I would rather own Ethereum than Gold & Silver! Bitcoin manipulation Tether FUD, Stellar burn

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get into that let’s get into the real
nitty gritty what’s going on here Nick
Carter has a tweet which I love this
sums up so much in the space the Venn
diagram of people who don’t believe in
markets the rather see conspiracies and
manipulations everywhere has a perfect
overlap with people who are not active
in those markets it’s exclusively the
purview of outsiders to claim the
markets are somehow false yeah no
pointers no pointers conspiracy
theorists yeah very similar there’s a
big overlap people like to come up with
all sorts of theories about things they
know nothing about but they have no
experience in into not participating it
so what is this what am I getting to
hear there’s a new bloomberg article
which is really an old Bloomberg article
about an old report which they say is a
new well they think it’s people make it
like it’s a new report there’s
manipulation tether manipulation calls
the 2017 price spike why must we go
there again
well it’s all cyclical the same type of
thought it comes around around again
this kind of didn’t free too many people
out and the people commenting on the
article in the tweet from Bloomberg I
mean they rip it to shreds I mean if you
want to see why this is interesting a
crazed off a crazed argument but here we
go here’s the argument a lone whale was
behind Bitcoin manipulation in 2017
Texas academic says it’s linked to below
and so someone in the thread it’s
classic does it something like this get
published every six months or so is it
the same article and someone says yes
the original author made an update to
their paper so blue
is running it like it’s a news story hey
man it’s it’s fun it gets clickbait
Bloomberg’s got to do what Bloomberg’s
got to do they get the 80 percenters to
get the people saying well I’m glad I’m
not I’m glad I’m not in a manipulated
market whatever that means
uh-huh I’m glad I gave our own Bitcoin
this is what these articles are for for
those type of people good personal
responsibility is a new counterculture
you’re the same person comes up with
conspiracies who in the end of the day
says oh why why did all these uh rich
people end up with big point it’s just a
conspiracy no they weren’t rich
originally they were long-term thinkers
and they didn’t give in to Fudd like
this and they actually participated in
the markets and what they just weren’t
no pointers like you but hey no pointers
conspiracy theorists excuse makers
they’re not in motion that’s their
that’s their way I loved what Nick said
about them now moving on here and not
miss focusing on this is a story a
little bit more I’m gonna give it two
more minutes of attention law master who
I don’t always agree with he says I have
now read the entire updated paper by
Griffin and shams shams and I have to
say that it’s still riddled with errors
and founded fundamental
misunderstandings about how the stable
coin deposits and redemption work there
is still no proof that there was market
manipulation okay great great God people
will still hey terrified end-of-the-year
someone will be saying yup it’s the
price is only going up because tether
manipulation because there’s only one
there’s one mysterious guy behind the
they used tether to pump up the price to
twenty thousand look at you can believe
that if you want to believe that and
again someone in here says I’m pretty
sure the silver market is rigged to yeah
and someone says the stock market is
rigged what’s rate I mean what is what
is really real what do you mean what do
you mean by rate
I mean is it some good some huge
conspiracy no I mean there’s there’s
market players that try to scare people
they’re trying to say things they try to
buy up a lot and sell a lot and try to
freak people out that’s part of the
market that’s part of the market I don’t
believe in this rigging stuff the I
it’s all a bunch of you in any market
it’s a bunch of mixture the government
comes in does certain things is that rig
it’s it’s a strong word rigged is a
strong word hey greetings from a Cape
Town South Africa but I will tell you
this bitcoin this game is not great
pound that like but there’s no doubt
about that
it’s it’s all out in the open but yeah
hey greetings from Cape Town South
Africa beautiful I love Cape Town South
Africa haven’t been there since 2015 but
I love all the people of South Africa I
am I am with the people of South Africa
I am against the government of South
Africa bring that for her horrifying
government down okay that that steals
land from its own people redistribute
okay so let’s talk about gold versus
Syria go gold in a theory but precious
metals gold silver you know someone just
brought up silver and I wanna I want to
bring up something I think there are a
lot of people out there that are blind
to the fact that
etherium is being worked on there are
real people that are working on a theory
now again I like and I and you got to
understand that Bitcoin in the fear are
totally different things
Bitcoin is freaking money okay it’s the
real thing it’s limited supply okay
