Japanese Dollar Store(100 yen shop) tour of Asakusa. $1, 100 yen store, daiso, seria, silk

Thank you for watching the video. This time we will have a 100 yen shop tour in Asakusa. Let’s go! Departure is from the Kototoibashi intersection.
You can see the powerful Tokyo Sky Tree. From here, head to Asakusa Station. Asakusa Station is straight from Kototoibashi intersection. After the railway bridge, turn right at the traffic light and enter the right side of the station ticket gate. The first 100 yen shop is ”Seria”, located on the 5th floor of “Matsuya” Department Store. “Seria” has many stylishly designed products compared to other 100 yen shops. Stationery, daily necessities, makeup tools, DIY supplies, nterior supplies, gardening supplies, kitchen supplies, bath supplies, travel supplies Various products are sold for 100 yen. Tableware is also 100 yen. Some items are not 100 yen. In that case,
be careful because the price tag is attached. This is gardening supplies. We sell toys for children. Among the 100 yen shops in Asakusa,
the types of toys are the most abundant. Let’s go to the next 100 yen shop. Leave the “Matsuya” department store, go through “ShinNakamise” Street and head to “Rock” Street. This is “Rock” Street. Turn right. The second 100 yen shop
goes to “Daiso” on the 4th floor of this building. “Daiso” has the widest variety of products
in the 100 yen shop. Currently, this “Daiso” also has a sales area on the right side of the screen, and sells more products. There is gachapon, but it is not 100 yen. Lol “Daiso” is slightly inferior to “Seria” in design,
But sell a lot more products than “Seria”. “Daiso” sells the most tools in the 100 yen shop. We also sell wire racks that were not sold in “Seria”. But be careful because this item is not 100 yen. “Daiso” also has a price tag for products
that are not 100 yen. Strut rod also sell many types. Did you have nothing else to buy, I am thinking hard. Lol As I said earlier, the sales floor area is now increasing
and selling more products. “Daiso” also sells food. Sell sweets such as candies, cookies, chocolates and snacks. However, be careful as some products may become expensive if you buy them at a 100 yen shop. We also sell seasonings, instant foods and drinks. I think it is cheaper to buy groceries
at supermarkets and Don Quijote. This is a seasonal corner. Since the shooting was in December,
Christmas items are on display. This is a handicraft corner. This is the travel goods corner. Let’s go to the last 100 yen shop! The last 100 yen shop is near “Ittō gyū” introduced
in the “Yakiniku” restaurant video. After exiting the building, turn left and go straight. Enter “Hisago” street. After walking for a while,
you will see the “silk” of the 100 yen shop on the right. “Silk” is a small 100 yen shop, But however, there are many products in the narrow sales floor and there are products sold out in “Selia” and “Daiso”. After shopping at the 100 yen shop,
we have lunch at ”Ittō gyū”. This is a set of “yakiniku” and beef stew. My wife ordered a stone-baked bibimbap.

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