I went to the BIG STORE! | June 2019 Dollar Tree Come Shop with ME !

We got some neighbors Hello, how you doing Oh Seriously they’re just gonna camp out here … All right closing the sunroof , that was giving me a really good lighting though oh they’re leaving they are leaving Come on, dude, start the car for her. It’s hot No wonder they were bickering when they got to the car You gonna be single soon hunty Oh Lord My goodness, look at the first thing. I’m finding These bins that I love in navy blue. Oh and in gray, I Wish they had white I’m loving these This bowl is like everything wait, I think I need that in my life. Ooh I’ve been throwing these away like crazy. So I take this one. That’s all ripped so they don’t have to deal with it I remember everyone was looking for these last year. I actually just melted butter in mine and then I couldn’t get it out So I threw mine away is there just one here. Yeah pick up one of these love these I’m wondering if I should get my son the Blue ones or the gray ones for his room Actually, the two colors together look good. These are kind of new also these basket weave trash cans I guess it can be used as anything but even a planter Actually, that’d be kind of sweet. Oh, look. I saw these in the store last week. I Have so many little trinket jars though What other flavor oh look here’s more Where they’re hiding oh, oh I like this I like it a lot like a real life This caramel one really smells good. I Thought I didn’t need this but now I do Alright, what’s hiding down here. Look at all these new diffusers The one I got at Christmas did not do a whole lot But this is looks like a totally different on and everyone is keeping up this one the citrus one That’s smart. Very smart. All right, I’m gonna try that one, too Are these old news y’all like how pretty for those though? Like where can I add a pop of color? on the porch You guys why is this store the best Wait, what is this? Oh Look at these new votives Votive holders. They have like a metallic sheen These are still here. These are super pretty How come the other stores don’t have all this stuff oh Wow, these are really pretty you could use these at a wedding reception to decorate somewhere Look there’s more and then there was more Stop at Dollar Tree is showing off Love this unicorn All right back to this so look, that is so pretty There are any more colors Another green. They’re really pretty though Oh a teal one like lacking a little pigment though Is this one a new one? Oh, it’s man That’s vibes. I Like that a lot Guys I’ve been watching these Brittain shows on YouTube they just I love how they talk They’re like they get to say bits and bobs and they say other really cool words They have these and new colors – oh my gracious why haven’t I been out there I Really like the pearly white where is this one even better? This one’s better. Oh My gosh, my sister said there was an elephant and I didn’t believe her And I yelled at her for not taking a picture and showing me that is so cute Okay, they wanted one my sister and her husband and I feel like I have to have one because their good luck So here we go Animals dog look at this Turns a house into a home no one can see them down there. Oh No way My chalk first, I gotta try this I mean I do videos on dollar tree I happen to find out what this is about these are my favorite new pens to write with at work and my boss – Really almost like a marker. They are everything. You need to try that. Look how pretty these are That would look cool painted white Seem with this one and then they just look pretty as is Love it all some crackle glass That’s so interesting Huh? I really want to get an apple watching like I was about to and then they had it on the news how it’s not good for you To have it around your wrist all the time. Oh look at its hello I’m all about this That’s what I need some more glue Multipurpose cement dries clear quick hold rigid bond Water-resistant precision nails all wood metal ceramic now. Look at this you used to get four now all of a sudden you get 2 and Look here’s some Elmer’s wood filler We hit the jackpot over here two ounces Stainable. I don’t think I have any holes to fill out the moment But thank you anyway Okay, so I picked this up for Braden. I think it’s gonna new and you have to hold it to semi close to the wall The ceiling actually was too far but either way, it’s really cool for a dollar Just be careful little pieces breaking in there kid getting it probably this looks so cool Is this now I’m trying to get these to stick under my cabinets and they won’t stick So I’ve given up on that I’ve been finding some good things in this aisle lately So, let’s see what we find today. I use this Pantene. It’s interesting. It’s actually Lake all golden color the shampoo is So, I don’t know I really liked it coconut oil Single-use rinse out carefully For frizzy hair. Oh, we should keep this at my house Makeup you could put spices in me. I Just pick up one for now. This is a great find Organizational or organization hauler. Oh cool. They have this kind – what’s this one? Really is Olive oil. Oh, look, they even have more. Okay, they have like three different blends of this this one Was this this toothbrush comes with a car? Brush buddies Love that I buy all my toothbrushes for my son here. I have a million. I Can’t believe it. There’s no line right here right now So as much as I want to rush out of here, but look at this long-lasting lip tint that’s what I’ve really been about lately is things that stain my lips and then I can just wipe it off and Put chapstick over or something Shut the front door I was just thinking before I came here when I set my makeup that Dollar Tree Really needs to carry a setting spray. And here it is. Was that like ESP or something? Oh My gosh I cannot wait to try this Cannot wait. Oh Oh, wait a second. This is a sugar lip scrub. So that’s why it looks like that I’m gonna try this and I’m really excited about it Look at these cute kid nails And I just got some 5 below because they didn’t have any cute ones here This kingdom a mermaid bag These are so cute For a little girl. Oh you guys I’m coming here. What look at these. These are loud and proud They look just like the clip just like the hair clip. I just picked up That’s so funny What else is hiding back here? Oh These are just deer maybe I should get peas for the mermaid bag instead of the green ones because oh my gosh look at these Because the green ones are a little loud for a little girl. Oh wow I haven’t seen this shade of Alamein any of the stores. That’s probably a good base of cream color. Also, I Organized this whole aisle cuz that’s what I do None of them It’s too much I’m probably gonna get the Walmart Get sticky tags from a Walmart Wow look at these chic little placemats Really nice I’m gonna get one am I gonna regret not getting more maybe? Just maybe I Used that just drying that a lot and then when it gets gross I just throw it away Okay, you guys were almost done. Thanks for sticking to the end with me I found these Harry Potter items and I lost the footage, but I wanted to show them to you The one on the left is two journals. They’re lined two of them And then on the right is a little keychain that actually lights up. I thought that was really cool that Was such a successful Dollar Tree trip you all I really hope you had fun. I am obsessed with those Table mats the placemats. They are so nice the lady at the register talked me into getting more I hope you liked this video if you did make sure to hit the thumbs up and make sure to subscribe I’ll see you on the next one guy You


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