welcome to the dungeon the day trading
YouTube crypto trading dungeon gonna
break down my entire setup what’s going
on in this room everything you’re seeing
behind you spinning right now I’m gonna
break it all down in this video talking
about what I’m using what computers all
that fun stuff in this video so stay
tuned so we’re here in the dungeon I
don’t know gonna call it the dungeon but
that’s not my girlfriend calls it she
calls it the dungeon basically I got a
blacked out I got my computers I got all
kinds of stuff going on got lights got
wake boards everything that I need to
function has a day trader in this room
we’ll start on this side of the room and
we’ll work our way around with what we
got going on and what I’m using and how
I’m using it to make money every single
day so I’m actually gonna kind of rip
around here and talk to you guys as
we’re looking at stuff so I can explain
it a little bit better
all right so normally this is how the
room looks I’d only have about one line
maybe no light so let’s go with how
we’re normally looking so normally when
I’m trading I’m training with no lights
on unless I’m filming videos if I’m
filming YouTube videos I’ll have a
couple lights on you can see the two
lights there in the back but kind of
starting over here I’m gonna turn this
light on here just we get a better view
what’s going on so this is kind of cool
so this is actually an award right here
this is an award that I won best video
of the year wakeboarding magazine we had
a video so we made a full-length
wakeboarding video and you can see there
that’s the award they gave us an award
it’s pretty cool so I’ve kept that that
was from what 2014 ping pong paddle ping
pong paddle always ready to go gotta be
even ready to place ping pong at any
and you never know what you might need a
knife not sure why that’s there but got
some microphones got a box of crap down
there this is my old MacBook Pro that
I’m using basically as my digi buy
wallet at this point so this is my new
crypto trading crypto mining whatever
you want to call it computer and you can
see right there I got nice hash running
on there it’s mining as we speak so I’m
making this video and I’m actually
making money as I make this video you
can see down in there there’s a gtx 1070
the important part trying to get some
more cards basically my little crypto
desk all the crypto stuff’s going on
over there got the ice
processor got some RAM all that fun
stuff it’s a nice little computer I paid
about $1,000 for it got the 32 inch
monitor right there
mining neo with the GPU and then mining
XMR with the CPUs I’m actually using
this kind of foam padding on the walls
to help reduce some of the echo and then
over here I always got a bunch of crap
got a bunch of hard drives footage
always got tons and tons of footage
everywhere got more drone stuff that’s
an inspired to there in that case got
the window blacked out normally there’s
a window behind there but I blacked it
out we got the DJI phantom 4 Pro there
CL RB Bluetooth wireless I love these
speakers they’re great playing music and
all that stuff normally when I’m trading
I like to have music going and then back
there this is one of my kind of cool
story wake board so I have this wake
board back here this is from a movie
that we made the guys who rode that
board in the movie they broke the board
I took it home put it on the wall I’ve
had it for a while now this is from one
of the movies we made back in a day so
this is my main trading editing
computing computer desk if you want to
call it so I’ve got the new iMac Pro
their daddy iMac pro specs there so it’s
an eight core three point two gigahertz
Intel XE on W processor this thing has
no problem doing everything I need to do
so it all comes from the iMac Pro and
then puts on to this 43 inch LG monitor
you can see how amazing this monitor is
I love this moron I think I might buy a
second 43 inch monitor I don’t know
where I’m gonna put it but I think it
would be pretty cool to have I’m also
using Audio Technica headphones I love
these headphones they sound amazing when
I’m editing when I’m listening to music
I’ll use these headphones a couple more
hard drives back there more terabytes
more hard drives everywhere I got more
hard drives here I got these little DJI
spark these are not actual models these
are display models that I have got me
and just using those as basically little
pieces and then I’m using a Logitech
Gaming Mouse I’ve been using these
Mouse’s for a long time I used to be a
gamer when I was a kid and now when I’m
editing this up I need a mouse it has a
little bit of girth to a little bit of
weight and I need a mouse that’s gonna
be able to be fast I suggest looking
into buying a good mouth so I know
people are going
make fun of me for using the stock iMac
I haven’t actually spent enough time to
go out and get a gaming keyboard I might
do it in the future but right now this
thing’s working fine but I’m probably
gonna upgrade to mechanical keyboard at
some point I’m using the store trader
Pro desktop there it’s basically –
trader pro and I have it all set up I
got other videos talking about my actual
setup and what I’m doing there on the
screen and everything like that so you
can watch those videos for editing I’m
using Final Cut Pro X and I know a lot
worse Oh use Final Cut Pro X why
wouldn’t you use Premier’s only that but
I really do think Final Cut Pro X is
great for what I need it to do I don’t
really need the most complicated system
ever it works for me
for a microphone I’m using the rode
ntg-2 on there a slow microphone I
actually just bought it upgraded from
the Yeti microphones this is what I’m
recording all my videos with using the
rode the microphone here I got this
little stand pretty nice and cool with
the phone I can move it around and do
everything I need and this is basically
what I’m looking at during the day I’m
looking at this I’m talking got the
webcam up there the c920 webcam got some
