How to Sell Drugs

RYAN: How are you? RYAN: [INAUDIBLE] MAN: Yeah. RYAN: So we first met Nims
a few months ago. And after earning his trust for
a little while, he agreed to let us hang out with him. But for really obvious reasons,
a lot of the names and places that you
see in this piece are going to be withheld. RYAN: So after about a half an
hour of twists and turns down a whole bunch of streets we
didn’t recognize, we finally arrived Nims’ apartment. The walls are mostly bare, and
besides a bed and dresser and a big screen TV, it didn’t
look like anyone actually lived there. RYAN: Per week? NIMS: I could just
do it myself. RYAN: At the age of 17, Nims
was arrested with a felony weight of cocaine. Just months before his 18th
birthday, he faced the possibility of a 20 year
prison sentence. RYAN: Where did they send you? NIMS: It was three
years in jail or take the SHOCK program. Do six months of kiss ass, suck
dick too [INAUDIBLE]. They punch you. They tell you when to eat. They tell you how to
do everything. Probably worse than a
military boot camp. I wound up doing four months. If you don’t stop and think
before you do, you’re going to find yourself in trouble every
fucking time you do something. [PHONE RINGING] [MUSIC PLAYING] NIMS: 4:50. You got to sacrifice. RYAN: Over the past few years,
the volume of calls is Nims receives each day has
grown exponentially. After months of working 12 to
15 hour shifts, seven days a week, and with numerous failed
attempts, he eventually put together a reliable crew. After a quick call, he invited
us back to the stash house to meet one of them. RYAN: When we arrived at Nims’
stash house, we were surprised to find Mild. He was a crew member that we had
met on a previous shoot, but we knew he had just
been arrested. He told us all about how Nims
had covered his bail, and even brought in his own very
expensive lawyer to get Mild’s sentence reduced to probation. [PHONE RINGING] RYAN: Even with the recent
proposed [INAUDIBLE], general marijuana arrest, and an
aggressive stop and frisk, program, it was really hard to
believe that the volume of product that Nims was
distributing each week could be produced locally, under
the nose of the NYPD. NIMS: You’ve got your
[INAUDIBLE] ounces. Then you’ve got your dimes. [MUSIC PLAYING] [PHONE DINGS] RYAN: Nims’ father was a known
contract killer, employed by one of the notorious five mafia
families of New York. The number of unsolved murders associated with him is unknown. But it’s more than you can
count on one hand. RYAN: For Nims’ protection, his
father’s name, and that of the organization he worked
for, has been withheld. RYAN: Have you ever felt afraid
for retribution for some of the things that
your dad did? RYAN: But you would never take
it as far as he did? [MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Things begin to intensify
when Nims spotted a guy that he had fronted
$2,400 to make a small scale drug purchase. RYAN: When it became apparent
that the situation over the fronted money was prime to
erupt into a full on beef between the two, Nims paused our
conversation to give his partners a heads up. NIMS: Yeah, fuck them niggas. I take care of my customers. She was diagnosed a
couple months ago. 50 years of smoking cigarettes
finally caught up to her. It just gets worse and
worse day by day. [MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: What’s the first
thing you’re going to do when you’re done? So what’s better about this
current girlfriend you got? How is it different than the
girls that you’ve dated since you’ve been working? NIMS: She’s a lot
older than me. But her mind frame is where
my mind frame is. RYAN: You see a future in her? [MUSIC PLAYING]


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