99 thousand your check will be zero you won’t get
anything so now that’s for single individuals so that was for individuals
so let’s break down the income bracket for couples for married couple filing
jointly with a combined income of 150 or less your check will be $2,400 for
married couple filing jointly with an income up to 160 thousand dollars your
refund will be not refund on your check will be $1,900 for married couple filing
jointly with an income or with an income of one hundred and seventy
thousand dollars your check will be $1400 married couple with an income of
180 or less your combined check will be nine hundred dollars and one hundred and ninety thousand dollars combine your combined check would be four hundred
dollars and for married couple filing jointly within combined income of
hundred and ninety-eight thousand dollars your check will be your big zero
you know qualify so if you have kids under 17 just add five hundred dollars
for each on top of the numbers that I just gave you so how and
when will you receive your check so if you already file your taxes for 2019
they will use that information to mail you your check if you did not file your
taxes yet for 2019 they all use a 2018 information to send you that check
most people will not receive a check in the mail guys in 2018 88% of
individual file their taxes electronically they all use the same
information to send that money to you however if you did not file
your taxes electronically in 2018 2019 they will actually mail out
a check to you so when will you receive that money you more likely will receive
that money anywhere from three to six weeks from now unfortunately guys I feel
like I have to say this to you there are people out there who’s trying to take
advantage of this sad situation we are going through right now if you get a
call asking you to verify your information as far as social security
number date of birth hang up the phone the government is not calling anybody
they already have your information if you get any call of this nature just
hang up the phone they are scammers whose trying to scam you and steal your
identity we’re all in this together guys anything of value you guys may have
please share them my number is right down on the screen get them to me I’ll
do my best to pass them along to you guys we’ll get through this guys stick
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