Ivan on Tech – Ivan Liljeqvist : Bitcoin halving, Defi, Ethereum 2.0 & the UPSIDE of Bear markets!!!

you should never waste a bear market you
should study in the bear market so that when a bull market really comes you are
in demand you know your opportunities and you’re actually able to take the
opportunities most people cannot take them why because they are not active
during the bear market you gotta be active during the bear market so you can
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fun. Dear Crypto community & blockchain buddies across the globe, welcome back to
Cryptonites special edition at Davos and we’re here live from the blockchain
economic forum and guess what guys? We have an amazing guest and someone we
featured on our very first video as a top 10 crypto youtubers of 2019 and
probably be the same in 2020, an awesome guy here Ivan on tech! Good to have
you my friend! Good to be here, thank you for the invitation and looking forward
to the discussion with you Ivan you’re my sunshine every wake up you
know I had a bad night I wake up with love! What you’ve been doing… You’ve
inspired so many people across the globe and educated so many people and thanks
thank you so much for your great contribution thank you thank you so my
first question my friend, you had the chance to be a developer and engineer in
the off chain world you could have worked for some big save companies would
maybe interesting streams of revenue but you decided to go towards the blockchain
decentralized space what was that big Y that pushed you and think you know what
I’m gonna go for this that’s a good question and it’s true because when you
are in crypto and you’re full timing trip so it’s a big opportunity cost and
you’re taking a big risk at the end of the day because if crypto fails then
you’ve spent three four years doing something that is irrelevant so it’s
completely correct that’s really I I was a programmer but since I was nine I went
to university to become an engineer I went to computer science and at the end
of my degree my goal was to go to big tech work there maybe then then later do
some startup but then I ended up in crypto why because I really saw the
future the potential and the fact that there was so much to do for me I saw my
own place in crypto and because I believe it in so much I take the risk I
mean it is risk that that we take when we go all in
crypto full time crypto also we employ people in at our company so for example
when we develop that guy see me or when we produce the YouTube channel
I haven’t please so that’s a risk as well but at the end of the day it’s
worth it because in crypto you have asymmetrical risk yes we all take risk
but the downside is very small the upside is basically unlimited so for me
to to take the risk that maybe crypto you know won’t be big which I don’t
believe but look there is a chance that it won’t be big there is always a chance
that something will not succeed to me that’s that’s a very very good risk to
take because the upside is so much bigger and that’s why that’s really why
and you get a do that analysis hey and I think if you really do it most of the
people who really take the time will come to a conclusion that crypto is the
place to be and you always want to be part of new industries that are not
established because when everyone in the world already knows that the technology
is good it’s useful it’s gonna be big there is no opportunity everyone today
knows that internet is important everyone knows that the Google and Apple
are important companies but there is no opportunity in buying Apple stock today
you get a buy when most people don’t know so that is by crypto so beautiful
it’s big it’s important most people don’t believe in it today which means
that all opportunities are here and thank God most people don’t believe in
it today because otherwise there would be zero opportunity and zero things to
do here that’s so that’s amazing so was it the technology the idea ideology like
was it a combination you saw yourself you could picture yourself I’m gonna be
doing that what work what specific sites I came from a technology background and
for me the technology was what really drove me and what really made me study a
lot because I was wondering how can you have a currency there is on the internet
that nobody controls and where you cannot cheat there’s no way to
copy-paste Bitcoin so I came from the tech side other people come from the
ideological side other people come from an economy side other people come from
whatever other reason there are so many different reasons for you to be in
crypto maybe you work with NGOs maybe you work with the finance maybe work
with fundraising whatever you do there is always some kind of path to crypto
and that is why crypt is so big and it attracts so many different people from
many different industries there is something for everyone but for me it was
a technology I just wanted to understand how can it
how does blushing were held this bit can work and that was in 2013 that is when I
really discovered this kind and since then it’s been studying and really I am
sure the community in 2013 and we saw a bear market so 1415 it was a bearish
time and that was the perfect time to study and learn because when the bull
