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Let’s look at the market situation. I’m tired. boring. Bear Market again
Today total Market cap is $ 45 billions so far. Long way to go.
Due to the hacking of exchanges
Additionally, there is a negative impact on the
cypto market
Money does not circulate due to non-withdrawal situation in Korea becasue of Bithumb and Upbit
Moreover, Korean government
It is really preventing the investors from investing in the account!nIt’s literally money’s going dry.
What decisions should you make in this situation?nWhat decision should I make as well?
Would Crypto market will be collapsed
I do not think so. Base on fact and data,
I will give you very positive sign of Crypto market.
It’s from CB Insights.
It’s a platform for reporting services used by many large companies.
Here comes a very good word. “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.”
This company provides analysis to large companies
A list of investors who most actively invested in the block chain and cryptography business from 2012 to 2017
This is a list of investors at the corporate level.
Google is second in the list. First place is SB Holdings
Then, interestingly, the 4th and 5th ranked big banks including City Bank, and Goldman Sachs
For example, I can see circles and ripples in their investment portfolio.
You can see things like Kraken and Ledger X. Including Google, Big companies are investing in cryptocurrency market.
And the most active blockbuster venture capital rankings in 2017
This list shows ranking # 1 from # 10. In the case of famous Fenbushi Capital, it is ranked # 5. The first rank is Digital Currency Group.
There are so many fields where Cryptocurrency startups can be established.
Including asset management, advertising, gambling, etc.
I have forgotten the healthcare area. It is alos including a block-chain solution for businesses.
In many areas, cryptocurrency newborn startups are being formed through ICO
In addition, the European Euro-based Tether version officially will be used in
London based cryptocurrency exchange DSX
This crypto will be used by European institutional investors
This is very positive info.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are used in many areas.
The coin currency shown in the coin market cap is
This is where most of individual investors come in.
Yes, the main reason of market price is going down,
Becasue of individual investors are leaving the boring and bear market.
But what matters is that small investors are leaving, while institution investors are coming in
As you can see from the above example, Big investors are about to gradually enter the cryptocurrency market.
According to the news that came out today on July 12,
That’s where the name is
That venture partner, LightSpeed.
They are planning to invest close to $ 2 billion to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.
In the end, when individual investors leave the cryptographic market,
Including Venture fund, Big investors are coming in to the cryptocurrency market.
Google is no exception. Yes, this is the official website of the Google Venture Fund, where you can see where Google invests.
See, Basis
This is what Google invested. As one of those investors participated
Yes, I can see light speed too.
We can also see the famous venture fund ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ
Basis is a coin like Stable Currency similar to Thether
It is used in the more widely in financial markets. Like this example, institutional investors are investing in the cryptocurrency market.
Then I have something to say to you. Since Cryptocurrency market is stagnating, will you give up and leave the coin market
Or will you take the opportunity like institutional investors? the more you give up, the more happy they are.
What you see here is not just cryptocurrency.
Think of each one as a Blockchain Startup to be used in various social areas in the future.
Do not give up. I hope you will exert your strength.
Yes, there will certainly be good news.
It is said that the big money will be put in the market. Suddenly, Chart really goes up like this
Cheer up. Don’t give up.
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