How to setup a bitcoin electrum wallet

what’s going on guys how you doing today
man it’s a bloodbath out there isn’t it
well it’s a fire sound okay if you’re a
crypto knot and a nut of a crypto you
should be able to read the signs well so
what’s going on out there it’s all down
oh my gosh
anyway so today we’re not gonna worry
about that because we’re strong we’re
not weak great okay so today we’re gonna
get into how to keep your cryptocurrency
safe it’s the most important thing you
could be doing right now while we’re
going through all this let’s make
everything safe okay
and everybody’s happy this way when
you’re ready to go buy your Lambo you
know where is that okay excuse me guys
so we’re gonna do an electron Bitcoin
walk and hopefully I’ll try to make this
as sweet and short and sexy as possible
we want to go to Electra morgue and you
could google it it’ll come right up you
want to go ahead pick your operating
system whenever operating system you
want pick standalone executable one is
installer whichever one you want I just
chose the standalone executable and then
that’s going to download once that
downloads it’ll be something like this
so then we’re gonna go here and then
we’re just gonna set up a lot it’s very
very simple okay so we go there I have a
theory min there to think I’m gonna do
in a theory and wallet a lot of people
asking about that theories are a hot
should be I’m I’m pretty bullish on eath
this year too so we’ll go here right
here how do you want to connect to a
server pretty simple I’m gonna go there
and I just leave it on auto connect I
don’t pick the servers or anything like
you go here default wallet you can name
this whatever you want
just name it a BTC okay now and you can
if you already have one you can choose
your wallet right here also
so we’ll go there pick a standard wallet
for this video will do stay in the wall
if you guys want to know wallets with
two-factor Multi signature wallets stuff
like that or how to import your Bitcoin
addresses that’s more advanced so
nothing you guys I think are getting
into right now or should be at least if
you’re at this part and you really need
to pay attention and I’m gonna try to
show you how to keep your wallet as safe
as possible now you can do all this
offline doesn’t have to be online so if
I go here I’ll show you guys just I was
gonna do this before I even got on here
because I’m doing the video so doesn’t
matter I don’t need a connection
disconnect there you go so should be
disconnected now okay go next we’re
gonna create a seat I see this is what
you’re gonna use to restore your wallet
so this is very very very very very
important so you want to pay attention
you want to write all this stuff down
you want to put it in a safe place like
I said I’m doing all this offline so I
prefer when I can to do as much of this
stuff offline as possible
hackers are over so right here I’m gonna
use the standard Bitcoin we’re gonna go
here here is your seat so there’s 12
words right here so these words are very
very critical so I’m gonna take those
I’m gonna copy them because it’s gonna
ask me for them again here in a second
so I’m gonna go here I’m just gonna open
up a little notepad come on mr. notepad
there we go all right so then I’m gonna
paste that in there and then right over
here you have your scan options so if
you want to do a QR code you can put
this anywhere this is your QR code for
your seat don’t put any of this anywhere
anywhere I don’t care don’t put it
anywhere don’t show everybody I’m
showing everybody right now I don’t care
it’s not I’m not gonna use this wall I’m
gonna moron okay so you’re gonna say
that you want to copy it then we’re
gonna go next it’s gonna ask for that
seat this is the only way you’re going
to be able to unlock this once this is
done there’s nobody to call
no Microsoft Tech Support there’s no
none of that so this is very very
important I’m gonna put that there’s our
seed boom go next now we’re gonna come
up with a password look guys I’m gonna
use a simple one right here I’m not
gonna do anything real complicated but
in the same breath you don’t do that I
have a medium strength there should be a
super strength you know extra strength
whatever so come up with a password
again don’t forget it you need to get
used to using thumb drives I like them
you can secure them they have some very
robust thumb drives to keep all this on
encrypt a wallet okay you want to
encrypt that file that’s why we have
this password make this password
extremely hard okay very very hard don’t
make it easy
next it’s generating our addresses now
so that’s pretty much it right there so
hopefully my computer didn’t you know
walk you whatever I’ve been texting the
heck out of this thing so it’s gonna
make your wallet or dresses in here it’s
gonna generate them and then as you see
not connected so it can’t connect to the
block right now so nobody can get in
here my computer is not online now let’s
go here right here’s some basic
information here’s your master public
key okay you can put that anywhere it
doesn’t matter you have your password
that was a password that we just set up
to get into here and then we have our
seed that was our seed that we had under
that right okay so there’s our seed just
in case if you get back in here you’re
like hey I forgot my seat okay there it
is make a copy of it next you have your
private keys now your private keys see
everything in here is locked out so your
private keys are this you can download
them as a CSV file or a JSON JSON file
now I take these and again I export
those it’s generating right now
once it has them is gonna do 26 then you
can export them now once that’s done I
am going to the same private keys you