market then came in 2017 there were so many opportunities and there wouldn’t be
that many opportunities for me if I only then started to get into crypto so that
is why you should never waste a bear market you should study in the bear
market you should try to see where this industry is going in a bear market so
that when a bull market really comes you are in demand you know your
opportunities and you’re actually able to take the opportunities because
opportunities are for everyone who can take them most people cannot take them
why because they are not active during the bear market you gotta be active
during the bear market so you can take all opportunities in the bull market
that’s really good advice so while you were studying all these different block
chains like what is the type of criteria as a developer or programmer that you’re
trying to look for when you find this is a good block chain are there any
specific tools that you use I mean the only real one that matters is censorship
resistance censorship resistance is the one that matters everything else is
secondary so many people talk about scalability transactions per second and
while it’s important it’s not the main thing because PayPal is great
you have credit cards they’re very quick but that’s not what’s important it
what’s important it sounds ship resistance and permissionless nests and
access global access that is most important in in all blushes so the big
question everyone needs to ask themselves when looking at the project
is is it sensitive resistant or not so that’s the really the core criteria the
only really the only criteria is a sonship resistant or not and then after
that of course you can talk about scalability and features and well
languages for example does the blockchain have a turing-complete or
torturing incomplete language and all other things but the base layer is just
is it resistant or not to censorship that’s really interesting and what’s the
smart contract one of the biggest advancements in terms of the blockchain
or did you see any other specific technolog
improvements were like that is interesting well for me yes a small
contract was absolutely very very interesting because it took my abortion
interest a whole new level I got into Krypton in 2013 and I started studying a
lot a lot and then the theorem came in 2015 and that is where I as an engineer
really got a whole new level of excitement because now I can actually
program fully fledged applications on top of a blocking network with Bitcoin
you can do scripting I mean you can but it’s very limited the language is not
true incomplete and when it’s not true incomplete you can not do anything you
would like to do as a developer there are some constraints so that’s the
biggest thing and after that when a theorem came I started to study solidity
started to get this concept of a small contract why it’s important what is the
use cases of small contracts and really took the time to educate myself because
it was doing the bare market so it was a very good opportunity to really take the
time relax in terms of not being stressed that hey it’s a bull market I
gotta do something now now you have bear market you have time but also keep in
mind that it’s the time to study to take position to take market market share so
that when bull market comes you can use it you can use it and you can help the
community and you can also be useful and you can get all the opportunities that
you can capture being useful like you and teaching people how to program smart
controls whether it’s so for me it was education I just noticed through tube
that people understand when I explain things when I started YouTube my English
was very bad yet people still watched and I thought hey maybe I have this
talent for education so I kept going for other people is building businesses
building companies that have you know applications wallets exchanges there are
so many different things you could do also a wealth management another
important aspect look there is I can promise
everyone who is watching there is some person in your local community who is
wealthy they might not even understand how to sign up on bonus so look there
are so many low-hanging fruits if you just are seen in your local community if
people know that you know about Bitcoin they know that you know about crypto I
think just there you have a lot of low-hanging fruits to
get full time into crypto so for example that wealthy person they might reach out
to because it’s basically the only person they know locally that can help
them get some exposure to crypto and you can take a cat you can take a
commissioner whatever you do you can make a deal with them and I’ve seen it
happen over and over again some guy that knows how to sign up on Finance
now he’s the wealth manager because this interest is so new and if you just know
a bit you know more than you know 99% of people absolutely so don’t underestimate
it how much there is to do and be seen be known in your community or online but
when people think about Bitcoin or blockchain they need to be thinking
about you in your local community so organize meetups organize events somehow
get your name out there in order to get to Katrina’s that’s the only way yeah