store about you it’s a store of value
it’s a real store guy that’s not what a
theorem is trying to be at all okay are
you right now they don’t even have limit
they’ll have a limit one day I assume
but it’s a way to build all these uh
fascinating new defy and the world
computer whatever whatever is supposed
to be that’s not what bitcoin is there
are apples and oranges and we’ve have
plenty of people on the show say that
but I also want to say there’s many many
many alt coins out there many all coins
how many have as many people working on
them as as the theory on it none none
okay it’s in a whole another world
that’s why I always say aetherium is the
next aetherium yeah
I value my wealth in Bitcoin okay that’s
I think everyone should value their
wealth in Bitcoin but then we’re going
to come to another question here we come
to there’s a theoretical question
here it would you rather own if someone
if you could buy something now you could
buy either some type of precious metal
gold silver let’s say gold that’s the
best one or aetherium and you would have
to hold on to it until at least 2021
until at least two hundred ten thousand
blocks after the Bitcoin all-time high
which one would you rather which one
would you rather buy right now which one
would you rather buy and then you didn’t
even have to and so and then at that
point at two hundred ten thousand bucks
after the Bitcoin all-time high which
isn’t in 2021 it’s four years from 2017
which one would you rather have gold or
aetherium now what type of development
is going on with gold right now gold is
used as shorts it’s used for for
computers it’s used to build stuff he
strode spaceships okay
okay it being mine alright not much it’s
not much is changing it’s not really
changing the world that much it’s been
doing what’s been doing for years it is
a it can’t do that it has a purpose now
what will be going on with aetherium
over these next two years okay we’ve got
all these people building all this stuff
that I don’t even fully understand all
this deep buy stuff and a lot of it is
buzzwords a lot of it is going to bail
easy a lot of this going to bail at the
same time if we we go buy a two hundred
ten thousand block theory in two years
around November if it’s true Bitcoin
will be worth more than it was before
hand and we will be in a Y oldham market
again with all these newbies coming into
the space with all these people all of a
sudden interested in cryptocurrency
again will that be happening with gold
no no gold will be still gold okay you
can say well maybe there would be a
great depression and then this very
interesting in order for gold to be
doing well apparently there will have to
be a Great Depression the world will
have to fall apart something bad but in
order for aetherium debt to do well it’s
it’s building its new stuff here it’s
innovation very interesting very
interesting and I am one that believes
that we are in any golden age here I am
actually one who believes that so many
theories about stuff going horribly
just doesn’t happen we have my entire
lifetime things have just gotten better
better better better better better we’ve
had there have been recessions all right
did people move on people lose some
people lose some people some great
things come out of recessions so great
thing there was uh you not around 9/11
we had a recession out of that came a
lot of great things out of that down
period I mean Facebook came around after
that Google really went to the moon
after that things happen things keep
getting better here so I want to say
that a theory of people like to say that
Bitcoin to gold they’re like they’re
like friends well how exactly are they
associated you I mean they’re stores of
value indeed but how can I can I easily
turn my Bitcoin into gold can I turn my
it’s a Bitcoin how can I do that you’ve
got to go down to the corner store that
has comic book guy working at it okay
you see comic book guy working at your
gold place he’s got his butt cleavage
hanging out and you say okay comic book
guy here is my gold
I need Bitcoin no I’m not going to you
BIC when I give you some dollars and
then he decides how much it’s worth
although these are and it’s not what
it’s worth on your computer when it’s
listed it’s what comic book guy says
when he I think he’s gonna make sure
it’s real so it’s gonna take a little
while now let’s say I have some
aetherium and I want to turn that in the
Bitcoin I go to bisque I anonymously do
it in two seconds okay there is there
some liquidity here between any
cryptocurrency and big coin I mean this
is one of the glorious parts of theory
or or any really any cryptocurrency why
the original inspiration for this video
is if there was a video someone was
asking me about gold and I said I’d
rather have like coin and I think the
reason I said that is because you know
if I had like when I couldn’t ring I
could turn it into Bitcoin so easily
same thing with the theory you could
turn it into Bitcoin so easily
a theory of and bitcoin are friends okay
like it or not they they’re apples and
oranges they can be turned into one
another anonymously two seconds on
bisque you don’t have to wait around
