Invest $1000 In BitCoin Or New Suit? Suits Vs Crypto Currency

Invest $1000 In BitCoin Or New Suit Suits
Vs Crypto Currency
All right, gents, here is the deal.
Uncle Antonio jus sent you a cool $1,000,
but there’s a catch.
You’ve got to invest either in Bitcoin or
a new suit.
So, what are you going to do?
Guys, that’s the point of today’s video
to give you the information to make the right
All right, gents, first up we’ve got ROI
– Return on Investment.
Which one is going to be a better investment
So, Bitcoin, if you would have invested at
the beginning of this year, up to now, you
would have seen almost a 2,000% return.
Pretty darn good, right?
Let’s look at suit.
As soon as you put on a great-looking suit,
you instantly look 2,000% better.
So, we’re comparing apples and oranges here,
but I’m going to have to give this one to
the suit.
Next up, let’s talk about which one is making
people more crazy.
So, when we look at Bitcoin, what’s happening?
People are taking about out mortgages.
They’re talking out second mortgages on
their home to invest in something they don’t
I got a call from my mother who doesn’t
even know how to invest and she’s asking
me what is Bitcoin.
You’ve got life hacker telling you that
you need to make a great investment decision
and go into Bitcoin.
So, yeah, so you could say a little bit of
craziness is going on here, but not compared
to when you buy a suit.
Guys, when you wear a suit, when you walk
into a place wearing a suit, what happens?
People you don’t even know call you sir.
Women you don’t even know come up and give
you their number and want to talk to you,
find you more attractive.
Because it builds up it creates this image
of your shoulders being basically more built
more strong more manly, your chest being built
It trims you up.
You got a little bit of extra weight right
here, a jacket and a suit is just going to
make you look trim.
Understand that people will follow you when
you’re jaywalking, they are three times
more likely to actually break the law when
you’re wearing a suit and follow you.
You knock on somebody’s door, they don’t
know you, well, guess what?
You’re wearing a suit, they are three times
more likely to open the door.
All of these because of the power of the suit.
So, who wins here?
Again, I’ve got to give this one to the
Next up, which one is easiest to understand?
So, when it comes to Bitcoin, you only need
to be able to say one word and that word is
Now, I don’t use that word lightly because
whenever you say this in a group of people
everyone will be quiet and they will look
to you and say, wow, this guy knows what he’s
talking about.
So, be careful with the word, but understand
when you bring this up and they’re talking
about investments where is Bitcoin going to
go where it’s going to go up down, just
simply say Blockchain and, boom, everyone
is just going to be amazed they’re going
to be wowed and they are going to get out
of your way.
Now, when it comes to suits, you need to know
a little bit more.
You need to focus in on the fit, you need
to focus in on the fabric, you need to focus
in on the function.
This is my style pyramid.
If you nail all of these things, then you
will be able to look good in any type of suit
no matter how much you pay $200, you pay $2,000
for that suit.
Now, you got $1,000 and you can find a great
deal, again, if you focus in on the fit of
the suit on making sure you buy the best fabric
you can afford and making sure that it’s
functionally something that you’re going
to be able to incorporate into your wardrobe.
All right.
Who won that round?
This one was really tough and the Blockchain
is incredibly powerful, but since no one really
understands it, I’m going to go with the
fit, fabric, and function.
Next up, which one is a safer investment?
So, with Bitcoin, you have North Korea, you
have Russia and Putin.
You have 20% of it being traded over in South
I mean, come on, what can go wrong with it
as the price shoots up?
So, pretty safe over there, but not as safe
as actually buying a classic suit that fits
you well that’s going to be in style not
just for the next decade, but could possibly
be around for two decades.
If you keep your – if you stay in shape
you actually take care of your body, you could
be wearing the suit and get tons of miles
out of it.
Now, focus in on classic design on a great
fit, everything I talked about, the fit, fabric,
and the function and you’ll have something
that could last you at least twenty years.
So, which one is safer?
I don’t know, you got a stable country like
North Korea investing or you’ve got the
classic suit, I’m going to have to go with
the classic suit again.
Next up, which one is going to make you look
So, with Bitcoin, everyone is talking about
And you just saying the word Bitcoin, you’re
not necessarily going to look smarter.
But, when you’re in a room of people talking
about Bitcoin, you got a call from your mother,
she’s talking about Bitcoin.
To look smarter, simply say the Ethereum and
instantly they’re like, wow.
Well, it’s not the same level a Blockchain,
but Blockchain you don’t want to drop it.
You’re going to be careful with that word.
Ethereum, you can throw around a bit more
at parties.
Now, be careful keep about a one-minute pause
between Blockchain and Ethereum if you’re
going to use them together.
But, understand, Ethereum is one of those
crytocurrencies that not as many people have
heard of, some people have and these people
instantly going to recognize you’re part
of the club and, yeah, so to look smarter
just simply use Ethereum.
Now, when it comes to a suit, understand when
you put on a suit you’re going to be viewed
as more competent as someone that has basically
has everything together.
This person comes off as more professional,
as more trustworthy, as someone that actually
knows what they’re talking about.
So, you get up you’re giving a presentation,
you’re knocking on the door, you are meeting
somebody for the first time and you want to
come off as someone that knows what they’re
talking about as more intelligent, simply
wear a suit, boom, you’ve got it going for
So, if I had to make a choice here, gosh,
I’m still going to go with the suit.
It’s just a little bit more universal, but,
gosh, Bitcoin is so close.
All right, gents, so where are you going to
spend your $1,000?
Let me know down in the comments are you going
to invest in Bitcoin?
Are you going to invest in the suit?
Now, for me the suit won handily, so I am
going to invest all of my money right now
into Bitcoin.
Because, guys, that’s the way it works.
Don’t make logical decisions, instead just
go out there throw your money, you know, bubbles
that are just growing and have fun with it
because, hey, it’s just money.
No, seriously, guys.
I just want to have fun with this video.
I do not have any answers and I have nothing
against Bitcoin.
I’ve actually got some friends that invested
Oh, by the way, when you drop that in a group
of people, I’ve got friends that invested
early, you can look a little bit smarter too.
But, seriously I’ve just been watching this
and it has been fun to be sitting on the sidelines
just watching this shoot up and everyone talking
about it.
At the end of the day, gentlemen, you want
to make smart financial decisions for you
and the only person that can do that is you.
So, make sure that you invest in something,
you truly understand it.
That’s it, guys.
Take care.
Hopefully you like this video.
Let me know down in the comments what you
thought of it.
Take care, guys.
I’ll see you in the next one.
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