that’s definitely the only way it’s all about the community entry just mentioned
etherium so as you know what theorem 2.0 is kind of a big topic these days yeah
and a lot of people are battling on proof of where proof of stake you know
defense mechanisms like you you really understand this to the tee like what
type of consensus mechanism do you kind of favor as of today or is it more pros
and my favorite proof of work and the reason is because proof of work it’s so
simple so powerful and it’s truly connecting blockchain to energy you
spend energy in order to fuse blocks together there is no way to infuse the
blocks I mean you cannot do it without spending more energy so it’s and you
cannot do it with proof of stake look I get the reasoning of a theorem
foundation and why they’re moving to proof of state and I think if your room
2.0 is going to be very important and exciting and propose they could do a lot
of great things for example the fact that we can lower the inflation on the
theorem that’s a big one but in terms of this block fusing and in terms of
building a blushin that is sonship resistant that is secure I’m leaning
more towards proof of work because that one is it’s such an amazing system I
mean I think the biggest thing that Satoshi did it is using proof of work
for consensus because proof of work is really an old concept it was here before
a Bitcoin proof of work initially was used for email maybe it was used for
something else but the earliest use case I know of is email and that is when you
send an email you need to do a small calculation so as you spend some energy
so as you don’t spam so that was the first according to my understanding
maybe some other use case was before that but the way I see it is that was
the first one then Satoshi took that and he said ok in order for you to produce a
block on the Bitcoin blockchain you need to spend electricity and you need to
have skin in the game because when you spend electricity you mind the block you
spend a lot of money you want to get the reward
meaning that you want to be honest because if you are dishonest you will
not get the block reward the nodes will reject your block but if you’re honest
if you’re helping the network you’re playing by the rules you will get the
block reward and transaction fees so that is how in proof of work you
incentivize manage to be honest at the same time through hashing you really
fuse blocks together so I favor proof of work a bit more game theory as well you
know the whole ecosystem and how everyone’s incentivized well it is yes
it is game theory and proof of stake is even I mean it’s even more game theory
we’re moving a bit away from this because I think proof of work it’s you
know that the only way for someone to cheat is to have more more hash power
and more computer power than anyone else that’s the only way in from sake it’s
more like game theory like who’s gonna vote who is gonna act in different ways
it’s not really this you know simple energy it’s not really this simple you
know we just hash a bunch of times and then whoever guesses the correct hash by
spending electricity wins so it’s a bit more like game theoretic but I get the
point why they’re doing it and I think for a theorem it makes sense it make
sense to go proof of state but for digital golden for a Bitcoin it doesn’t
so it will be forever proof or work it might be yeah that’s awesome
greek-speaking proof of work I heard recently that there are some countries
like Kuwait where you can mine a Bitcoin for $1,500 like in some countries so a
lot of people are worried about that right the prices I mean I think it’s
Kazakhstan just recently I read this that they are subsidizing electricity
and miners common that they start mining but the government tries to outlaw this
mining operation that you subsidize the electricity
because obviously subsidized lectricity is for population it’s not for it’s not
for minors so yes that’s true but it doesn’t really matter what the price is
in terms of mining because the price goes down people shut down machines
difficulty goes down mining difficulty so there is no way that you know Bitcoin
will just freeze if the price drops it’s not like how it works
people speak about this miner downward evil spiral that price goes down and
then miner stop mining and bullshit other machines and there is always
someone who is still making a bit of profit and when that still happens you
see difficulty adjusting so Pitkin has survived under 1k under 100 you know
drill the price can go down and beacon will still work I mean even BitTorrent
or Pirate Bay and all these things they get shut down another one yeah right
right right sir yes there’s always someone right someone will always be
mining there’s an incentive to always mine exactly exactly so we talked about
a theorem 2.0 that’s the perfect transition for defy my you made a video
about this we’ll put a link bar and in the description below but defy is such a
huge words only 2019 even 2020 big is this kind of like the typical cycle of
overhype are we little bit overdoing it or is it really what we believe it will
be what is your take as of today the pros and cons but look I I don’t think
it’s overhyped why because most people don’t have any needs if I they don’t
have any funds and if I so overhyped would be if people start throwing money
