Is It Crypto Alt Season?

Good day guys.
Just a quick sound check, just
making sure you can hear me
loud and clear before I start.
If you can please make
sure you send me a message
that you can hear me loud and clear.
Okay sounds like you can hear me,
all good, fantastic.
Well let me just jump
across to the charts.
Wanted to walk you through
what I’m seeing in the
market at the moment
because we have seen a little
bit of a shift recently
and I wanted to bring
that to your attention
as to what I’m actually looking at.
I was hoping to see a
higher low set around here,
rejecting 10,000 a couple of times
and also coinciding with that 61.8 fib.
Now I wasn’t looking to
buy around here at all.
That wasn’t my objective whatsoever.
I wanna see a push on and
break up through this level.
Actually it’s basically 11,000
I wanna see out of the way
but as we have pulled back yet again here,
a push up through this region here,
which set a higher low and a
higher leading into 11,000.
Now I come down have a
look at the four there,
You’ll actually see it’s quite a mess,
I was actually looking quite
closely at the XBT USD,
this resistance level here
hoping to see a higher low here
and a push up for a
third test of resistance
and of course then I could be, you know,
potentially in the market for a breakout,
Bitcoin breakout trade long.
Now because it did drive lower,
and we saw this big, you know,
whatever you wanna call that relative move
to you know, Bitcoin, just pretty ugly.
I’m not interested in
trading Bitcoin right now,
but I’ll tell you what I have noted is
that as Bitcoin has sort of floundered,
gone sideways and floundered,
a lot of the other alts
have actually started
to get some pretty damn
nice chart structure.
Now for those of you
who follow the TraderCobb crypto podcast
and who are on my free
newsletter each week,
you’ll have heard me talk about
theory we have higher low,
higher high, pulling
back, potential high low
into it broke this
point, we did break that.
And we’ve seen a very nice move,
since moving averages are in
the correct order on the daily.
And as I go to the 12 hour you’ll note,
beautiful move, really good trend.
Very nice simplicity.
As I go lower again,
you’ll see the same thing
across all these timeframes.
And there was a bit of a cradle in here,
not the smallest of
candles, but it did move.
And 200 was the point of which I suggested
that we might actually pull
back a little bit from.
Now, just because it was
a round number basically.
So yeah, it’s a very nice looking chart
and a chart that I am
indeed very open to trade,
running in this current trend.
I really like to look of
Ethereum against the US dollar.
Before I go any further actually,
let me just remind myself
of what I had to say.
We’re looking to go to a
couple of different parts
of the world.
So I know that we do
have a global audience,
we’re looking at Malta,
we’re looking at Singapore,
and we’re looking at London
before the year is out.
So if any of you guys are in that area
and would love to come along,
we’d just love to see
who would be interested.
So if you can just type into the comments
whether you’re interested in
any of those particular areas,
Singapore, London, and Malta,
we’d love to know because
we are looking at the option
of doing that.
Please put in the comments
if you would like to know more about that,
please let us know.
Our question is, is Ethereum
good for long term 2021?
I don’t know; I just trade.
I’m not looking at anything beyond that.
I just look at the charts
and trade what I see,
and that’s about it.
So again, a theorem really
nice chart structure here.
Higher low, higher high.
Only is subsequently a
very small higher high.
Pullback higher low and that
a very nice drive through.
So Ethereum is my pick at the moment
as far as chart structure goes.
And again, evident here on the four hour.
On the EOS, again, it
kind of led the charge.
Tested down at this $3 or roughly $3 mark
the old resistance became support.
Higher low, higher high, pullback in,
another higher high here.
So again a nice alt to that is
moving against the US dollar
and trending quite nicely on that daily.
The only thing with EOS right now is
that I was actually looking to see
if I could get a breakout
level through here last week.
It’s no longer valid.
It’s just a bit caught up at the moment.
I’d like to either see it pullback deeper
on the higher time frame, or
actually preferably pushed
through this little consolidation
then look for opportunities.
So EOS another one where the
daily trend is in an uptrend.
Keeping my Bitcoin is not.
Ethereum is; EOS also is.
Still up very average very ugly
as it has been for quite some time.
You’ll notice in a very
slow grinding downtrend
without too much going on this,
there’s not much to speak of.
