Inside a $50 Million Malibu MEGA Mansion on BILLIONAIRES BEACH

Perched high on the hillside where land meets sea, directly above it the highly sought-after a billionaires Beach lies
Villa Splendido. My name is Erik Conover and I’m going to take you on a tour of
this one-of-a-kind mega mansion in Malibu California the villa has five
bedrooms over twelve thousand and 909 square feet including a full-service spa
and wellness center Villa splendido is listed exclusively by Douglas Elliman
asking just under 50 million dollars now if you’re already subscribed to my
channel you know that in this series we tour some of the most incredible luxury
properties around the world and we have some pretty crazy places coming up in
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splendido you go through a private driveway right off the PCH now this is a
dual gated entry so there’s double the security and the property is 17 acres of
land you can see from this drone shot just how expansive this property really
is very windy today in Malibu entering through the front door the factually
shut this to the wind doesn’t blow the door open welcome to the main floor it’s
interesting because the front of this house it’s very low-key it’s very
minimal design there’s a nice little walkway that leads you down with a
fountain and it takes you right into the front door the first thing you see when
you walk into this mansion is an expansive view of blue you just see the
Pacific Ocean right through your living room there are no walls in this house
it’s just floor-to-ceiling glass that opens up indoor/outdoor living at its
finest this is the entertaining for walking in this is the main living area
you have a nice seating area then you walk over this way towards the left yet
again another seating area this fireplace is totally for the aesthetic
it doesn’t give off heat but it does change color but the coolest thing you
walk over this way and they call this the James Bond
office this is the executive desk this is the place where you do your massive
deals I mean the person who purchases this place is
to be a billionaire you have your big meeting and as soon as you finish the
deal with the flick of a switch your James Bond office opens up a hidden bar
with all the top-shelf liquor to have a nice celebratory toast to closing the
deal who has this in their house and another
very cool detail on that top shelf there there are actually fossils that were
unearthed when they were building this property meaning that the sea level at
one point was where we are today which is just about 500 feet in elevation and
I think that’s pretty unique that you have a piece of this land now displayed
in your office now leaving the office we make our way into the dining room area
the theme of this mansion is opulent to the max you have the glass table with
seating for 12 then along the far wall you actually have a wine storage unit
for 300 bottles of wine and like I said this place comes fully furnished so all
those bottles of wine come with this mansion ready to move in you can have
your dinner party tonight if you want it if you’re watching this and you want to
buy this place this could be you from the dining room we make our way to the
centerpiece of the house this is the atrium but we’ll get to this a bit later
as you can see here just this stairwell with this incredible lighting fixture
but like I said a bit later for now let’s head into the kitchen this kitchen
is custom to the max case-in-point right here we have a
custom food prepping station ice cream night Gras camel you name it you can
prep it right here in your very own kitchen we have the induction stovetop
huge space for making whatever meal you want for entertaining guests the coolest
thing about this kitchen is this window opens up entirely so if you are living
here most likely you’re not gonna be washing your own dishes but if you are
you have the most incredible view of the Pacific Ocean right from your sink this
is the coolest thing I’ve seen in the kitchen making our way down this far
wall here additional chilled wine storage I mean
everything in this kitchen is top-of-the-line this home is so magical
there’s even rainbows just throughout the home I don’t even know what’s making
this rainbow but it’s there it’s there and that’s a good sign making our way
back through this kitchen even deeper we have
chef’s kitchen so if that kitchen out there wasn’t enough if it wasn’t
impressive enough you come back this way you have the six burner stovetop the pot
filler with this nice marble backsplash to top this off we even have a
legitimate restaurant refrigerator so large that you can actually go in your
refrigerator don’t lock me in your how to clean but I’ve never seen that in a
home I think every home should have this is a breakfast bar the place where you
can wake up all groggy come and have your coffee right off of the kitchen we
have the informal family room I think it’s a nice touch that makes this
kitchen really feel like a home where you can have the cooking the preparing
then the relaxing right next door to it so I mentioned that the first floor the
entry floor was for entertaining let’s head upstairs to the living quarters
getting to the second floor we have the option of taking the elevator or going
up the staircase it’s got the staircase right off of the stairwell we enter the
master wing of this mansion and the first thing you see is blue Pacific blue
as far as the eye can see this is the kind of bedroom where you
wake up you walk out on to this Terrace and you feel like the king of the world
you’re overlooking Malibu you’re over billionaires Beach walking into the
master bathroom you are greeted with the centerpiece which is a massive soaking
tub in the center of this bathroom with views of the Pacific you have dual
floating vanities on either side so if you have a home like this you’re going
to have a closet that rivals most luxury showrooms designed to show off all your
clothing items your jewelry it is seemingly endless leaving the master
bedroom we walk down to the guest wing of the mansion where there are not one
but three additional bedrooms now two of these bedrooms are connected by this
outdoor space with views of the pool and the grass down below all three of these
bedrooms have fully customized bathrooms in the third bedroom at the end of the
hall has a view of the mountains and additionally on top of all the guest
bedrooms at the end of the quarters hallway we walk out this door
here to the guest house the guest house is totally separated from the rest of
the main house meaning you have to walk outside to this nice patio area around
this way this right here is the guest home it’s complete with a nice living
area TV it has a full kitchen full bathroom and one master bedroom just for
your guests the type of place where you put the in-laws you put the cousin from
out of town that you haven’t seen in 10 years just so they’re still living in
that comfortable lifestyle they don’t have to stay in a hotel they can stay
right here on your property just outside of your house leaving the guest house
let’s head back to the main house head down the stairs to the lower level which
is the Wellness Center every time I walk down here I have to just stop for a
second because it is so impressive this is like Tony Stark’s design studio in
Iron Man right in front of the stairs you have this modern design the pool
table off to the right you have a full-on movie projector hanging from the
ceiling the most impressive part of this first room on the wellness floor is the
bar looks like it is out of a high-end restaurant or hotel this is the largest
bar in a home I’ve seen in my entire life
I keep mentioning this but this place is ready to move in right now meaning
everything that we’re seeing in this room all this staging all that bottles
of alcohol the candles every single thing is included in that 50 million
price point down this hallway we have the indoor Jacuzzi complete with
skylight I’ve never seen I keep saying I’ve never seen this in a home because
this home truly is a one-of-a-kind when have you ever seen a jacuzzi that looks
like it belongs in a world-class spa in your home across from the jacuzzi room
we have the actual fitness center currently there’s only a few treadmills
in here but pretty much you could put any gym equipment you want in this room
and you know some homes will have a massage bed and say they have a massage
studio this is a fully dedicated room with a multi-thousand dollar massage
table complete with an iPad at the bottom so you can work you can entertain
yourself while you are getting full body massage additionally down the
hallway on the Wellness floor we have the large cedar sauna complete with the
steam room the entire floor is dedicated for you to come down here after a long
day of working and fully escape while being at your home the most iconic part
of this Villa is the outdoor space overlooking the Pacific Ocean we have
all this astroturf out here I mean just look at this behind me it’s one of those
examples where words don’t even do this justice how beautiful this property is
and this right here you can’t really put a price on but if you could put a price
on it it’d be close to 50 million dollars what Malibu mansion wouldn’t be
complete without the infinity pool and all the way at the far end of this
outdoor space we actually have the outdoor kitchen which is complete with a
pizza oven not like I said we’re right above the iconic billionaires Beach so
instead of going down to billionaires Beach we have our own private white sand
beach right off of our infinity pool so you don’t even ever have to leave the
villa so comment down below your favorite parts of this Malibu mega
mansion I want to thank you again for watching and with that I will see you in
the next episode


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