comic book guy doesn’t have to do it you
don’t have to go to a physical location
this is what I’m describing about gold
in the big coin this is the old world
why do we even what is what’s up with
you mean you could be in that or old
world but do you see why
ethereal is in that new world there you
don’t have to worry about what comic
book guy says it’s worth you it’s on our
business a real exchange is what the
market says it’s worth it’s what the
market says it’s worth right so there’s
there’s a positive for aetherium also
you turn it in the big coin in two
seconds you don’t have to rely on comic
book guy to tell you to say oh this is
fake or I’m gonna give you half the
price sir you just gonna take five days
so yeah theorem is part of this digital
golden age and I would have rat in 2021
right now I would rather have a piece of
the digital golden age than a piece of
the pie from the doom past the due pass
that never worked out the doom that
never happened in fact I mean you have
to think in terms of young people today
I mean what are they gonna be what are
they gonna be a part of the digital
future or the doom past that never
destruction doesn’t happen in reality
that’s what I was saying before
innovation does sure we have minor
destructions here there and whatever but
innovation is what keeps the society
growing we do not have major you know we
have world wars and everything like that
do you think that’s happening to the
United States still would that be I mean
do you want to be involved with
something where I’m giving the gold
because I think there’s gonna be a
thermonuclear war I mean you can have
bigger problems you can have bigger
problems innovation happens destruction
it’s happened in the past wouldn’t worry
about it too much but yeah theoretically
you could have so much could go wrong
theoretically theoretically I’m into
reality I’m into Bitcoin and Bitcoin is
cryptocurrency is the reality here young
people innovating with aetherium young
people valuing bitcoin also people
having aetherium conferences again you
might not like
Vitalik you might not like this a
dictator over a cryptocurrency but hey
bitcoin is living Gold’s dreamy ball so
that’s another thing
and any people gonna ask me a lot silver
and other precious metals it’s just as
ridiculous as gone I mean now innovation
versus Peter Schiff now go back to the
dictator aspect of again I wonder I want
to remind everyone this is all
theoretical I’m not telling you to buy
aetherium at all
I’m telling you bitcoin value about the
Bitcoin I’m the bitcoinmeister I got the
big coin right pound that like button
now because some people get confused
okay so someone here says there’s a
little argument going on over there
we’re not going to say that here we
going where we going here innovation
versus Peter shit oh yeah
China dictators now China is China
successful yeah China is is successful
with what they do they’re not a
democracy at all do I like the way China
operates no but with their dictator type
of Politburo type of leadership
we’re just they a lone few make
important decisions it’s very efficient
it’s very efficient and okay I’m glad we
don’t have that in Bitcoin at all that
one person can just say no we’re going
to go in this direction we’re gonna go
in another direction but it is efficient
they have a dictator in aetherium so I’m
gonna tell you they’re scaling problems
there are problems that everyone keeps
on putting out up putting out there that
there goes that you know all these
people are saying the theorem is gonna
fail no their dictator will figure out a
way he will say this is the way it’s
going to be they will fix it that’s it
ethereal is the real corporate coin
because it’s it’s not it’s not BS like
like Ripple okay Ripple dreams of being
accepted by mainstream and big entities
like a theorem is and will be an
ethereal you can actually build on and
again corporations are gonna have like a
theorem because they think it’s gonna be
the next Bitcoin they have a lot of
saying it they like that a dictator
could just say this is the way we’re
going to go they can build stuff on
it’s early can you do that with ripple
so a theorem is its do I’d like
corporate coins do I’d like cones that
are going to balance in the way of a of
corporations possibly no but it did
people value that stuff okay we’ve had
guests from the show that that have
talked about the etherium to build the
private blockchains what do I believe in
all that stuff do I believe in all this
Pope words no but this is what’s going
on right now this is the reality on the
ground so a lot of this stuff is failing
it’s gonna fail that they think you
would a theory but there are a lot they
tremendous and this is the future
clearly clearly this is the future
what’s go what’s gold
what do you it’s just around the corner
it’s gonna go to the moon everyone’s
been saying since 1982 blah blah blah
what would be again it has some
industrial value but what where’s the
real outside outside is in the downside
of the world if the world freakin has an
initial award then yeah it’s great to
have gold you really want to be in that
world I mean this is it’s unbelievable
