How To Make A Billion Dollars

Dan, so good to see you Oh yes! You gave me that 15 years ago. Oh wow! It’s been on my desk for 15 years! Thank you, Thank you! (bass thumping music) By the way, do you remember when you were flying down from Vancouver
to have breakfast with me Oh yeah, I’m gonna tell that story! Right now, It’s gonna start with that! Right there, Right there! (laughing) Oh, it will be a good story! Time flies, time flies. Well today, we don’t just
have one Boss in the Bentley we have two bosses in the Bentley. I have my mentor and very owner Mr Dan Pena, the 50 billion dollar man with me, in the car, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time Dan. And I’ve been waiting as well. We were just talking about back then, I think it was over 10
years, 12 years ago. No, It was 2003. Oh wow, 2003. So, for those who don’t know I actually approached and contacted Dan in the castle back then and I asked him to even mentor me and big
Dan said no by the way he said no but he was gracious enough to meet with me at Los Angeles. I flew in there and
actually we had breakfast Correct And I remember you
coming down the escalator and I was in my over-sized suit! (laughing) and spiky hair, with my glasses! Ah, the doofus kid! No red suit then! No red suit back then! Just a cheap suit but Mr Pena spent almost
a good few hours with me doing the breakfast and
asked me a lot of questions and I’m always forever grateful. And at that breakfast, you gave me this. That’s right, that’s the frog. The frog on a stone and
I’ve kept it ever since and it’s on my desk
and has been on my desk for 15 years now. I appreciate that, and
that’s because from QLA what we learnt it’s got
to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince. Now back then, I remember when I went to the castle after I think, shortly
after, maybe less than a year and the first time I went to the castle it was actually very uncomfortable for me because you always talk
about comfort about success and I went there, I was
living in one bedroom apartment with my mom
now I flew to Scotland living in this castle, Right? And for 7 days, I was actually
staying in the cottage. So with my own bedroom,
bathroom and I see the antiques and everything it’s everything, it’s a wealth triggers right, talk to us a bit about comfort. Well, one of the primary
reasons that most of the kids and I call you all kids,
because I’m either old enough to be your father or grandfather. All the kids have trouble
succeeding it’s because they can’t succeed beyond
their highest expectation and their highest
expectation has been formed by their then role models,
which are their parents and their parents normally,
don’t have high expectations or the only expectation they
have, which is a good one is they want their kids to
have it better than they do. But if they’re just
one level above poverty and so then their kids are gonna
be two levels above poverty I mean that’s not that
much of an expectation so it’s about pushing the comfort zone out and because we never exceed
our wildest expectation. So when kids coming to me saying
they wanna be a millionaire I assure them, unless the
wanna be a multi-millionaire, or a billionaire they’re
never gonna exceed a million dollars. And when I went to the
castle, I think the first couple days I was extremely uncomfortable and after I think the third and fourth day I was like this is nice, (laughs) Like this is nice! You know drinking from the crystal glass and the breakfast and everything, I’m like, I could get used to this. I think that expanded my comfort. A lot of people ask me the question about what’s the biggest thing
I got of the castle I could give them a 10 page
keys about the different things I learnt, but I
think the biggest thing is the comfort where it’s possible that I’m in this environment. And now, at that time I think
we only had one ex-staff from the Queen of England staff, now we have a few. We have two butlers who
used to be with the Queen and they’re serving drinks,
but the whole idea is that, it is possible, because
I come from the Bodio Former Bodio bad boy from East
LA got in a lot of trouble and I was poor, and of course my quantum
leap is significant just as yours is, but most of the kids can’t realize that and a lot of kids that come
think they were poor, think. But as Sally, my wife,
would say, they lived in the lap of luxury,
(laughter) compared to what we came from. That’s right, that’s right, and over the years, a
lot of different students and mentees have gone through QLA, they’ve gone to the castle. What do you think is the
difference between someone who made it big ,who actually
apply what you teach, versus the ones who go
to the castle but then they don’t fucking get to it. Well, the biggest thing is their desire a lot of people pretend that
they wanna be successful until they figure out what
the pay price to action is how much am I willing to sacrifice? How much time am I
willing to put in a week? How much time am I willing
to be, unfortunately, away from my family? How much time am I willing to, you know, make those cold calls? And most people grossly underestimate it. One of the things I’ve
said since before I met you you can never underestimate
how wrong you can be and the amount of sacrifice
and focus and devotion to success is a big deal and
most people just don’t have it. And I thought before
QLA I think I thought, I was working hard, no,
I wasn’t working hard, (laughs loudly) Like you said, I think
at the castle you said “you fucking kids can’t
even spell high performance” right? “You don’t even know what it’s like” and I remember there was one
night, I think I walked by, I think the third or fourth
night, and I walked by and you’d been teaching long days, long long days from morning
till sometimes we don’t wrap up till 6-7 pm right? I think it’s the third or fourth
night I walk by your office and I was like Oh, “Mr Pena you’re still working?” and I remember you told me, “You all kids are fucking
rich, filthy stinking rich, I gotta make a living!” (laughing) and you went back to work!


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