can label things you could put contacts
in here invoices there’s your history
you know I don’t use a lot of that stuff
to be honest with you here your
preferences if you go in here you can
set these up however you want you can
edit fees manually transactions multiple
change addresses use change address I
leave most of this stuff default for
right now if I were you don’t worry
about too much now when you go to send
you’re going to send this say to like by
Nance you’re gonna send money there well
you’re gonna go to buy Nance and you’re
gonna click deposit and it’s gonna give
you a wallet address that’s what you’re
gonna come over here and put right here
okay and then you want to put how much
and then hit send that’s it to receive
it it’s kind of the opposite here’s one
of our public addresses right here now
we’re gonna go to buy Nance and then
we’re going to receive we’re going to
withdraw so say we went on there and
bought some Bitcoin one withdrawal that
so we’ll go to buy Nance we’ll click
withdraw and then sorry about that guys
I got distracted
so we’re gonna withdraw withdrawal
they’re going to ask us for a receiving
address so we’re gonna put this address
you can go up here you can copy that and
go paste it over in finance and from
there with your seed your private keys
that I showed you guys how to backup and
your seeds which I showed you guys how
to get here are your QR codes now you
can go in here and these are your public
addresses you can put them anywhere on
the net nobody can do anything to them
and you want to back all this stuff up
so now these files I can show you are I
don’t know why this is doing that okay
but anyway so these files are naturally
stored so if we can find them over over
here over here go to your C Drive go to
where’s my users where my users right
here go to users then go to app data you
might have to go
unhide these folders go to roaming and
then electrum there it is right there so
this is what we just created your wallet
and there it is a BTC wallet if you
remember that we create it now what I
like to do is I go stuck a more secure
step forward I think I’ll or ahead I’m
gonna say that I go here and I take this
okay I take it off of here I go cut it
not copy it I cut it out and then I go
put that on a thumb drive now once I put
that on that thumb drive as I said
before I’m doing all of this offline you
put that on your thumb drive here’s what
I suggest
everybody’s going out getting the nanos
and the tracers and all that good stuff
that’s fine it’s great you can also go
here for $40 and get a flash drive
that’s military-grade secure 256-bit AES
CBC encryption 16 gigs these things I
think are pretty good alternative to
having to get a nano or the trays or and
on top of that right now they’re back
ordered so you can’t even get one for a
couple months so in the mean time and
plus you can get to through I don’t know
two three four of these for the price of
one of those so go get a couple of these
so get all that take that file there
okay the the one in the roaming folder
the electrum wallet folder take that put
everything on that drive make multiple
copies you can even separate maybe have
one drive with your wallet private keys
your seeds and whatnot on there and but
definitely make different copies of
everything okay so you can’t have enough
backups I I put one in a safe I put one
said I don’t know about it work but I
don’t you get the idea hide them all
over the place okay because if you lose
one or one dies you got backup now you
are your own thing you have to remember
that if you’re gonna play this game and
you want to be a big boy and don’t want
Big Brother telling you what to do
that’s what decentralized currency is
all about you have to be your own bank I
think security isn’t talked about enough
I want to get a little bit more in depth
and keep researching and keep trying to
come at you guys with more secure ways
to be able to do this on your own and
make it as simple as possible
a couple other ideas that you can do
aside from a USB drives if you don’t
want to spend the money on that you can
go online and get a USB encryption
software there’s a ton of them out there
do your research
there are some free ones but then some
of the other ones they’re only like I
don’t know 5 10 20 bucks I have really
done a review or anything on those kind
of stay and focus on this to me the best
thing is go to Amazon buy you a few of
those USB drives that are encrypted most
of what a lot of them are dust proof
water proof you i’ve had them go through
the washer and dryer before and they’re
fun so they’re pretty resilient so
anyways that’s the bitcoin wallet i
think that should be about everything i
can’t think of too much of anything else
if you guys need to know something else
leave it in the comments below
I appreciate you don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel show me some
and this has been a big
electrum wallet set up so hope you guys
liked it and we’ll talk at you soon all
right guys I’m gonna do an etherium
wallet next if you guys want a different
wallet or you know card Ana or litecoin
or something like that all them are
pretty simple but the main thing is just
remember doing as much of this offline
as you can and then back them up put
them on multiple drives keep your keys
keep your seeds don’t forget your
passwords back up back up back up back
up back everything up okay alright you
guys be safe and if you need anything
else hit me up and we’ll keep doing some
more videos I’m gonna get Rumer a
hardcore and security this year I think
it’s a big big thing so if anybody needs
anything else let me know we’ll get
sting care thanks guys

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