I Will Derive – Ethereum Song (I Will Survive, Vitalik ETH Remix)

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
With the recession and the banks taking me for a ride
I spent so many nights, thinking how I played along
Putting fiat in the system thinking they’d never do me wrong
Now that you’re here Oh Vitalik
Help me exchange this fiat trash for ETH I want to buy it quick
I held my 12 word seed and my ledger in the back, not knowing if you’re real or just
an ICO attack Oh you were young
Just 21; A smarter man than I you started coding just for fun
You were the one who I’d stay up for at night I wouldn’t give away my ETH
I wouldn’t sell the hype Oh Vitalik
How you saved me Now I’m indebted in your honor and decentralized
currency I’ve got *BLEEP*coins left to trade
I’ve got whales to evade And I’ll derive, from your white paper I’ve
researched and analyzed I will derive MUSICAL INTERLUDE 1:11
Ether gave me strength not to fall apart I spent so many nights watching *BLEEP*coin
charts January hit and the future was realized Mass
adoptions coming up But I won’t buy at all time highs
I’ll buy the dip Won’t sell too soon
You showed me that any man could HODL to the moon
You publicized your face so I can trust you’re real like me Theres others I can say less
of When lambo Satoshi?
Oh Vitalik Your time well spent
Brought the market cap up by 2000% Weren’t you the one who became decentralized,
I mean it when I say, you’re not like other guys!
Now so am I, decentralized Controlling my own money and I still derive
From the whitepapers I’ve seen and tokens in the green I will derive
I I I will derive


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