Hello people from youtube, welcome to another video in my channel today we’re here to continue the process of assembling my drift car, if you’re new to the channel this is a nissan 200sx s13 i’ve been restoring this car because the engine blow up (something) and i hadn’t money before not even now i thought aobut restoring the car because water was getting inside ~ no sense language ~ i started assembly the car last video there’s still a little things assembled but now the process i think it will be a lot faster than the 4 months i was here restoring the car in no time this should be assembled in last video i was sanding and painting some parts here still are some parts to be sanded i was searching for some parts to assembly and i see i don’t even painted my pop-up light covers i forgot to paint them i’ll do it later today i’ll do simple stuff because my father can’t come help me i’ll start washing this pieces and put them here probably the pink will see itself underneath i think this won’t be like this this have a piece i think this is over but… i don’t know, maybe something like that but i need to find out before install it because i don’t remember how the car was assembled and it’ll have to be step by step some days ago i thought this part was the fusebox support this is to mount the intercooler WOW i had to tight and untight the nuts because the paint screwed the thread now it’s clean, i’ll put the the clutch slave cylinder second part i do not know the name power steering reservoir painting brake lines i’m back, for you was a second but it’s the next day it’s freaking hot right now it’s 35º C here and… this seems like a greenhouse this was what my father was doing before yesterday my grandmother take some parts to the sand blasting here the abs support the fusebox support and the brake lines are painted and now i’m gonna do a little tutorial only showing how to install the ac because sometime ago i was searching on internet do not have any tutorial on how to install the ac on the s13 and i think it’s stupid because it only has how to remove it the ac so now i’ll show now how to install the ac on the s13 my external mic got disconnected….sorry for the bad quality AC INSTALL first you need to check if you have these parts all here the compressor this 3 tubes and this compressor bracket i’ll explain more or less this bracket fit in this side of the engine the front of the engine is this here have a space if you can see, here have 4 holes this 4 and this bracket has 4 holes this fits like this there it’s too hot i won’t explain there i already told you how the bracket fits now i’ll tell you how to fit the compressor in the bracket the compressor fits like that but it need a cam (big screw) from here to there and i don’t have it you need too 2 bolts to fit the bracket to the compressor it’s only 2 and this 4 bolts to fit on the engine i didn’t showed this, but you need this belt too and you put this here and on the engine it’s the middle poly without any belt you just need to fit the compressor bracket, the compressor the you fit the 3 polys with the belt in the middle poly and now the tube part, it’s super easy pick up the thinner tube and fit it in this side of the car in the right hole then this 2 tubes unite now just pass this tube behind or here ahead lol and fit on the left hole this tube rotates and goes under you need the radiator and the condenser too the condenser fits here ahead after you fit the condenser just tighten this two tubes then to connect the second part of the condenser it’s this two tubes this i don’t know how to but i know them connect each other and it’s a thing i’ll have to find out resume the system it’s connect the thinner tube to this hole come here and connects to ahead of the condenser this thicker tube goes behind the engine goes under this and will be connected to this right side of the condenser here it’s the connector of the condenser it’s from this wiring and it’s this brown connector like i said before it’s 35º C and i’m already sweating only from lifting some parts the tutorial it’s very easy i’ve never done it before it’s hard on the beginning but then after see where fit the parts it’s not that hard i’m doing this tutorial because when i bought the car, the seller gave me the parts aside if i wanted to mount the ac and and it’s that i decided to do a tutorial for the people who have a s13 or… a car with a ca18det and wants to install ac it’s not that hard so guys, today i forgot the process here in the car but i’ll update you i was here with my father fitting the abs support and the abs we put the ac lines too i had to remove some parts like the radiator to work here on the car but yeah, today… was too fast because it’s too hot we just fit in the abs and the ac lines and the car it’s everyday more complete in a few days i think will fit the engine my plan for the next video it’s start to mount the trunk the bodykit, skirts rocket bunny and maybe on the front side, i don’t know i have to fit some things under here and i would be easier without rocket bunny but…content is content. I need content to do videos and probably i’ll start mounting the bodykit next video and maybe the engine too i don’t know if you liked the video, give it a thumbs up if you’re not subscribed, subscribe if you want to see more ! be happy, that’s what matters and…FUI (WENT)


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