XRP is what I am looking at here.
Is again will note out of the top 10,
Ethereum, EOS still or nothing.
XRP higher low, but one
higher low equal high.
Higher low, pushing up into a higher high.
Now I know it’s dipped a bit
below that region right now.
And I mean, it’s arguable
about where exactly
that support and resistance is.
It’s not obvious; it’s not clear.
It’s in and around this region, okay.
But I do like the fact that we
have pushed to a higher high.
Just depends on what happens next.
And from my point of
view, with this lower high
and lower low on the four hour,
there’s nothing tradable on the fall.
But as I work my way lower,
you’ll actually note here
that I do have a higher
low and a higher high
on the one hour.
Also in and around that old level,
you’ll see that there’s a 50% and 38.2.
Now I’m not I didn’t raise an order here.
I’m not currently long.
I’ve just drawn those fibs
in to see how price reacts.
I’d love to see it reject here and push on
and give me opportunities to trade.
I’m very patient as to
what I’m waiting for,
and I’d like to see it
just steady a little bit.
They’re very big candles at the moment.
I’m not too keen on those big candles,
but once again just
pointing back to the sort
of reason for this video
is again there’s an alt
that has a higher low and a higher high.
So out of the top files out of the file
that we’ve gone through so far,
Bitcoin no, Ethereum uptrend, EOS uptrend.
Stella ugly, XRP uptrend.
On to Litecoin, and again, higher low,
higher high, pullback
in, another higher high.
I’m interested in Litecoin
simply because it’s pushed
up above this region through here
and it’s closed above for the first time.
Looking to see if we
can get the continuation
on the four hour and also higher.
But again, the chart structure
is not great just yet.
But it only takes a day or two
for the charts to
actually get really good.
And to see some opportunities for us
to trade in that region following
those checklist-based trading strategies.
So again, higher high, higher low.
Litecoin is in an uptrend.
Bitcoin Cash same thing
higher low, higher high,
and I’m ignoring this big spike
I’m not quite sure what caused that.
Higher low here.
I want to see it break this region 314.
If we can break that region of 314,
well you’ll see here, as
you can see through here,
it is consolidating
slowly grinding higher,
but if it can clear out
of that and get going,
I’d be very very interested to see
if we can get some trading
trades in there as well
Binance against Tether look,
it’s got to be said it’s
a very ugly looking chart.
I’m not really too
interested in this at all,
no great chart structure,
not very interested in that.
Tron, another one, is just
tapping on the higher low.
Hasn’t broke to a new higher high yet,
maybe by a little tiny bit here.
But if it pushes through,
it will have that consensus
that we have that higher
low and higher high
and therefore the daily
will be in an uptrend.
Cardano, another one in that top 10,
very similar here to Tron.
But it has just tapped
through higher low one,
higher higher from this one,
only very slightly, but if
we can see a continuation
of this move, it’ll be down
to this lower timeframes,
like a four, eight, 12, that sort of thing
that will be looking for opportunities.
Not so much right now.
It’s a little bit funny.
It’s a little bit disorganized,
as is Tron, as is Bitcoin cash.
But again, there is that possibility
of that trend reversal and continuation.
And BSV, in all honesty, it’s probably
the most bearish looking of a lot.
Considering we are in a downtrend,
it’s back in that cradle zone.
I’m not jumping out of
my skin to go short here.
Don’t get me wrong.
It’s just that it is looking more bearish
than the rest of them.
Now, of course, you can go into a scan
against BTC and also see
what is in a trend there.
Now we have margin opportunities
and also non-margin opportunities
with those BTC pairs.
So it’s a good opportunity
to go out there,
have a look at what the
market is telling us.
But the moment Ethereum
is the strongest chart
out there within that top 10,
and it’s the one that
I’m watching the closest
for opportunities to trade.
Now of course if you want to
learn more about what we do,
the best thing to do is get
across to the free newsletter
that we have going out each week., you’ll find it there.
And of course, like I said,
if you’re in London, Malta,
or Singapore, or would
like to come to an event
of either of these different cities,
please do comment and let us know.
Have a great evening or morning
depending on where you are
in the world, and I’ll speak
to you again very soon.
Bye for now.

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