at defy expecting some kind of return or some kind of you know speculative gain
quick money the fight is not really like that it doesn’t work like that people
who used if I’d actually meet the product does that does the big
difference between I cos and I CEO hype and defy hype because defy hype is about
the fact that people want to for example get some Fiat for their crypto without
selling it yeah because when you sell a crypto to fears you might have huge
gains and your government will tax you instead you lock it in to defy you get
stable coin you basically create the CDP alone and you get
and then you can convert that stable coin to dollars and because there is no
difference in price between the stable claim the dollar you have no game you
just have a loan and you can then spend your Fiat for emergency expenses or
maybe want to do something with via basically if you need Fiat but you don’t
want to sell your crypto defy is your friend that is how you can get Fiat for
your Krypton then you also have derivatives you have these sanctions
exchanges you have units what there’s so many protocols building and there’s no
way for you to really speculate I mean yes some protocols have tokens but most
of the hype we’re seeing in D Phi and when you see the the amount of assets
amount of ether that is being locked into D if I go up it’s not because
people are speculating because look you cannot spec you can just use D Phi and
when you use D Phi you lock in funds and the passive income is a good example
with compound for example yes and therefore I don’t see any you know dumb
money so to speak money who doesn’t know what device they just throw money at it
because it’s a hype because you cannot do it you can just use the product so
what we’re seeing is actual adoption this if you go to g5 polls calm I think
you see how much money is being locked into defined how it’s growing
exponentially basically and that’s adoption because that’s the only way to
it can grow that people actually use device so I don’t think it’s a hype I
think it’s very important in the future in order to take a mortgage you will go
to your web browser type in like you know just like you type in HTTP to get
information to go to a website there will be like you know lending and then
you know flash flash and then you get your landing protocol you will get
mortgage from the internet from internet lending protocols and compound is the
early one there will be others the same with with
interest when you want to get some cash cash flow on your money you also just
lock it in to defy I think it would be very easy available through your browser
all the browsers will support it in the future you don’t need to have meta masks
but right now you do need but in the future I think all of the big browsers
will be integrating with blockchain d5 because otherwise they will not be
competitive so it’s it’s a big thing I think this I is is the biggest thing
that has happened to crypto since maybe since bitcoins
be honest maybe since biscone because that is how if didn’t really yeah that
was vibration yeah hold decentralized finance right yeah I mean I’m in the
apron because from the beginning me feeling was just for I see us and people
thought hey what is this is it only for ICO that’s it and if you don’t even show
us up until define so that’s why I think that diva is this event the growth of
GFI is maybe the the second biggest event after after Bitcoin so basically
is the first creation of betwen and then growth of GFI is the second big event
that’s really interesting so define as an asset class and you have sub asset
classes is the landing I would say the defense on asset class per se define is
just decentralized applications that can be used for fine for finance yeah some
of them have asked us like synthetics there’s an asset there’s a token but
many of them don’t so it’s the technology that’s why I’m telling you
that we don’t really see a hype that is unfounded because there’s no way for you
to really speculate in many of these things but you can use them and then
that that chart that shows how much money is being locked in then it will go
up it’s 3 million imperium right now it’s locked in I don’t know how many
theorem but it’s like 300 million dollars yeah yeah so that’s a real use
case right away from zero just so it’s one two years ago it was zero now it’s
300 million so it’s exponential growth that’s fascinating so a defy is
definitely something you’ve talked about on your channel and it’s a very exciting
topic so the Bitcoin having is again one of the big top 2020 have you heard of
the there’s a principle called the self-fulfilling prophecy yeah a theory
you know how when too many people are aware of the news yeah it may alter the
expected outcomes yes do you think the having will react the way it’s been
reacting in the past or because it’s become such a mainstream topic things
might change a bit so I’ve been talking about on my channel hobbing itself might
be a dangerous event because so many people expect it to pump which means
that there are so many people in the space that are still here they they
really have lost all the faith because you know we’ve just been dropping from
14k and many of them are just here to see
