Introducing the CoolWallet S

in this video we’re going to show you an overview of the coolwallet s first let’s take a look at the card on the top left corner of the card you will see a unique serial number that is used to pair with the app and here is the ePaper display screen where you can see the balance of your Bitcoin aetherium like coin and ripple down here is a button you use to switch between different currencies or to confirm each transaction [Music] on the front page of the app you can see the total value of your assets displayed in u.s. dollars further down you can see the five default currencies and here’s the receive page and the send page where you can send and receive cryptocurrency we have other videos about sending and receiving crypto through the koala s and you can find the URLs below this video and finally we have the settings page here you can customize the functionality of the cool at s and app we have a video for this in the URL below this video [Music]

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