Is Bitcoin BULLISH Or BEARISH? $250,000 BTC? Big News Coming! (Cryptocurrency Analysis/Trading)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
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guys we are back time for some Bitcoin
technical analysis as always I know the
chart looks very messy but I’m gonna
break it down the best I can for you
guys and give you guys an idea of what
we could expect on the bullish scenario
and what we can expect on the bear
scenario and what things look like to me
right now
so let’s get started with this first
things first we can tell now a lot of
people are over
bullish on Bitcoin in my opinion I’m not
saying we’re not gonna break to the
upside but a lot of people are very
bullish in a time that I don’t think
requires us to be super bullish the
reason you can see rejections here
around the three ten thousand three
hundred and fifty dollar range in this
range over here ten thousand four
hundred we’ve been rejected several
times all the way since back here
Bitcoin showing weakness and it’s not
able to break above this when it does we
see one move higher to this green level
which is the ten thousand eight hundred
and thirty five but overall we don’t see
this happen much it happened twice a
majority of the time we’re just getting
rejected in this range which shows
Bitcoin doesn’t have the power yet in
order to break above this level so that
to me is why I think see a lot of people
over the bullish when I think it’s time
for us to be very very cautious one
thing I will say is I think it this poet
this moment I think market manipulators
are playing this game very smart they’ve
noticed volume is chopping they knows a
lot of people are bored and although
again I say this in several times
there’s a lot of opportunities to make
money in this market there’s a lot of
opportunities to make money with bitcoin
if you’re on by bit if you’re on bit
Mexican links to those down below if you
guys haven’t signed up where you can use
leverage and make bigger profits a move
like this which might only be you know a
5% move which again is great in most
markets a 5% move might be small for
Bitcoin you know we might be used to
something more let’s say we get this
move over here this is a 12% move that’s
a lot of profit if you 10x that that’s a
120 percent profit that you can make
right so there’s a lot of opportunities
still in this market I don’t understand
why people are so bored just because
bitcoin is not moving a thousand dollars
every single day there’s still a lot of
opportunities but to me right now
market manipulators are playing the game
of get Bitcoin under $10,000 right get
Bitcoin just under $10,000 we see it
10,000 is this white line over here that
you guys can see every time it jobs
below and it’s job below several times
just barely
right when the accepts what this which
was a little larger they pick up Bitcoin
at under $10,000 and sell it at over
$10,000 again with leverage you can make
a lot of money here and if you’re a
whale that has a lot of Bitcoin this
could be very very profitable so I do
believe at this level we are seeing a
lot of manipulation again volume is low
it’s easier to manipulate we are seeing
the whales try to buy Bitcoin at under
sella at over $10,000 and try and get
the price back down to just under $9,000
so it’s definitely a time to watch out
for now in terms of a bullish scenario
what exactly can we expect happening
well there’s a lot of news that’s coming
out in this range first of all we have
backed which obviously September 23rd is
the day that we are looking forward to
for the back they announced a while ago
we cover this that on September 23rd
it’s going to be the launch of the
futures and custody platform in the US
but not only that we also have cm E
which has filed to double its monthly
Bitcoin futures open position limit to
10,000 Bitcoin that both of those are
coming up and they’re both coming up
towards the end of this triangle that we
have over here yet a lot of people are
drawing it differently
either way it’s coming up here and that
could lead and that could you know be a
factor in terms of what direction we
actually breakout to this so there’s a
lot for us to watch out for but in the
bullish scenario like I said first
target I’m gonna look at roughly around
thirteen thousand eight hundred dollars
why that’s gonna be the last peak we had
over here if we do see a break above
this I expect the move if it’s to the
upside or the downside it’s going to be
a pretty significant move and so I
expect if we break over above here we
can see the first target heading up to
13,500 let’s just be conservative 13,500
where we take our first profit and then
moving on to 14,000 15,000 and 16,000
after that all of those are very
possible and likely if we do break above
to the upside now I don’t want to just
cover the up sex again we don’t have a
kind of confirmation in either direction
and Bigpoint has not been able to break
above the ten thousand three hundred
fifty to ten thousand for two dollar
level it’s been rejected several several
times it doesn’t show a lot of strength
above that level or anywhere near that
level and that’s why it’s been so easy
to trade this I told you guys last time
we were ranging up here a good entry for
a short would have been there and look
at that one candle down you’d already be
in profit so very easy to trade in this
range waiting for that breakout and to
the downside like I said what we can
expect happen first is big coin head
down to low at 9,000 probably even at
9,000 if we break below this then we can
head down to 8500 8,000 people say 7000
I’m even seeing some people say 6500
plus minus obviously that could be a
range that we see
that’s all the way back down here it’s
been a while since we’ve seen Bitcoin
down at this range but again you can’t
ever count anything out you have to be
prepared I wouldn’t wait to take profits
on a short all the way down here because
I don’t know how likely it is that we
get back to 6,500 but if we break down
below here I do certainly expect to see
the low nine thousands maybe mid eight
thousands maybe even low eight thousands