you know maybe it will pump after the having so it’s a bit dangerous because
if the many of them will dump if they get disappointed and they might get
disappointed quickly also because there are so many people hyping up the having
I think there are also some some birds that might dump into that liquidity so I
mean as always there is you know buy the rumor sell the news yeah so there’s a
good chance that the price will increase before the hopping because people are
excited when the howling happens that is well the birds start dumping because
that is when you see so much liquidity to dump into so if you want to sell a
big position you don’t want to sell it now you want to wait for for buyers to
come for people to form a because if let’s say you have a big position you
want to sell it now you will actually drive down the price you will get
slippage so you will not be able to sell at current prices you will sell some
Bitcoin at this price and then it will go down so you will not be able to
liquidate but if many people are buying then it’s perfect so look I think
humming itself is a bit dangerous but if you must
after humming that’s when the excitement yeah yeah yeah that makes sense you know
a little bit different from how it’s been behaving in the past ones later and
also there’s so much more money now that’s required that is required to move
the prices in the same way so there’s this stock to floor model in stock to
flow model really predicts exponential increase in price after each having
previously it was easier because we went from like two dollars to one hundred
from one hundred to a thousand now we’re basically going from thousands to tens
of thousands if not hundreds of thousands and obviously the amount of
capital required to go from right now 8k to maybe 50 K is way more than to go
from like $2 to $10 so that’s another factor interesting but all know that’s
why we’re encrypted it’s uncertain and it’s also good that it’s uncertain
because if once again if it would be certain everyone would be in crypto yeah
everyone and their you know chasm will already be in crypto so it’s good it’s
uncertain but look at look at the fundamentals look at the long term for
me it’s very clear that basically it’s gonna be huge crypt is gonna be huge in
the short term it’s all fun but let’s look at the long term at the end of the
day I like your mindset because you’re telling people to lower their
expectations in case so they don’t get too disappointed
CSS because one year from now two years from now nobody can tell really there
are there are many indications that that we will see new all-time highs soon I
think so but whenever there is a prediction is always a probability and
there’s always a probability that it will not go that way so yeah you think
about the long term that’s that’s better for you and your site that’s I’m sorry
going back quickly to what you said about the digital dollar RnB many people
are saying that the yuan might become you know completely like a
cryptocurrency that that anyone can access and see that it might be a threat
right dollar as a global reserve do you think that’s the case or is it just a
high plain idea I don’t know go into the future it’s a good possibility that
China will become the most important market in the world they are over 1
billion oh sorry what is like 1.3 1.3 billion like it’s so many people it’s
way more than the US way more than EU and now they’re getting to a point where
they are quite wealthy I mean the average Chinese is I mean they have a
middle class so I think for all companies I mean today the biggest
market for most companies is the US if you work in the EU you somehow want to
get to the US because it’s the biggest market most wealthy market when it comes
to just number of people and if you establish yourself in the US and you’re
successful in the u.s. you have a multinational multi-billion dollar
corporation so I think it’s not impossible that in the near future your
China will be at the market for everyone so wherever you are in the world you
need to be successful in China if you truly want to be this you know
multinational global company that has really succeeded I think it’s a good
possibility that this will be like that and then EU and US will be more like
interesting niche markets so it doesn’t make sense to me that China will grow it
will be the most important market and when it comes to the currency that could
follow I mean reserve currencies change all the time but at the same time we’re
far away from that today so it’s the stakes are high and this this currency
war between China and us today has just accelerated with the digital dollar
announcement and and what we heard from Geneva
yeah that was really interesting to read by the way put a link but you’re you’re
so right because the whole China like factor and some people are saying that
they’re already preparing virtual currency exchange licenses right for you
see if that happens with the Chinese money flowing in without needing a VPN
or going through OTC you know ways to buy crypto that are yeah a little bit
difficult yeah a lot of people say that would be a mega bull run it’s rightly it
becomes legal do you see that happening or you mean no I don’t think such a
bonus with China you don’t think they will waive the ban not crypto