but it this is for the doom and gloom
earth gold is truly for it’s such a
negative space to Buuren because
everything around it for it to succeed
things have to go wrong an answer winner
said that he was so happy once he was in
the Gold Bug anymore once he got the
Bitcoin space because there were so much
positivity and around the theorem
there’s a lot of positivity too
there’s so much potential in there so no
doubt about it if you handed me a theory
on more gold I would really let me have
that aetherium please give me that a
theory give me that
because I mean if worse comes to worse
at all Sony dropped after 2021 and
returning the Bitcoin in one second gold
you can’t even do that so yeah so how
likely is gold and silver to do well in
this modern real world not the fancy new
world not the fantasy new world in the
modern real world that keeps on getting
better and better better how like how
likely are the youth of America are
going to be like yeah I got silver I’m
stacking silver it compared to the
reality of people building stuff on a
these young kids learning about
technology right now the real world
beats theory the real world beats theory
we’re go wake up look outside look
what’s going on there’s a fear I’m
walking around Tel Aviv people are
talking about a fear and people haven’t
etherion Congress are they buying gold
is the world falling apart is there a
nuclear war No so I want to end this
topic on a guy I had on the show before
Chris black and Chris is a smart guy
he’s a marketing type of guy he likes
Bitcoin he’s gone toward that defy
etherium side of the world and oh good
like some was got a question about Max
Keiser I’m going to answer that question
miss he’s a do more to max is really a
dude on a certain level I’m not a fan of
his at all but and he’s a clickbait he’s
a click Boehner but the Chris with Chris
black he’s got a video that I link to
below it’s about defy and an innovation
and aetherium and he likes this his
business he likes a theorem I like big
but compare the tongue of his video to
the ones of a Doug Casey
and all the other gold Peter Schiff all
the ones that talk about gold what’s the
one not I can’t remember his name
anymore the one that andy andy hoffman
used to be on this show i haven’t
watched it for so long
he’s a good guys from the midwest he’s
from Missouri he’s a nice guy but the
tone of all these doom and gloom shows
about gold the ones all the videos you
hear about gold about old gold is going
to be it all involves something Greg
hunter Frank hunter I can’t think of his
name but compared great hunter theme
show to tone the tone of the show to
what this video that Chris has out there
and there is there is just no comparison
there is no comparison so yeah I would
much rather be involved and with the
fury of them big coin hold etherium
they’re not sharp sorry I did was think
pal Mac face I would rather sum of I use
that clipper gets you
Russ rather be involved aetherium than
gold and aetherium is but we’re positive
in gold so going so fast here we don’t
stay in the past we move to the future
and sometimes when we’re moving through
the future like with the dot-com thing
with all that experimentation
experimentation there are huge mistakes
but we’re moving to the future we come
out stronger we’re not waiting for
things to get worse we’re just rolling
with the punches going toward the future
and yeah that’s right
that’s why cryptocurrency as a whole is
positive that’s why I have no problem
with people doing icos and this that the
other this is where the big boys play
did your own research
you know what bitcoin is the real thing
it’s gambling with the others and yeah
it is gambling to a certain level with
etherium but a theorems clearly the
Nexen theory I’m also I’m not going to
stifle honest and innovating I’m not
here to stay for honest innovation and
that’s that’s what’s going on with
etherium there is honest innovation
there Bitcoin went through the trials
and tribulations of scaling and drama in
2016 and 17 and people said that it was
gonna fail them and but ever and then
people said it was much stronger once it
made it through its scaling debate and
then no other coin had come close to
even going through those trials and
tribulations and those tests and
aetherium is going through all of that
right now and it’s going to make it out
but it’s got a dictator it’s got a
Politburo they’re gonna do it
differently I don’t like the way they’re
doing it how they’re gonna win they’re
scaling debate how they’re gonna fix it
how they’re gonna make it work they’re
gonna make it work because they got a
just like China makes it works pounds
that pound that like button again
Bitcoin is the one but I would rather
much rather have aetherium think gold
any other day of the week okay and yes
so both of them big coin at aetherium it
can exist in the same word world they
can thrive they can survive in together
and III do want to point out that tapi
arrow of the tapi arrow trillion dollar
line caitlyn long finance people like
david nage they
all talking about this they have
mentioned aetherium in various ways
they’re not blindly saying blockchain
not Bitcoin they’re saying you know a
