How To Make $22 $742 Per Sale With Four Percent 4Group Tatyana Moshchenkov

Tatyana Moshchenkov here in today’s
video I’m gonna tell you how you can
make 22 dollars up to seven hundred and
forty two dollars per sale with four
percent and I’m super excited to talk to
you about it today because I have quite
a big team inside four percent and I’ve
had a lot of people approach me and tell
me like hey Tatyana what do you do and I
keep telling them hey I leveraged the
four percent system and I built my
business the four percent way and a lot
of people don’t understand it you know
what but it takes a four percent IRR to
understand what it is like to be a four
percenter so in this video here’s what
I’m gonna share with you alright first
of all I’m gonna give you a big update
because something that is happening with
four percent in just November and
December it’s gonna be huge
for anybody that takes a leap of faith
right gets in goes all in which means
go Pro position yourself at lifetime or
annual okay and commit to your success
something huge is gonna happen and what
that involves and I’ll give you a couple
hints and ideas and this way you can see
if you resonate with it and if it’s
something that’s for you but truly
before I get into it right I want to
just tell you that it’s because of 4%
it’s because of Vick that I was able to
change the course of my business online
and ever since I’ve built a successful
business online and I’ve replaced
completely completely replaced my
nursing income right to the full time
being entrepreneur at home full-time
building my business the 4% way I was
able to quit my job two years ago I
haven’t worked for over two years now
and I’m enjoying it I’m loving it with
my kids we homeschool and do all sorts
of stuff and activities together and you
know what that freedom was worth the
fight was worth fighting for the skills
was worth investing in myself okay so
what that said he
what’s happening in 4% okay at this
point if you’re looking to build an
online business you’ve probably heard a
lot of noise in not just like okay you
know there’s this business opportunity
and this business opportunity but you’ve
heard a lot of noise in the Bitcoin
world in the crypto world right so guess
what’s happening we are bringing the
crypto side into the 4% as an additional
income stream and it won’t be just like
oh yeah buy Bitcoin and it’s like an MLM
and you’re positioning you recruit to
recruit to recruit no because that is a
scam a scheme and there’s are a lot of
those that’s that are like literally
they’re just the bubbles waiting to
burst after either FTC or the SEC go
after them okay
we’re not doing that we have our full
legal team on board building everything
out right double checking triple
checking quadruple checking and what
we’re gonna have is something super
revolutionary that’s gonna change not
just your and my world but those people
that you share this with that you share
this message with okay so we’re bringing
crypto as an income stream okay and now
you’re able to earn twenty two dollars
per sale and all the way up to seven
hundred and forty two dollars per each
sale with our high ticket products that
we have inside four percent which really
excites me because a lot of people
probably what ninety-six percent in the
online world who are just starting
they’re not able to make a single
Commission and here’s why okay they
first come in they don’t know that okay
I gotta build my skills I gotta build my
mindset I got to commit to my success
first before anything happens and so
they’ll start they’ll give it a couple
weeks and they’re like where are my
checks right they’re expecting to be
paid for nothing and so as time goes on
you know they’re not making anything and
then they see somebody flashing these
money in front of them and they’re like
oh that person
be good I’m gonna go join them and so
they keep going and jumping from
opportunity to opportunity to
opportunity which is called the shiny
object syndrome and before they know it
it a year goes by two years go by and
they don’t make anything they’re
actually in debt broker then broke okay
so if you want to be like that you can
you can give it to the shiny object
syndrome okay but if you want to succeed
and if you want to make say 742 dollars
per sale and you can do that in one day
right then here’s what you need to do
number one you commit to your success
number two you commit to developing your
mindset mindset of a leader mindset of a
businessperson mindset of somebody who
is gonna manage money well okay because
money doesn’t come to you when you want
it money comes to you when you’re ready
you attract it to yourself when you’re
ready okay so when you become the person
that’s worthy of having a lot of money
okay and so number three then you commit
to the system you commit to four percent
you go all-in you position yourself as a
lifetime or an annual member Pro member
okay you unlock all the income streams
and here’s what I have I have some
really cool stuff that I give away to my
team and something that we’re working on
together so number one we have a team
video kind of a step by step team video
number two we have a Facebook team group
where we have this intimate group don’t
mistake the word intimate in like the
wrong way right we have this private
Facebook group where we uplift each
other we support each other we answer
questions we do live videos we keep each
other accountable and then we share
value there’s a lot of value we talk
about traffic generation we talk about
email marketing we talk about you know
how to be great on video we talk about
Facebook ads okay and that’s one of the
biggest bonuses that I am giving away to
those people who commit to their success
I’m personally recording and if you’re
watching this you know maybe you’re down
the road then you know what the paid
members the pro members who commit to
their success get access to Facebook Ads
domination course something that I
personally paid thousands of dollars for
to learn and have gone through over two
years of trial and error and having you
know banned accounts with Facebook and
so on so if you are ready to change your
financial future if you want to make you
know twenty two dollars per sale and up
to seven hundred and forty two dollars
per sale okay there’s gonna be a link
somewhere on this video below above on
the side look for the link around this
video alright go through all the way
means enter your information commit go
ahead and position yourself all-in
become a pro paid member and then go
ahead and send me a private message on
facebook I’ll personally reach out to
you and give you access to all of our
team bonuses and that’s how you become
successful by actually committing you
don’t become successful by jumping
you don’t become successful by you know
just having all these crazy ideas and oh
I’m gonna try this I’m gonna try that
I’m gonna try that but when you commit
and you follow somebody who has done it
who has built a successful business who
has done it and you really focus 100%
you know put those blinders on and you
focus 100% then you’re gonna start
making you’ll make your first Commission
and you will never ever ever forget it
because that’s gonna change everything
for you so with that said go ahead and
find a link somewhere on this page
alright go through all the way and I’ll
personally reach out to you with that
said Tatiana signing out I’ll see you in
my next video bye for now


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