maybe they will change their mind sometimes you see them changing but it
doesn’t look like that right now but their digital currency it’s gonna happen
for sure I mean there’s one last question I want to ask you the whole
blockchain sure Lama you know the security scalability and
decentralization is that true like as a programmer in tech that you cannot have
all three at the same time you need to compromise yeah yes that’s why we have
layers to solutions that’s why often when you see projects
claiming that they have you know 100 thousand transactions per second
probably they’ve done some trade-offs with decentralization and that’s the
problem it’s a famous computer science problem
and so that’s why you have layer 2 solutions and other ways to split up the
use cases because when you want the use case of digital gold like Bitcoin you
need the maximum security now if you want to use Kayle use case of daily
transactions then you might have the Lightning Network if you want to have a
use case of GFI etherium is good but if you don’t have a use case of for example
blocking games if you might not be that good because basically in a film you
have limited block space and your transaction is competing with other
transactions now in the file you’re dealing with applications that handle
millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars so for someone who uses defy
and they send the defy transaction they may be ok paying $100 transaction fees
because maybe the removing ten billion dollars or ten
million whatever so for them $100 in transaction fee is very low it’s so
cheap but if you’re building a blushing game you are not okay with that like
your transaction fee cannot be more than one cent maybe 1/10 three hundreds of a
cent so you cannot really build your game on the theorem to be honest with
you because your transactions will be competing with this big defy
transactions so in some in some way I see that it’s important to think about
your use case and pick the platform for that so for example for games Tron or
Euros might be a better solution because there you don’t have this huge D Phi D
Phi apps and D Phi ecosystems that are okay with paying big transaction fees
and you might be better off there or maybe layer two on the theorem or
something else so it’s it’s important to keep it in mind for sure that’s a really
good thing so it’s so in terms of the blockchain trilemma
or like you said trial ama second layer solutions are there to decide otherwise
Bitcoin would be 100 million transactions per second if there
wouldn’t be any trilemma in in regards to to blockchain and security and speed
are you worried about quantum I think it’s nature is gonna happen quantum
computers affect the public private key cryptography so they don’t affect
hashing as much hashing is used for mining so there’s no way that you know a
quantum computer will just mine all bitcoins this quickly because quantum
doesn’t really help you with hashing it helps a bit but not to this large extent
but quantum computers can help you with cracking public and private keys so if I
if I have your public key I could use a quantum computer to get your private key
and with a normal computer that’s not possible but with quantum is possible so
maybe it’s the case that in the future we have to switch the ways we handle
keys and we just need to switch the format it will require hard work but I
think it’s it’s good to be thinking about it at the end of the day it’s good
to be thinking about it might happen in five times I don’t know when but it’s
gonna happen technology is always moving forward and some people in Bitcoin
always claim that a quantum is not a problem we’re cool we’re safe is gonna
take a lot of time you never know look it’s gonna be very
quickly technology is always quick so some people say that hey crypt is gonna
grow quickly because it’s a technology that is revolutionary well and then they
say quantum is not gonna it’s gonna be slow but I think don’t underestimate
quantum well kids see it’s gonna be fast it’s gonna be big and it’s gonna affect
all Internet and by the way bitcoin is maybe the the smallest of the
use cases right now because all banking all e-commerce everything that has to do
with encryption will be affected so if can right now if you look at global
population might be one of the smaller use cases but of course it will also be
affected so maybe we will have to switch the key because not right now we’re
using elliptic curve cryptography for public private keys we might have to use
something else that’s really interesting so we still need to be careful be aware
yeah sure that we’re getting solutions to counter that yeah that’s really
interesting and one last question my friend I’m sorry I had many last
questions yeah but since you are literally to me I see you kind of like
the speaker’s the giant speakers that just send out messages and have has
great influence on the community as you know in crypto Twitter these days
there’s a lot of tribalism people fighting the word scammer has been used
very loosely yeah like how in terms of these it’s maximalism how should we
behave in order to what’s your take on this just in general or how can we avoid
everyone is this camera according to someone Andreas Antonopoulos is camera