more padding behind there to help with
the echo and help with the balances it’s
nothing too crazy it’s not a insane
setup but I feel like it’s a pretty
decent setup that the imac pro got more
power than I would ever need for day
trading but really I need it for editing
and stuff like that
backup rote isn’t gonna be used very
much mostly when I travel I have traded
a bunch on the MacBook Pro traveling so
it works great for that it’s always nice
to have a little backup computer if you
need it so I’ve got the MacBook Pro over
there set up if I need to I can jump on
there really quickly and trade then most
time I’m just over here doing my thing
and what else we got going on we got the
microphone we got the speaker one more
speaker so got dual speakers you gotta
have two speakers it can’t just have one
speaker got one speaker over there one
speaker over there in terms of other
drones I got the DJI Mavic Pro here I
love this little thing I’ve been using
the Mavic Pro for a while now this thing
has been crashed way too many times but
it still works
got another DJI Matic Pro up there that
one’s definitely not gonna work it’s
been beat up way too many times
chair I have this GTR GT racing chair I
don’t even know it’s a real one I bought
it off of Amazon a while back it’s a
nice little chair I’m sitting in this
chair for six seven hours straight
sometimes so
it’s good to have a chair that has
support it looks cool it kind of matches
the blue and the black you can see I got
the black and the blue going with the
foam as well so it’s nice to have the
black in the Blue Chair to tie it all in
I got some little LEDs back there to
make it kind of pop yeah I mean really
it’s not that crazy not that much going
on I’m not even sure I really want to
show this part but I do own a couple
guns so if you’re coming to rob me if
you want to take my did you bite you’re
gonna have to fight me sure someone’s
gonna comment why do you have these guns
but I do have this AR this is my little
baby here I’ve got it all maxed out a
little custom build that I built got my
concealed weapons permit so if you are
looking at Romney make sure you’re
packing we got some more foam over there
on that wall to help again with the
bounce with the echo a bunch of bags and
stuff over there some more toys got some
camera equipment there so when I am
filming I’m using the a7s2 for most of
my videos to film with that I post on
YouTube in 4k two more wakeboards here
this is actually like 2014 you can see
there the guy signed it to Patrick
thanks for all the good time shooting
flip smack so I made a movie back of the
day it’s on iTunes
it’s called lip smack it’s a fun little
movie if you’re in the wig boarding
you’ll definitely get pumped up watching
that movie but you can see really
nothing too crazy I got the crypto a
little space I got the day trading space
I love this monitor if you can see how
cool this monitors looks so cool it’s so
big and really it’s important to have
all that real estate I need to be able
to put everything I need to see you got
Skype running I got youtube running I
got everything running on there also Co
people have asked me I’m not using Wi-Fi
anymore I’m actually hardwired in I’ve
got the ethernet cable ran into the iMac
so what I’m trading I’m no longer on the
Wi-Fi I’m trading on the Ethernet to get
a more stable connection people say it’s
good to have this little man cave where
I can just go do work focus and get
things done making videos normally you
know I’m making 1 2 sometimes 3 videos a
day so if I livestream in the morning I
make a daily kind of trading recap and
then I try to make another kind of video
sometimes depending on what’s going on
with the news what’s going on crypto or
whatever is hot at that day
I’ll make sometimes three videos a day
so I need to have a space that I can
work in the space that I can does get
really hot in here
PC is always making all kinds of
you know get all this stuff running at
the lights running got everything going
on a lot of heat generation going on and
who is it I’m happy with this setup it’s
like I said it’s nothing too crazy it’s
not insane but it’s nice to have a room
that’s just dialed in that’s set up to
make videos to trade on to do the crypto
stuff to have just my own little room or
I can get away from the rest of the
world and just handle business so this
is the war room I call it the war room
no longer the dungeon but it’s actually
the war room this is where it all
happens this is where all the magic
happens so I think what’s really cool
about this whole kind of video is kind
of showing the progression I think you
know when I first started I was using
just a MacBook Pro I had a little tiny
webcam I think I’m was anyone using a
webcam I was just using the FaceTime on
there I’ve invested more time invested a
little bit more money to make my studio
look a little bit more professional
although it just looks like a gaming
room now I get some some nerds live here
I don’t know we’re doing that when we’re
trading we’re basically just playing a
game someone’s got to win someone’s
gotta lose kind of game but the goal is
obviously to make money and the more
money you make the more you’re winning
so it’s like you’re winning is you got
to play to win kind of thing hopefully
you guys enjoyed seeing kind of behind
the scenes what’s going on what we got
here what this set up looks like and
just checking out the dungeon here well
the war room the war room it’s the war
room I’m actually heading to New York
I’m in New York probably so if you guys
are watching this video and you’re
wondering why I didn’t livestream or why
I didn’t post a recap today I’ll be in
New York for a big event that’s
happening on Tuesday I’ll do a vlog from
that and I’ll talk to you guys later on
as always do me one big favor if you
haven’t already hit that subscribe
button if you’re a longtime subscriber
thanks for watching the video I’ll talk
to you guys


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