Is Crypto Currency the Future of Money? + Where Bitcoin is Heading in 2018

hey Tim Sykes millionaire mentor and trader here answering your questions a lot of people say Tim where do you see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency going a lot of people say that it’s a scam a lot of people say it’s the future I don’t care I don’t play market guessing games this is the beauty of my strategy I react to when the patterns fit what I know and that’s when I trade them I don’t guess I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Bitcoin I don’t know if it’s gonna go to zero I don’t know if it’s gonna be adopted okay don’t play guessing games if you truly want to get rich react to the market I’ve been making a lot of money off bit coin and crypto related stocks because guess what that’s been the hottest sector lately so I don’t question it I just trade the patterns that I’m comfortable with so you need to actually get experience get comfortable with the patterns you stopped to trade start practicing even if you have no money you can use fantasy cash get in the game hey Tim Sykes millionaire mentor and trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they helped you I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years you can check out more videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student [Music]


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