theory I’m D Phi D Phi can be a little
catchphrase e and everything but no
there there are people in the finance
world that are putting lots of money
into this D Phi thing which is all based
around a theory so that is that alone
shows you are they all flowing in the
gold or they’re saying gold is delayed
there’s some people they’re like let I
want to protect my wealth with gold okay
and I understand I understand that with
a certain basic level I want to prep but
E you’re just protecting yourself
alright and the only way it’s mooning is
if we’re going down the toilet okay and
we’re not going down the toilet
innovation is coming and you want to be
it’s just like it back in the day if you
were saying well this Google thing I
don’t exactly understand what they’re
doing this Google stock it’s all about
innovation I don’t get it what you know
Yahoo is a pretty good search engine
isn’t it I would just rather have gold
then then Google stock you know that was
a tremendous mistake you want to be
around the innovator it’s not the past
all right so here’s the question Robert
a Wilson said did you hear Mac’s
Kaiser’s insider insider info about
China revealing soon previously
undisclosed hoard of gold plus the
digital RMB being backed by it I have
heard people mention it I think it’s
total BS
I think it’s total stuff to get doing
foreigners to keep on watching him we
will never know if Jeff who cares if
they buy a bunch of gold and back a
crypto buy gold what does that mean what
does that mean it’s nothing that’s
nothing it’s not a real crypto currency
it’s AIT’s a catchphrase it’s all these
do and God and the people have been like
emailing you about the stuffer the
sending me the DMS or whatever it is
nonsense it is gene it is ridicu tears
about China buying gold who cares and
whether it’s a secret
they’re really connecting their
cryptocurrency to their magical stash of
gold they have so much gold who if
you’re so much cold
what does that matter in today’s world
what does that matter in today’s world
seriously as a country the united states
of america can crimp up all the dollars
they want you and that means a lot more
than China buying up a bunch of gold
that’s the reality on the ground it
doesn’t matter if you’re hoarding gold
and you’re gonna connect it to your
magical centralized RMB cryptocurrency
or whatever that’s not how the world
really works the 80 percenters value
their wealth of freakin dollars from
Zimbabwe the frickin Detroit to LA to
wherever to my cousin the east to
Eastern Europe they’re not magic gonna
say oh I’m gonna get in the ring MB now
because of gold and China and China who
cares it’s any spine not even happening
these guys at Max Keiser have been
talking about this gold chunda nonsense
for years and the United States just
gets keeping getting keep gets more
powerful the people get more richer more
spoiled every single day by printing up
those dollars and the smartest of the
smart of those Westerners getting the
big point busy that’s not gonna get
inflated the way that’s not going to be
controlled by China China’s wind China’s
will or whatever alright so I think it’s
absolutely ridiculous that people take
that Max Keiser BS seriously about
shining gold we can hear him it for so
go ahead make my day and make the secret
announcement about your goal that crypto
it’s nonsense it’s so it’s such nonsense
it won’t do a thing to the world and
won’t do with wood china shook a real a
real thing to try to show you they
should be buying Bitcoin that would make
them a lot richer that would make them a
lot richer okay they’d have value they’d
be buying more tanks to suppress their
people but the whole gold and rememba
thing yeah they’re not that’s not gonna
stop their people from rebelling against
them eventually which they eventually
will they eventually will there but Pak
Chinese week for that reason but their
people are not free they’re not people
are not free that that’s the magical
thing magical thing that that’s that’s
holding them back alright if they
actually were free if they actually let
people speak if they didn’t put people
in concentration camps but Muslims and
camps they be in a much better shape
with with their Kirk their curtsy has no
valid outside it outside of China has no
value outside of China none of that
completely ridiculous all right but
again mu max this is who max appeals to
to people who believe in conspiracies I
believe that the whole the United States
is going down the tube and the whole the
whole dollar based world is going down
the tube
he hates the United States he hates the
UA says he hates the Western world Max
Keiser and I for that I’m not a big fan
of his at all not a big fan of his at
all why does it max take some more money
from Iran why does it he takes a more
dirty money from Iran that piece of crud
Max Keiser with his China and gold
predictions you should go live in Iran
alright that’s so that’s what I think
about the nonsense from people like him
complete nonsense and again people he
likes Bickley that’s great and that’s
the beauty of Bitcoin someone who’s an
enemy like Max Keiser and who would be a
personal enemy of mine he can earn big