all that very possible if we do see a
bearish breakout now one thing I will
say is if we are going to see a bearish
breakout don’t expect it justice just to
be a move straight down we know people
are gonna be in shorts and so what does
the market like to do what soon when the
market manipulators like to do they like
to get those shorts liquidated first so
expect a false breakout to the upside
that could be something we see as well a
false breakout to the upside getting
those shorts liquidated getting everyone
excited thinking they’re going to go
entering Long’s just to have it go womb
right back down and liquidate all the
long positions if your market
manipulator if you’re you know maybe
even some people say that bit Mex
manipulates the market it wouldn’t make
sense for that to be something that they
would want to do so keep an eye out for
that as well as of right now I’m not
making any prediction on lot of bullish
or bearish
I’m just watching to what’s happening
and when I get more clear indication I
will give you guys that update but just
watch out for this level up here that I
said bhikkhu is looking very weak it’s
been projected several several times
before and if we do break down I give
you guys targets if we break up I gave
you guys targets wait for confirmation
wait for a more clear direction because
that’s the only way to stay safe and of
course add your stop losses if we do
break to the other direction right if we
do go long and we haven’t moved down
make sure you have your stop-loss there
in order to keep you safe
now that doesn’t apply for everyone
because Tim Draper thinks that a
$250,000 Bitcoin price prediction is
conservative now I’m sure a lot of us
would like to see Bitcoin first at 20
that’s a common I see most of time is
but let’s focus on 20,000 first the
all-time high first before we talk about
you know $250,000 and that’s totally
fair that makes perfect sense
so yeah let’s focus on that first
$250,000 by 2022 I don’t think anybody
would mind that whatsoever let me know
if you would mind at 200
$50,000 Bitcoin price by the end or by
the year 2022 let me know your thoughts
on that prediction down below as well
because we’ve heard some crazy
predictions but again if you’ve been in
this market for some time if you just
look at the history of what Bitcoin was
priced in the you know dollars versus it
being worth twenty thousand dollars at
some point people didn’t believe that
would happen either so you can never
really count it out this market is
absolutely crazy it’s so young and it’s
so new now theory was one that was
actually also a nice move yesterday
provided a nice opportunity for us we
were in a long for aetherium in the
trailer group again if you guys haven’t
signed up first link down below there is
a coupon they’re limited so make sure
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out it’s like I said we were able to
capitalize on a leverage move here
depending on how much leverage you use
you would have obviously made a
different amount 10x leverage on this
would have been 60 to 70 percent 5x
would have been half of that 25 x you
guys know how it works we were able to
capitalize that on that a nice move for
aetherium as well allowing and showing
some upside potential here I will update
you guys if I see another entry that we
can all do together on the channel I
will update you guys on that as well now
in terms of the overall market let’s
take a look really quick not too much
news going on Before we jump into the
giveaway we do have a 263 almost 264
billion dollar and mark a big
predominance jobs a little bit since the
last video we made but again it’s way
too high I’d like to see it come down
significantly more than it just did
biggest Gator of the day V chain a nice
cryptocurrency I like V chain I’m not
sure if everybody likes B chain I like V
chain it’s up almost 10% so it’s a good
tape it’s a good day to be a V chain bag
holder biggest loser of the day Mon a
coin had a huge pump so no surprise I
can expect we can expect that it’s going
to continue to fall down yeah it’s going
to see a lot more read days in the
future now this was pretty interesting
we have rich Millennials are placing big
bets on Bitcoin and crypto this caught
me by surprise they did a research they
interviewed 501 people in the UK who
were born from 1981 to 1996 everybody
who has more than 225,000 pounds in
investable assets and apparently 20%
said that they have already invested in
cryptocurrency that is a lot more than
what people estimated what you know the
range that people usually think of one
to three percent twenty percent of young
people with money are investing in
crypto so if that trend does continue
once they get older and younger people
again are able to invest you guys didn’t
supply demand supply is not gonna go
much higher demands gonna increase price
goes up it’s a good sign overall for
cryptocurrency for this to be the case
now let’s jump into the giveaway let’s
see who wins the one-on-one call
giveaway let’s see actually did have a
funny story so really quick this
actually caught me by surprise
my BTC address Patrick so this was the
winner of the last giveaway on Friday
that they wanted to give away they
claimed it with me on telegram proved it
was their YouTube account this is
actually coincidence because I had
several people message me trying to
pretend to be there and I had one person
get mad at me when I called them out for
pretending to be the guy who wanted to
give away it didn’t make any sense yeah
I thought that was pretty entertaining
they were getting mad at me on telegram
because I wasn’t sending them Bitcoin
when they weren’t the winner they were
trying to pretend that they were the
winner of the giveaway and it clearly
wasn’t them because they didn’t have the
access to the right YouTube account but
either way congratulations you have won
a free one-on-one call a little bit of a
story for you guys so since I have you
on telegram send me a message on
telegram we can set up that 101 call
guys thank you so much for watching I’ll
see you guys on Wednesday for another

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