How to Make Huge Profits on Huobi Global

hello friends welcome to Indian Tubebuddy today we’ll watch about how to do
contract training from Huobi and it’s very simple to do contract training and they
have any why first year anniversary airdrop of 30,000 Eos let’s go into it
okay this is a contract training of Huob DM okay it’s called as
futures you can click on your video first anniversary you can click on this
right now you need to click on the arrow mark okay once you click on they had and
promotion one forward at both today poster and shark 20,000 a drop its
completed on December 10 and the second airdrop what you need to do is trade
contract and share thirty thousand price pool you can trade at least one contract
on any futures on you vedyam and can share 30,000 US paired up together okay
submit your UID to this link click on this link and please fill your
UID and the UID number okay once you submit it did you show on the right tick
mark once it’s completed and you would get an or 30,000 eos but there is a
condition you need to do a contract training howto the contract training
just click on futures once you click on the futures and you will be able to
click on the asset contract assets click on contract assets and right now my
contract a set of forty dollars in Bitcoin okay estimated 0.004 and right
now I open a Bitcoin long you can click on these details you’ll be able to see
long we DC weekly open condition one margin of zero point zero zero two
and open price of 7,000 146 and the profit and loss ratio of 0.01 right now
the Bitcoin price might go high around 7,500 then drop okay how to do is you
can trade click on trade once you click on treat it will go to the trading page
you have weekly bi-weekly quarterly can click on weekly okay once you click on
weekly you’ll be able to see the price of Bitcoin right now 7150 7 and the high price which way it
went over 7000 288 and the low was 7080 and there is a volume of 3,300 636 120
and open interests of 5000 58,000 180 okay right now it’s falling that’s okay
what do you need to do is limit order trigger order to go to the limit order
click on post only and select the index price always at the index price click on
index price or 7000 143 just change it to 7000 140 to me USD and open a
condition of 100% opened long click on fine
once you click on pi the below will be the position you can see the open price
7000 I opened a little bit with coin long around 7,000 146 and margin of
0.027 and there is a negative balance okay I can close my long and I can do to
stop profit stop-loss there is an advantage of stop profit and stop-loss
and you can able to see here the equity 0.005 4 and realized profit of 0.004 and
my liquidation prices once a Bitcoin price it’s 5000 share 176 and that
amount of mine but you feel long would be liquidated okay okay it is
kind of risky to play with contract reading but if you know very well you
can do it carefully okay I have like um you can see it is around one margin
ratio of one ninety percent have a margin ratio for one ninety percent if
you go around seventy to eighty percent UV contact trading will send your
message it’s going glow can close it okay don’t worry about this pricings
okay it might dump on it my pump right now
with this falling that’s okay it might go higher Lily pretty soon and you have
markets information a bi a sport fear trading okay we are concentrated only on
contract rating if you open one contract trading you have the chances of the
bench share and then thirty thousand e OS okay and this is what exactly
contract trading is how we do it once we open the Bitcoin price goes I open sure
that the Bitcoin price is going to drop so you are in the if the Bitcoin price
goes higher than the my open position seven thousand 146 I am in profit if
it’s goes lower then it’s right down the fret count by the sound of that 141 so I
am under loss that’s okay with me let’s wait for it this is all about
contract trading and if you want to know more further about contract reading
please comment I would create further videos regarding contract ID and thanks
for watching


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