according to Bitcoin maximalist because he has written a book on mastering
ethereum yeah Vitalik is obviously a scammer because
he built ethereum but then you have people calling these can maximalist
cameras as well everyone is this camera so look it doesn’t mean anything in this
space which is bad because there are real scammers as well and when you call
out a scammer that is a real scammer you don’t get any attention because
everyone has been called a scammer so I think it’s bad that scam doesn’t mean
anything in this industry but it’s also how it is and look you you can
absolutely be maximalist ik but you just lose an opportunity so why would you do
that it’s like bankers thinking that that comes gonna fail and they’re
being maximalist ik to their banking ecosystem so I think that unfortunately
too many people are like that as well in Bitcoin and to be honest if they’re only
hurting themselves because look during the past few years you would be way
better off if you actually invest as something in the theorem or in Euros or
in something else look there you take more risk and for a new new new comers
new people is better to be maximally actually and to be maybe just in Bitcoin
an experiment that’s it but if you stay like that and you learn more you just Li
missing yourself because look there are many more opportunities outside of just
between theorem this front realize it but you’re also taking more risk because
we’ve seen many egg the scams many icos that just run away so at the end of day
it’s all about your risk tolerance and what you’re looking for but the history
is clear that you would be better off if you actually invested a bit and if they
don’t when it was early so I don’t get the maximalism too much I look
understand that we’ve seen many scams and I get it from that perspective but
it is just too sounding too much like bankers to me that hey you know if you
are such I see many you know this experts on television saying that
bitcoin is a scam and they are this expert so but man if you’re such an
expert how could have could you have missed an asset that went up 9 million
percent over the last ten years I mean what kind of experts are you if you’ve
missed it you’ve had ten years even if you got in in the last five years you
would already make thousands of percent so not only missed millions of percent
she also missed yes and still you’re telling me that bitcoin is bad and a
scam and the same is with Bitcoin like look if you’re such an amazing guru
how have you missed ethereum and if serums rise as well from the ICO to
now so you gotta be open-minded at the end of the day but I get that you gotta
be protecting new contracting yeah and it’s better for new comers to have the
mindset that’s a big Ethereum and everything else is
questionable I’m still proven otherwise yeah I think that’s really valid because
you know if you use that word too much you’ll dilute yes and then you won’t be
able to call out the real scammers and then people make it and just like just
what you do like educating the community and share spreading a message do
something positive rather than you know cause because you call something else
scam and people realize ma’am it went up like like the bankers and the financial
advisors they’re calling bitch gonna scam now for ten years and people are
seeing is going up and up and up and they’ve missed all the opportunity and
now they the the diss advisors are the one that are ones that are losing the
reputation and credibility yeah whatever say my friend so Ivan, the Academy you have an amazing course it’s it’s a whole platform if it’s in
class courses on development on Bitcoin on Ethereum how probably how to program applications on Bitcoin on lightning network and everything from scratch you
don’t have to know anything and really LinkedIn pointed out that blockchain is
the number one high paying skill 2020 LinkedIn did this research so blockchain
is the number one high paying skill 2020 and 2020 is really the time to go full
time in crypto this is really your chance and it’s right before the next
bull market it’s right before the next the next explosion and the next retail
retail wave that is coming into the space so I think you definitely gotta
take action and work in this space and Eric azimu have 20,000 students who do
certification you get certificate if you complete course and if you if we see
that you know what you’re doing and the most employers require certification so
we give you certification we have 20,000 students you don’t need to know anything
very easy to start we guide you by the hand so it’s step by step and this it’s
like bitcoin it’s asymmetric risk because you might not like it
but then you get money back within 14 days so basically I have zero downside
and you have unlimited upside so go follow the link below and join the
Academy well definitely have the link in the description Ivan we had you in the
very first video mentioning you as one of the Trailblazer of the space now I
get to meet you in person thank you thank you so my friend I guess I’m
hopefully get to see you have a good time there
us for the rest of the we thank you very much thank you so much my friend


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