IcyMobi Magento – Paypal

Hello. Today, we will talk about how to use PayPal payment in IcyMobi. Go to IcyMobi. Then PayPal. Here you have the setting for Paypal in IcyMobi App. You can enable or disable this payment method by changing the selected box. You will have a field to update the payment method’s title. Update the description about this payment method at text area below. With PayPal, your customers can pay with credit cards or PayPal accounts so let them know. You will have some fields below for PayPal token keys. There are 2 modes: PayPal Sandbox and Live mode. Let’s get PayPal token keys from PayPal developer site. Login to PayPal first. Or sign up for a new account. Ok now we get to PayPal developer dashboard. Here is your PayPal dashboard. We will go and create a REST API app. Key in your App Name. You can get Client ID of your app here. Please note PayPal method has two statuses. One is sandbox; one is live. You can get Live Client ID after you update your account to Business. Let’s put Sandbox Client ID from Paypal to IcyMobi Sandbox Token. Enable the Paypal Sandbox Mode so IcyMobi App can use Sandbox token to test. Save your changes. That’s it for Paypal. Thanks for watching.

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