he can talk a bit quick and it just
makes me richer that is the beauty of
Bitcoin but talking about secret
cryptocurrencies of China and then
buying gold
it’s nonsense he makes no difference to
you and me at all and they won’t even be
able to oppress their people any more
more so with that nonsense
none be in whatever alright so and yeah
it is unfortunate to China precedent I
I’m totally against them oppressing
their people and and but it is it is a
phishing currently having their dictator
over there it’s very efficient way to
run a country and you just would you
just say hey we’re taking your land
we’re building a subway we’re building a
new city on your land that’s it you can
do nothing about it
but these America haters it’s so based
on Western hate all these weird
predictions about gold and China it’s a
it’s clearly it’s envy it’s envy of the
Western world everywhere everywhere I go
on this plant they want to be like us in
the United States they want to be as fat
and rich as the Americans okay or as the
Australians are as the New Zealanders or
the whole Western Way of life all right
that people right now it’s become so
comfortable this world that people enjoy
disease I mean like worrying about
transgenders is
big thing I mean your life is over if
some transgender personally California
that you’ve never met is being you can’t
cut themselves off or something like
that I mean this is the spoiled Western
world that we’re living me how wealthy
enriched we are right now and it’s it’s
gonna get yeah there’s a lot of
decadence II in it but it keeps on going
it’s fueled by that dollar people value
their wealth in that in the dollar and
people aren’t going to stop that and
bitcoin is gonna stop them from doing
either China is not gonna stop them Bay
because 80 percenters people want stuff
people want stuff the 80 percenters
wants stuff you know that you can see
and so you could be on the overlay you
don’t have to worry about all that
nonsense to keep up with the Joneses but
people are gonna keep on keeping up with
the Joneses that’s what values that’s
what puts value into the dollar the
consumer economy that’s what keeps it
going and the whole it’s it’s not
falling apart people are always going to
want more and more and more we’re going
to keep on having innovation yes we’re
sure they’re gonna be slips in the way
so on that note Nick Carter not on the
no comment like when he talks about
stellar burning itself alright that they
had a bunch of stellar they got rid of
it I’m bringing up this story because I
thought it was an interesting experiment
would be private burnt some of their
there’d be private so when I’m gonna
coin burns itself it just gets rid of
some of its tremendous
they tremendous amount of it that’s out
out there it’s supposedly should call
some deflation and the price the value
of the stellar should increase so it did
increase a little bit but here we go go
I’ll be the first this with Nick set
I’ll be the first one to point out the
fact that X that stellar is only 20% of
the news 20 is only up 20% on the news
instead of a hundred percent that 50%
supply is being where is this is being
burned is solid evidence against the
burns are deflationary thesis so they
burned 50 percent of their freakin
supply and it only caused whatever at 10
percent jump or something but again and
he says on the one hand they burned the
lumens they burned the stellar on the
other hand a single entity
had unilateral discretion over 50% of
the supply so that does a huge but
that’s something hugely consider too for
all you Alcorn speculators who want to
get into nonsense huge numbers in so
many Stellar’s out there and then also
one day some dictator to say okay yeah
we’re just gonna get rid of half what
else does that mean that they can do
what else
I mean who know that’s why you don’t
mess around these off lines that’s why
you don’t hold these off points but you
don’t know what with the their so based
on nothing and there’s so many of them
and they have to try so many gimmicks
that you don’t know what gimmick their
dictator is gonna cause the dictator is
gonna pull that so yeah another reason
not to gamble
people tell me a stellar and rippling
nonsense like that and finally finally
we got uh see we got a we got a a
LinkedIn story that I did someone copied
me on on Twitter and it’s what’s it
called fuel the the middle-class fuels
the the American system basically and my
opinion is that the middle class is he
talks out the middle class being the
battery of society and I said I agree I
think the middle class the United States
is the battery the power society and it
gets tapped into through taxes and they
can opt out in the Bitcoin they don’t
have to be the battery of the of the
United States of America anymore I mean
they their power is just getting totally
sucked on by the United States it’s what
what keeps the system going as I alluded
to before some will get into Bitcoin but
most one and the system will continue as
I said and I like this guy’s battery
comparison comparing the big comparing
the middle class of the United States to
a battery so check that out that is
linked to below there the Energizer
