How to Turn Your Bitcoin Into Naira Instantly

Welcome to Paxful school today, we’ll be going over how you can easily and instantly turn your bitcoin into Naira
As always login to your Paxful account to get started, before we proceed you’ll need to have an existing offer
Take note when creating your offer choose Nigeria bank transfers as your payment method
If you need to jog your memory on creating an offer check out our previous video, which we’ll link in the description below
Let’s try searching for someone else’s existing offer
To demonstrate we’ve decided on an amount of 50 and selected an Naira as the currency and for our payment method we’ve chosen
Nigeria bank transfer as
You can see there are several offers that are accepting Naira in exchange for Bitcoin
Once you’ve found an offer that interest you click the read more details about the seller and the offer terms
Let’s imagine. This is your offer
Once someone chooses it and begin to trade with you
You’ll supply your bank information to the buyer the buyer will then perceive this in the naira directly to your bank account
next you should check and confirm whether or not you’ve received the payment by either logging in to your bank account or
By asking for a proof of payment which could be a picture of the deposit slip
Once you’ve confirmed the payment went through successfully you can release the Bitcoin to your buyer and complete the transaction
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