How To Withdraw Cryptocurrency From Binance

in this case will withdraw to a material wallet code minor wallet which is an offline it Syrian based wallet to do that first and foremost we’ll go to my to wallet calm if you don’t have an address yet I encourage you to make one from the left hand side by clicking new wallet in our case we already logged in so we’ll simply copy the address and now make sure you remember at least the last three numbers for verification purpose once we have the address copied we’ll go back to violence will go to funds on the right side withdrawals will select the currency of our choice a Tyrian and on the eth withdraw address we’ll click use new address in the label will write my wallet and in address will paste the address from the aterial wallet and again the last three numbers make sure you remember them for ATM there is a minimum of 0.02 etherium which is under six US dollars this is the minimum withdrawal amount we’ll click in amount available balance in our case we’ll withdraw 0.06 a Tyrian we have the transaction fee and the amount that will receive after the transaction fee is taken into consideration to withdraw simply click Submit here will input our Google authentication code an email will be sent to your email we’ll go there click on the email and click on the button confirm withdraw your withdrawal request is now successful you can view the transaction on depositing withdraw history you can see that it’s processing as you can see now we have our text ID when you click on it you will see the confirmation of the transaction the number of blocks and the status which is success now we can confirm this by going to our terrain wallet click on view wallet info key store JSON file select write your password and click on lock there you have it our 0.051 ETH

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