Bunny they keep going and going and
going people keep yeah you don’t have to
be there you don’t have to people
keeping up with the Joneses you’ve been
getting to the big point overlay you
don’t have to be the battery of the
United States anymore but most
middle-class or 80 percenters they want
to impress the wife the kids they don’t
have the next big car that
keeps the system going and it’s going to
continue that’s human nature
they won’t stop they want freaking stuff
you don’t have to want stuff being
individual you don’t have to be the code
part of the collective of stuff fitting
in is overrated but it’s hard it’s hard
to to be an individual and getting
outside the system and it’s always fun
to buy to buy into the mainstream or to
buy into the conspiracy series to blame
the blame and gain the blame game yeah
I’m not down I’m not down with any of
that I’m down with personal
responsibility China isn’t controlling
me Bernie isn’t controlling me I’m
controlling and if I lose out it isn’t
because of some magical banker or some
magical conspiracy I did something wrong
I’m gonna and if if something changes in
the environment I’m going to alter my
way so I can continue to be successful
take responsibility of your scope over
yourself don’t try to come up with
magical whimsical theories that explain
away all your problems and you know
looking forward to the net you know if
you look forward to the whole world
falling apart
again with the Max Keiser way of
thinking because that’s hey that’s where
you do be my guest
you think China’s gonna you know destroy
everything the whole world’s the United
States is horrible we’re the evil empire
blah blah blah dollar dollar going down
the toilet saying that for ten years all
okay and so Robert says whereas I mostly
agree with you I think we are about to
see events of similar character
ultimately driving the smart money and
attention to the inevitable BTC I think
there will be there could be events I
mean we’re constantly you know housing
prices are constantly going up they’re
constantly going up because they 80
percenters buying into the inflation
game they’re constantly going up so
smart people should instead of buying
real estate they should be getting in
the Bitcoin and so will but it’s not
gonna be this huge like everyone’s good
there’s not gonna be hyper Bitcoin
there’s a joke there are there are
inflationary aspects of the economy
are the hyperinflationary no they’re not
hyperinflation there in the United
States and so yeah that’s what I say 20%
there’s real wise up but the 20% ur
producer term it’s very important to
analyze what that means
20% means at most only 20% of the people
are smart enough or awake enough to know
to even get into this type of thing so
and how many of them will actually do it
so that’s why you are so special out
there if you’re already in the big okay
you already know I’m not playing this
game anymore
I don’t need to fit it anymore I don’t
need a disaster or a semi disaster to
wake me up to get me into this I don’t I
don’t need to be a you know to have had
my bruce ball in and then have to take
out loans to fix the house that I’m
already in debt in to know that I should
have been valuing my wealthy mega
mansions the true mega mansions that I
have that I can’t maintain that I should
the value in a dignity so I just I don’t
believe in catastrophic end of the world
events that we get the whole world in
the big coin I believe in that the smart
smart money smart entities will get the
Bitcoin and they will benefit incredibly
and smart entities will experiment with
all sorts of crypto and they will
benefit incredibly but some is some will
be failures just with leg with the
dot-com thing you look back on the
dot-com era and so many people became
incredibly wealthy if they got if they
got into the solid ones if they got into
Google if they got into Facebook if they
got in in the Yahoo and eBay and all
that stuff there’s so much potential and
that is growth that’s all based on
innovation this is not based on this
destruction mentality that so many
people are addicted to that I am so
against you can see how passionately i
rail against people like Max Keiser and
and other people who just base their
whole base everything basis uh their
whole persona around things falling
apart around destruction destruction of
the Western world other insanity all
right that’s that’s not to be celebrated
that’s nine old celebrate destruction at
all I celebrate innovation I am looking
toward the food future I am not looking
the past in gold and all of that stop it
again yeah there I mean I’m not saying
gold is a valueless see it’s got value
obviously all right today but the
original again but the question was the
theory Mr Gold hold it now until 2021 uh
definitely I would be a theory I’m over
gold I’m at my sort of big flow measure
disrupt meister remember justice fry
this channel like this of your show this
way check out the links below found that
black button click on these squares
we’ll have a new show for you tomorrow
again check out the caitlyn long show
for earlier today see you guys bye


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